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Wednesday, 28 April 2010


SONG of the day

PEOPLE!! studying ah??! chill lah! relax jap. have a kit kat! no kit kat? play with a cat! no cat then listen to this song and SING it out loud! woohoooo!

There are 3 versions from diff singers: Michael Buble, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra.

MAXIMUM satisfaction

MAXIMUM satisfaction! My mood is like the bright and clear sunny skies. That’s what Im feeing right now. JOY! I realised that when we put a lot of efforts on something and when we do it heartedly, whether the outcome is positive or negative, we’ll still feel proud of ourselves. We give the best we have.

And im happy with what I did the whole yesterday. Im PROUD of myself la..

Finally I managed to turn my room n common area into a new one. Hahah. You should come n see yourself how clean n tidy n neat it is. Everything and everywhere is so sparkling and shining.

I started the ‘spring cleaning’ from evening and ended at 3.30am!

-I being nice locked the window and switched off the light in their toilet.

-I threw away their rubbish.

-I cleaned the table in common area which fulled with their rubbish!

-I cleared their notes, newspapers, bottles and tins on the floor.

-I stacked the newspapers nicely.

-I washed and cleaned their utensils and cups.

-I washed all the plates n utensils in the sink.

-I washed n brushed and gosok the sink.

-I rearranged the clothes in my wardrobe.

-I packed my food and stuffs accordingly.

-I washed my bed sheet.

-I swept and mopped my room and the common area.

-I arranged all my notes.

-I planned my study timetable.

-I studied!

PC the RED 'ghost'

Grrrhhhh! U noe wat.. I asked my classmate, PC to come over my hse to study and sleepover la since he’s alone n im alone as well.

So while waiting for him, I mopped my room la. I’ve been doing late ‘spring cleaning’ the whole day. Anyway im still mopping actually at this time. But I need to blog about this first!

So fine la.. I mop mop mop. And SUDDENLY! I sensed something! I felt someone is standing by the door. I felt the presence of someone. And there was like a body figure standing there. I was like..ok..there’s nothing there..

As usual I don’t give a damn la. I didn’t even turn my head and look at my door. my heart n mind are quite strong I would say. When I feel something abnormal usually I’l just act bodoh and continue with my work although sometimes i freak out. But most of the time I can overcome the fear when I don’t think about it.

So I continued with my mopping and I totally forgot about that figure standing by the door. So I accidentally turned to my door and what the heck!

IT’s PC!! My heart fell dropped and pecah! He just stood there looking at me without any word. And cilaka him, he’s wearing RED shirt!

Cilaka PC. Im gona kick ur arse! Yes I AM!! Ask u come to study and you prank me huh! Some more u laughed at me!! my burger tonight on u la.

i miss you..