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Saturday, 3 April 2010

the moment is now

Ok I have only like 1 minute to blog now. im going to MMU Cyberjaya.

My bus is at 8.45am. thanks Edmund for coming all the way from Eastlake to my place, Westlake to fetch me.

I’m attending the award giving ceremony for the Memoirs Photography Compeition. And the funny thing is I might not be one of the winners but to know the results, I have to be there for the ceremony at 2.30pm.

Well.. I hope I’ll come back with something since I made my decision not to go to India because of this. And Im gona waste my one whole day of Saturday in KL n can’t do anything on my assignments.

I’m kinda sad la cuz my mum couldn’t make it. None of my friends are following me too. Im not blaming them. everyone is so busy. me too.

Ok got to go.

God bless me.

If I win I thank God, and If I lose, I thank God too.

the shortlisted photo (2)

Beauty of Water

This is the second and last photo that got shorlisted in the Memoirs-A Walk Through The Time Photography Competition organised by MMU Cyberjaya

Emails from Memoirs Photography Competition (2)

Dear, chineng

First of all, thank you very much for participating in the MEMOIRS Photography Competition.

We have a good news to you all, your photo as titled below has been shortlisted and you may have the chances to become one of the winners of our MEMOIRS Photography Competition! Winners will be announce in MEMOIRS Photography Exhibition (1st - 3rd April, 2010).

Photo title: "Beauty of Water"

Hence, we need your co-operation to reply this email by attach the best resolution and quality image for the photo as stated above before 24 March, 2010 (Wednesday).

Please take note:
·   Entrants should only enhance their entries with minor raw editing techniques such as touching up with brightness, monochrome from color conversion, exposures, contrasts, raw color balance, color saturation, noise control and sharpen to optimize an entry into the competition.
·   Adding/removing elements of composition or any infringed post-processed from any of the rules will lead to the entries disqualify without any notice to the entrants.
·   EXIF data of the digital camera entries MUST be intact with the image.
·   The photo is not allow to attach any watermark

If you failed to follow the rules stated or send us the image before the dateline, you will be disqualify without any notice!

Thank you!

MEMOIRS Photography Competition and Exhibition,
Film and Photography Society, MMU Cyberjaya

QUOTE of the day

"If you keep comparing yourself to others better than you, you are not gonna go anywhere."

~ Mr. Lionel Keith
~ taken from

*for your information, Mr. Lionel used to taught me the same subject in my Year 1 Semester 1 and trust me, he is a very good educator, motivator, listener and friend. He may claimed that he's not the best but he is the one of the best among all the best English teachers i ever had.

God bless you sir.

I LOVE YOU la SIR. MUax muax muax. ahahaa.