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Saturday, 1 October 2011

after 10days, i am home!

This blog has been untouched for almost 2 weeks. Now the owner is back!!

Uh la la..

I am home, finally. I am home in Malaysia. I am home in Penang. I said before and I’ll say it again, nothing feels better than home. Malaysia is still the best.

‎It’s awesome to meet my family members once i arrived in Penang. Kwan Yee sent me to my amma’s house. My mum was waiting me there to fetch me home. At home, home-made food were waiting to fill my hungry stomach.

Some of you might not know where I went. I just came back from a 10 days backpacking trip with Kwan Yee and Pei Suang to 3 countries, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

It was great. I have too many stories to share but not here this time.

I just wana say that I am safe and sound, still as skinny as always.

My begpack weighed 17kg! damn! I had to pay USD18 to check in my begpack. Haha.

I brought RM1.5k for the trip and back with only RM20. Haha. At least I have RM20 savings. Transportation cost a lot of money. That’s why I couldn’t buy a lot of souvenirs for friends. Budget a bit tight and I don’t know what I should buy. Sorry my friends.

Sorry to Kim as well. I couldn’t find selling hand-made soap in these countries, what more a normal soap. Only groceries sell it. I didn’t buy anyway.

I bought some gifts for my family members and some friends. Hope they like it though.

Eventhough we went to only 3 countries, but we had 5 currencies. What is funny throughout the whoel journey is 3 of us are sucks in Maths. Everytime when we have to pay, there will be problem. And we took a lot of times to do the conversion of currencies. =p

One thing I’m surprised is I didn’t have stomachache or lausai during the trip. Not at all. But now after back home, I lausia!! Wat the shit. ..

Thanks to Sarah Khoo for lending me her sleeping beg. It meant a lot for me as I slept in Bangkok Train Station for our first night and in Siem Reap International Airport for our last night.

Total clothes to be washed are: 6 shirts, 3 pants, 2 underwears and a boxer. Hahaa.

Photos? It’s still in my pendrive. I haven’t transfer it yet. Too much of photos!

I have been sleeping the whole day besides than eating. I made nasi goreng for lunch and it’s damn yummy. Today shall be my rest and lepak day at home. A lot of unloading and cleaning up stuffs to do as well. I am still feeling sleepy right now.

Tomorrow will be a working day for Kwan Yee, as usual. As for me and Pei Suang, we’ll back to suffer, to do our serious business, finishing our Final Yeap Project and submit at the end of the month.

Many things are pending to be done. October shall be the month for FYP, the top priority.

Things have been good since I touched down from the flight yesterday. I got good news lasty night and this morning.

Hope everything will be good for everyone till we meet 2012.

May Buddha bless you all.