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Sunday, 16 May 2010

i have 'something' to say

oh owh!

7pm ++ d ah??!

ish ish!

im late!!

i wanted to go to Speaker's Squake in Esplanade to give speech at 6pm but i just woke up la.

nvm2 the event is until 10pm.

arrghhh! now i feel the nerve d.

u noe la.. Speaker's Corner ma. Boh syiok la if i dun 'shoot' people. not camera shooting u noe. but shoot verbally.

mulut i kan gatai. nak makan. nak tembak.

ok im gona go there.

whoever is there, c u there la.

mata-mata pls dun catch me cuz i din ask anyone to go ok.

so it's not an illegal assembly la.


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