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Thursday, 10 February 2011

It has been quite long since i posted images in my blog. The last time was during new year i guess.

It must be boring if a book only contains words and no graphics.

So jeng jeng jeng!

I have something to share for those who never step into my university before.

*i'm rushing n packing back to Penang. bus at 6pm. tonight only i continue with the caption la tata.

QUOTE of the day

Policies, laws and rules are made to make things easier and to bring benefits to the people in general. But if it bring troubles, problems and inconvenience to the people, it should be amended or abolished.

get ur facts right

All these while, I have been keeping quiet, not saying anything although I have been framed, criticized, downgraded, humiliated, and accused by someone.

But now before I sleep, I have something to say.

I would like to remind everyone to get your facts right before you say anything because it can become a sedition or defamation. I, OH CHIN ENG, NEVER EVER USE MY PTPTN LOAN TO BUY ANY CAMERA OR DSLR. I bought my DSLR back in 2007 using the money I earn working part time in few places. It’s ridiculous to say that I use PTPTN loan to purchase my DSLR. For your information as well, as a student representative I have never given a cent and I have never taken a cent from the university. You can check it with the university for clarification. If I am self-centered I won’t devote my time, energy, money and reputation to stand up for the students.

I don’t mind and I am so open to criticisms but please debate on facts and not by attacking people’s personal life. Don’t act as if you know me so well.

I am offended by these derogatory remarks. I hate being accused and its hurt. Mind your language. Yes, I feel behsyiok now.

But good news is, you, yes YOU, if you still know who you are after saying I use my PTPTN loan to buy a DSLR, you can continue with your baseless and irresponsible allegations. I’m not gona care anymore. Or let me suggest you this, if you don’t like what people say or write, just go off, don’t listen and don’t read. Don’t torture yourself la.

Thank you and good night.

*Kes ditangguh buat semementara waktu sehingga satu tarikh yang akan diumumkan kelak. =p