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Sunday, 16 May 2010

I have spoken in Speaker's Square


i did what i've said.

mission accomplised!

i made it.

im glad to be back in Penang!

i have spoken in Speaker's Square, Esplanade, Penang!

ok this is an achivement for me myself.


first time giving speech in an open space.

and first time giving speech without audience, microphone, stage, podium or spotlight!

how cool is that!

and how funny is that??

nvm.. i made it.

when are you going to make it?

let them especially the public, government, pressmen and SPecial Brance officers hear your voice.

anyway there was a man with small gadget to take picture and take video was there before i speak. he left. then when i was speaking half way, he came n i SAW him take picture and video of me. seriously he got the SPecial Branch's look and style.

gosh! goosebumps man!

luckily when i say something about the police, he wasn't there.

thanks to my 4 Super VIPs and good buddies Nixon Lai, Ah Meow, Dexter the Pervert and Liam The Chiko for being there. haha.

and thanks also to a couple, my additional audience.

there were suportive. we had a nice chat.

impossible i can achieved my dream without u people.


i have 'something' to say

oh owh!

7pm ++ d ah??!

ish ish!

im late!!

i wanted to go to Speaker's Squake in Esplanade to give speech at 6pm but i just woke up la.

nvm2 the event is until 10pm.

arrghhh! now i feel the nerve d.

u noe la.. Speaker's Corner ma. Boh syiok la if i dun 'shoot' people. not camera shooting u noe. but shoot verbally.

mulut i kan gatai. nak makan. nak tembak.

ok im gona go there.

whoever is there, c u there la.

mata-mata pls dun catch me cuz i din ask anyone to go ok.

so it's not an illegal assembly la.