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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Kiss and Say Goodbye - The Manhattans

This has got to be the saddest day of my life.
I called you here today for a bit of bad news.
I wouldn't be able to see you anymore
Because of my obligation,
and the ties that you have.

We've been meeting here everyday,
And since this is our last day together.
I wanna hold you just one more time.
When you turn and walk away, don't look back.

I wanna remember you just like this
Let's just kiss and say goodbye.
I had to meet you here today,
There's just so many things to say.
Please don't stop me till I'm though,
This is something I hate to do.

We've been meeting here so long.
I guess what we've done was wrong.
Please, darling don't you cry,
Let's just kiss and say goodbye..

Many months have passed us by.
I'm gonna miss you, I can't lie.
I've got ties and so do you.
I just think this is the things to do.
It's gonna hurt me, I can't lie.
Maybe you'll meet, you'll meet another guy.
Understand me, won't you try, try, try.....
Let's just kiss and say goodbye.

Maybe you'll find, you'll find another guy.
Let's just kiss and say goodbye, pretty baby.
Please don't cry.
Understand me, won't you try?
Let's just kiss and say goodbye....

Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

amazing music video by Coldplay. They produce good songs man!

1 more week


good morning Penang!

this is not the first time i wake up this early ok. i always wake up at this time, just that after i wake up, i sleep again only ma... hehe..

i'm back in Penang for more than a week already.

means i stil have 1 more week to go before new semester resumes.

cepat sangat masa jalan.

buka tutup buka tutup, makan tidur makan tidur, online tv online tv, pop, dah hari baru.

time keeps moving even if u stop breathing.

cepat-cepat go do the things that u wana do la..

i still have many things to do..