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Monday, 12 July 2010

sick time

im sick..

yes again.


not surpirising rite..

my classmates don't find it as a shocking news also cuz i always sick.

for them, it's a common news. no news value.

Pei Suang said it's uncommon if im not sick.


but so long i never sick d u noe.. many people i know have fell asick.

Officially now it's my turn.

i hate FLU!!

the cilaka flies pulak attack again tonight. ish! OIK CILAKA U DUN BITE ME LA! i smack u ah! go away i tell u. busy here u noe.. kakaciauciau. grrrhhh...

QUOTE of the day

"Works can always be done, as long as we can arrange time well and adjust our behaviour to positive one."

~ Kow Kwan Yee
~ 11/7/2010
~ via FB


Semangat betul!!

I feel just awake from my long sleep.


I must thank my senior, KKY.

She said something which is so…


Demotivating but motivating??

Ok what am I saying.

She said she heard with her own ears my groupmates complaint about my slowness n inefficiency.


Yea I admit I always do things last minute, im slow, I procrastinate, I forgot etc la.

Okok im changing changing improving!

im not that bad d la hor.. =p

Im not angry at my friends or her.

But crazily im so SEMANGAT now!

What she told me actually boost up my spirit!

Thank you!


Ok im going to mandi, makan den do assignment ok? =p


good news of the day

WOW! Omg! My Political Philosophy lecturer, Mr. Santhi aka Mr. S just called me. He called me at 10.40pm. I was so shocked when I heard his voice in the phone.

How in the world he got my phone number?

He told me that classes will be cancelled and midterm at 2pm will be postponed to next week. He also asked me to spread the news.

Yea I knew it already.

My alarm rang at 10.29am. I wanted to study for the midterm at 2pm ma. I blur blur woke up n walked to my laptop. In less than 10 seconds, Sara text me about the news.


Cuz I haven’t finish studying. Hehee.

Hmmm.. I wonder Mr. Santhi missed her van because of Spain ah.

Okok I must not sleep. Got assignments to do, presentation to prepare. By the way im not sleepy also lah.

So Political Philosophy students, next week class as usual ok n midterm is next week . tq.

fuyooo SPAIN!

haha i just reached home.

it's raining out there.

and World Cup has finally ended.

some still having fever.

yea cuz Kampar weather so crazy!


I just witnessed the best game ever in my entire life.

Spain emerged as the World Cup champion defeating Holland at the very last minute 1-0.

extra time 30mins ok.

and Spain finally scored 2 mins before the game ended.

Kamparians flooded the whole Mamaks. Every single Mamak Restaurant in New Town was fulled!


Spain gol.

i kena boo bcuz of my camera flash.

but the photo worth thousand words.

now they now me, the guy with the camera, standing on the bike.


i'll blog more about it after this.

now time to study for midterm later.

gud morn.


my World Cup prediction


you guys have been listening to the Paul The Octopus too much.

n now we have the Mani The Parakeet aka Green Bird.


how can we let these two creatures to rule us n predict our future!!



Let me tell you wat Paul The Octopus and Mani The Parakeet cannot predict.

I, The OCE..

yes The Oce..

Predict that the entire world will freeze for the World Cup Final tonite for at least 1.5hours.

u wana know whether i can predict 4D number anot?

Yes i GUARANTEE you'll get 4 Ds in ur exam if u dun study.


Nyeh nyeh nyeh.