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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

YOU are quoted

"You people should know where you people come from."

~ Mr. Chye Kooi Leong
~ Historian from Kampar
~ 22/2/2011

when i'm sleepy..

I am so DAMN sleepy right now ah.

Slept so late last night and wake up so early for 8am class.


Sleepy make me so moody and crazy!

Can’t concentrate in the class. Pancing here pancing there.

When I am sleepy, I will be either:

1)      Talk nonsense and do some crazy stuff.


2)      Get moody and angry easily, simply scold people.

Oh I prefer the former. At least I don’t scold people. But I’ll do crazy stuff that can make people go crazy like simply hi, simply oik, knock people’s butt or talk rubbish.