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Sunday, 6 December 2009

saturday 5 december 2009

At the time I’m writing this, im already on the way back to Penang. The bus departed from Kampar Old Town at 11.40pm although the bus supposed to reach by 11.15am. Now im in front of Jaya Jusco. The journey will takes at least 3 hours because it is Kurnia Bestari bus. If I hava a choice, I wouldn’t choose this bus because trust me, it will make your journey an awful one.

Students of my uni is going down to KL tomorrow for a seminar on Parlimentary System of Malaysia. I want to go but If I go, I’ll lose a lot of stuffs in Penang. These students will be like the participants from UTAR la. they’ll get softskill points. Something like our secondary school KK points.

Nevermind. Next time la. it’s not that they are going for Dewan Rakyat’s sitting or meet the Member of Parliament session. It’s just a talk. To get something, we must lose something.

Actually, I have French class today until 4.30pm but I left at 10.30am after I finished the 3 tests. Today is the last day of class. Nevermind la skip class once a while. Hehe. I’m helping Arts-ED/Anak-Anak Kota to take pictures of the Heritage Heboh Festival. Then in the evening Im attending my Form 6 friend, Maleni’s birthday at Batu Ferringghi.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I wana go to Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam because there’ll be an opening ceremony for the new Kuan Im statue at 8am. Then I’ll head to PC Fair in PISA before I go to town at 3.30pm for Penang Heritage Trust’s site visit to a newly opened Malay Musuem at Jalan Hutton. The last mission for Sunday will be to attack Popular Book Sales. I LOVE books.

So if I don’t go back now, I think I’ll regret more for losing the chance to attend this events. Plus, I need to go see dentist on Monday and see doctor for a blood test. Saja je. I never test will blood before. Who knows my blood is dirty, contains virus or what. =p

Tennee is going back to Penang as well today in the evening. She’s driving alone. Geram ooo. This morning only she told me she’s going back. If I knew it earlier, we can go back together by car ma. At least she has a companion right. If she’s tired, I can drive. If she’s lonely, I can talk to her. =p hope she’ll reach Penang safely la.

I feel sad. Usually I’ll be so looking forward to go back to Penang but this time something is just holding me back. time passes so fast. It’s already a year im in Kampar. This is already the end of Semester 3. Im still in denial that we grow up each day and when we look back, oh my gosh, one year already?!! Why things happen so fast without we realising it? We always complain this and that but at one

When we were small, we always wish that we’ll grow up fast, be like an adult, do what the adults do. We want to go out with friends, to date a girl, go clubbing, wear nice clothes, travel here and there ect. But when we already grown up, we miss being young again. we dream to get back to our childhood time. A time where we live withour stress, without musch homeworks, without have to use our own money to buy our clothes etc, without the scoldings from out boss, without

That’s why people, enjoy la. make use of every seconds you have. Appreciate your life by doing the right thing and let yourself to explore the world. When u have missed a chance, it’s not easy to get it back. time never stops from walking. The Earth never stop putaring. And human never stop from growing.

Journey of life wil never end. For me, it’s a everlasting one from the moment we came to this world, to the moment we grown up, enter university, working, get married, have babies, sick and die. every second in this world is a bless. It’s a bless if we can use our strength to touch people’s lives and to contribute to the society.

I think each and everyone of us should take this last few weeks of 2009 to do some reflection and soul searching. Try to get back on our feet and improve our lives. Try not to repeat our mistakes next year. Try to be humble, honest and truthful to ourself to think deeply who have we hurt by our words and actions, and then to apologise to them. let’s also try to make some charity to the people we need it more then we do.

Ok.. it’s  2pm now. im sleepy. I think I talk a lot, don’t i? haha. who cares! If you like, you read on. If you don’t, just go off. I don’t force you to read. My thoughts are my thoughts. No one can please everyone to give what others want.

Have a good day people.

Good night. tata.