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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

chicken oh chicken

it's 4.35am now n im still awake.

i've been like this, awake at night and sleep at day time. my mum always scold me for being upside down. haha.

suddenly im craving for fried chicken from Line Clear. damn la. i miss their fried chicken. so huge. so berisi. so krispy. so yummy.

feel like going out now to have late nite supper. yea alone. ok what.. i'll do anything to get good food anytime anywhere. =p

hmm.. no no i don't think i wana go la. i wana spend more time in my house as i'll be going back to uni this thurs.

time flies so fast. people come people go. good things bad things. morning night. hi hi bye bye. wat the tut im talking about!