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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

YOU are quoted

‎"Boleh tak pi potong rambut you yang macam hutan? Your hair look like a jungle."

~ Amirah Ismail
~ Tuesday 21/9/2010

Pantun for me =p

People read this read this!

hahah lawakla! 

Buai laju laju
Sampai pokok sena
Chin Eng, jangan bawak motor laju-laju
Nanti U tercampak kat hospital sana

~ miss anonymous

~ Monday 20/9/2010 6.32pm

please click

hello people.

eh eh i need some help here la..

i know my blog is not that great u noe.. yea yea i know..

but ok la still got some people drop by.

thank you for that.

so so..

for those people who drop by, do me a favor can ah??


ayoooo... so pity me u noe. kesian...

ever since i registered with Nuffnang like more than a year ago, my payment remains at RM3.75!

=( so sad la..

i wonder how this Nuffnang thingy works la.

eh if u don't mind, u click on it la.

then see what will happen. hehe.

thank you har.

i need to go pangsai d la.

so long i never say i wana go shit shit.


I AM WHO I AM (我還是我) by Namewee (黃明志)

seriously i feel this is a nice song. he's good in what he's doing: music. 

i totally disagree with her vulgarity but i am so impressed with his creativity. 

if u go against or critisize the authority, you face to face the harsh reality.

at least he's true to herself, not like some ppl, after speak, hide behind someone else or gone missing.

It's good if he can use proper language but i think it will be hard. i have my reasons why i say so. 


1) the whether in Kampar is so nice to sleep tonight. you feel like being on top of the hill. Cameron Highlands has come to Kampar.

2) i love to know and i love to be with not normal human. It makes me feel so normal.

3) semangat membara membakar membuak-buak menyala meletup, energetic and highly spirited to STUDY! hahah! this is AMAZINGLY SURPRISINGLY UNBELIEVABLE. =p 

4) I must seriously plant a huge MONEY TREE in my room, be hardwoking to water it everyday, pour a lot of love, let in enough sun light and the most important thing to do is SAVE RM1 A DAY!

*some i copy from my FB status la. what..