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Friday, 12 November 2010

time to rest

ahhh.. finally.. everything is (almost) done.

No more major things-to-do this week.

i need a looooooooong sleep. i dun mind to sleep from now until next Monday morning. hahaha. 

it has been tiring n hectic week for most of the Y2S3 JR-ians. i noe they are tired. i am tired.  

what i can say is, no more deviant culture presentation for CnC, no more information technology assignment for Public Administration, no more meetings for XRC, no mor midterm, no more 'anything i can help ah' and satay or putu mayong for JR Gathering, no mor pimples, no more burung hantu.  

JR Gathering was.. haha! GOOD la! cuz everyone came together to help and do things together. i'll blog about this some other time.

It's Fri nite, we should jz sleep til Mon morn.

I'm cleaning my room now. Will do laundry, pack my stuffs and then i'll post photos of JR Gathering before i say good night Kampar. try la ok.. i have to alter 600+ photos ok. gila.

*good luck for coursemates for ur Moral campaign.

assignment rush


Live from 1194 Westlakes Homes.

A lot of Burung Hantus are awake tonight rushing for their assignment.

this is a good trend.

This is a week where all these burungs or birdbird sleep at 4am, 5am or even 7am.

for photo enthusiast, this is a good time to capture their photos when they are most active at night with their eyes half-opened.

and the wind is so strong and cool out there.

and the weather is so nice to sleep.

and a simple topic becomes so hard to explain.


*berita disampaikan oleh OCE.

YOU are quoted

If its not your problem, don't make it as part of your problem. If people wants to make it part of your problem, tell them "My problem ah?!"

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 10.11.2010 9.43pm
~ via Facebook