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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

hohoho lalala kongkong

ok i duno what should i name this post.

so just alulal hohoho heheh elilolalilu leh li. apom balik ku chi ba li neh neh bu booo ouch yeh!

i am going back to Penang tomorrow at 10am and that is so much fun!! i just feels so nice after exam. u dun have to think of exam or anything about studies..for a while. =p i love to study but i hate exam la. why must we study for exam. why we need exam to show people how smart we are. eh i tell you har let say i fail in ABC subject, doesn't mean im not good at other stuffs ok. okla just hope that im not gona fail la. hahah.

anyway i have so much to clean and to pack. ahhh.. but nvm i'll take my own sweet time, do it slow slow slooooooowly. =p luckily im going back with my friend's care tomorrow. can bring a lof of things. but eh. later back to Kampar how ah. oh no no no.. i sure pancit cuz most probably im taking bus. hmm...have to try not to bring so many things back la.

balik kampung must go makan. PUAS PUAS!

oh my friends already reached Klang. and they must be enjoying themselves tonight before leaving for Melaka tomorrow. raining la,bring umbrella n sweater.

Last paper today was ok. i like it cuz i think i can do. just that not enough time la. i got so much to write ma. =p

my friend, Hizwan is gona married. eh akad nikah macam best je. feel like trying la. haha.

just some sudden thoughts. why some Malays LOVE 2 call the Chinese and Indians as immigrants and ask us to go back China? Why during pre-Independence the non-Malays nvr FIGHT all out for equal rights during the political bargaining process? why huh?? 

and i hate it PANTANG GILA BABI when people say the Malays are lazy!

hmm.. takde kerja lain kot. orang racist patut je disulah dan dipotong! hmpph!

don't be skeptical, generalise, and have misconception of other people la..

nvm nvm u read what i wrote here 

exam is over


finished my last paper.

no more exam.

the end of Year 2 Semester 2. =p