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Friday, 8 July 2011

709: no yellow, no red, but white.

Dup dap dup dap dup dap dup dap..

This is what I feel at the moment. I am so nervous over the event tomorrow. I’m looking forward for it though. But I know the feeling is more than nervous. I am scared. I am scared until I am speechless and stomach pain.

What colour will people be wearing tomorrow? How will Kuala Lumpur looks like? A sea of yellow? Or a sea of red? We’ll see. But for me, I’ll just be wearing a white shirt. White represents cleanliness, purity and sincerity.

Earlier in the day, she asked me not to go. She asked why must I go. She said I can support from the heart.

Just now, my aunty called. She asked me to becareful. She reminded me so many times not to wear yelloh shirt. She said she knows that I will be going.

Then my grandmother called me. She said there are roadblocks everywhere. She wondered how in the world I got bus ticket back to KL.

Lastly, my mum. She also asked me not to wear anything yellow tomorrow.

Don’t worry I won’t. I’m wearing white. =p

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Some people say there will be riot. Some say the communication like will be down, no phone calls, sms, and internet. Some say there will be massive arrest in the city.

If anything were to happened to me, I won’t blame anyone. This is the path I chose, this is the decision I made.

Nothing is gona change if only a person do all the job. Last time, when I join SRC of UTAR Kampar, this is one of the messages I try to send out. If we are all united, we can breakthrough.

Forget me not. Remember me for the photos I took, for the stories I documented, and for the memories I captured. Remember me for my silliness and words too.

So if you are going to KL tomorrow, please be safe. Remember to fill petrol if you are driving. If you are stuck in the jam, roll down the window and chitchat with the drivers next to you. =p

I will make myself presence at the event tomorrow with my brothers and sisters. I’ll be there not as any political party supporter but as a Malaysians.

I just wana take pictures la. chill laaaa...

I am not gona do anything bad, illegal or commit crime.

I will be safe and take care of myself. For those who care about me, please pray for my safety and others too.

I will post my updates on Facebook.

May no one's gonna get hurt tomorrow.

Buddha, please bless me..

Peace Malaysia.