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Friday, 14 October 2011

QUOTE of the day

To be a successful person, one must not only good in one aspect but also in everything, education, career, relationship, hobby, social, health, spiritual etc.

你快樂(所以我快樂) / 王菲 (Faye Wong)

oh madu, oh bulan

oh bulan, usah malu, mari kita bermadu di kala malam yang pilu sambil bercumbu-cubu dalam kelambu. huhuhu. =p

*i think i am high. what to do. the moon was so bright, nice and sexy tonight. Moon Halo phenomenon is awesome!*

Jalan Sultan shophouss will not be demolished!!

Don’t you feel happy by just reading at the title??

I am happy!

Finally an assurance is given by the government. I hope they keep their words.

Last month, a government agency, SPAD said it won’t be demolished. But it’s just an agency, they don’t have much say. Read this

But today the good news came from a minister. The good news can be read here from The Star.

Jln Sultan shophouses won't be demolished for MRT, Govt assures

Alternative MRT route looked at to save KL heritage buildings

So  betul ya?? sure ya?? BN, u wont say different things if u won the next generl election right??

My Prime Minister, Najib Razak u noe abt this, don't you??

Don't demolished la k.. tak baik roboh bangunan lama yang masih elok.

Dengarlah cakap, baru orang vote sama  lu. Heheh. =p