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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

im touched

I was n still waiting for my friends to come over my house to study. Vivien, Tiffany and Sara said they will come tonight. Then suddenly Sara sms me around 11pm ask me to go down.

I quickly clear the mess on my bad, get change n go down.

Sara n Shuba were there. I can smell shampoo. It smells good. I think it’s from Sara cuz her hair is kind of wet. She didn’t tie it tonight.

I unlocked my door waiting for them to come in. I wondered why Sara didn’t bring any notes and books with her. then she said she has something to tell me. well, I was nervous looking at her serious face.

She said that she’s npt coming over to study together tonite. She’s tired and not feeling well cuz she cycled under the rain just now. headache.

I was like ok.. if no one studies with me, I’ll be lazy to study. I can study but no ‘kick’ la with so much distractions: radio, laptop, bed, food etc. so I asked her to come la if she doesn’t fell asleep. Just bring her blanket and bantal busuk lo.

She cycled all the way from her house fetching Shuba just to tell me that she’s not joining me to study tonight.

I was like..

Im touched. Truly deeply n madly. She can actually sms me. but I think she feels bad kua. I duno..

And last week before i went back to Penang for my Thailand trip, i went to see A.Wok the Aedes. i mean Adeline Wok la. she gave me a gift from Langkawi. Let me tell you what is it. A plastic beg with chocolates. haha. nice packaging. so i brought it to Thailand la. i opened up the plastic beg in the bus n i saw a keychain n a small note. i was smiling away looking at what she wrote. haha nothing sexy n flirty but just sweet n nice. tears filled my eyes..

How in the world God is so nice giving me a plenty of nice people around me.

My life can never be dull with their presence. NEVER! Every moments with my family, friends, nice strangers and people I love are AWESOME and meaningful, memorable, fastastic and unforgettable.

And tonight I thank Adeline Wok, Vanitha, Sara and Shuba.

YOU are quoted

"God is good. All the time. And all the time. God is good."

~ Stanley Liew
~ blogger of

* anyway go look at his nice blog. im inspired. Thx to the intro by ADELINE WOK THE AeDES!

sexy mia hujan

Waaa hujan yang sungguh tuatualiap n sexy la. Loh hor loh tuatua. =p

Hohohoh it’s still raining! N it’s getting heavier. Fuyoooo. I like it babeh.

I like it!

I tel u har the thunder berdentum-dentum, berdrum-drum and berkompang-kompang. Lampu hor berkelip-kelip and berdisco-disco. The rain hor mencurah-curah.

Make me so lazy to study.

My room also wet but hehe im not wet la. =p

But then hor.. the weather still so hot n dry la. I cant feel the icy cool freezing feeling yet.


WAAa hujan raining lohhor

Hahah it’s raining man! It’s RAINING!

Wooohooo!! It’s raining heavily!

This is the funniest rain ever cuz im WET! Im WET!

Ok let me repeat again! AKU BASAH! Bawah sampai atas.

Hehe. The funny thing is I was actually on the way to reload my hp den tp pasar malam. Half way HUJAN! Then what? U-turn n patah balik la. Hp still no credit lo. n stomach still berdrum-drum lo.

Nvm no pasar malam as long as it rains!

Hujan la dengan penuh bangga and bersemangat k. hujan lah kau puas puas ok.

Adeline Wok cakap GLORIOUS RAIn. Betul betul.

Wednesday, you can rain today!


PANAS ah!!!!!!!! Kampar is so damn hot!!

u noe.. its like u r in a mircrowave! serious! u must come n feel it urself.

you dun have to walk under the sun to feel the heat! i m sweating by just sitting in my room!

It has been so hot since yesterday. wana study also susah.

so pissed off n moody bcoz of this weather.


Usually it'll rain like no one's business on Wednesday.

But today y r u so damn HOT?!!

When we dun nid you, you come. when we NEED you so BADLy, you never care.

yes yes u can rain today.


i dun care. RAIN!

yes u have the permission to rain non stop today!


wa beh tahan lo. Hot macam apa je.

no pasar malam kalau no pasar malam la.

guna payung la!!

HUJAN besar-besar kasi UTAR banjir la!!


Hadis Riwayat Muslim

"Sesungguhnya sedekah itu sekali-kali tidak akan mengurangi harta-harta kamu."

~ Hadis Riwayat Muslim