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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

QUOTE of the day

No matter how hard it is, we must do our best, so that we will never regret.

reporting from Penang

hheehhe~ ooppps! i am on the island!!


n this is so much fun! =p

I must first thank Kelvin @ Calvin for letting me follow his car back to Penang. i was busy so he waited for me before can bid gooodbye to Kampar. I took a nap in the car and whooop, when i opened my eyes, we were already at Queensbay in less than 2 hours. that was crazy!

he dropped me at Greenlane McD and my mum came to pick me up.

guess what she said when she saw me. 


er.. ok.. i know.. haih..

reached home about at 2pm something.

Ahhh.. mum's food is the best! i had rice for two person, lala, vegetable, cucur udang and shark's soup. woooo.. sounds yummy!

im pampering myself with food, food and FOOD! im gona have ice cream, mooncake, snacks, nutritional food, hotdog, egg and whatsoever in the kitchen!


anyway im planning to work this semester break. in fact i am already looking for job. i think this is the first time im gona work for my sem break. hmmm.. well i need MONEY. =p

anyone wana employ me??

Sand-Free Road at UTAR Eastgate

hi people, hi students.  

I would like to inform that the sand on the road at the Eastlake entrance especially at the roundabout is so dangerous. 

I talked to the developer and he promised that today 29/9/2010 his workers will sweep away all the sand near the entrance to the university.

we will request the developer to always maintain the road for students' safety.

pls let us know if they do nth on it. 

Students especially the bikers are advised to slow down at the roundabout to avoid accident.

Please send us feedback through our facebook account anytime and we'll response to you ASAP.

happy holidays. 

good night.


Oh Chin Eng
SRC Chairman
UTAR Kampar

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

hohoho lalala kongkong

ok i duno what should i name this post.

so just alulal hohoho heheh elilolalilu leh li. apom balik ku chi ba li neh neh bu booo ouch yeh!

i am going back to Penang tomorrow at 10am and that is so much fun!! i just feels so nice after exam. u dun have to think of exam or anything about studies..for a while. =p i love to study but i hate exam la. why must we study for exam. why we need exam to show people how smart we are. eh i tell you har let say i fail in ABC subject, doesn't mean im not good at other stuffs ok. okla just hope that im not gona fail la. hahah.

anyway i have so much to clean and to pack. ahhh.. but nvm i'll take my own sweet time, do it slow slow slooooooowly. =p luckily im going back with my friend's care tomorrow. can bring a lof of things. but eh. later back to Kampar how ah. oh no no no.. i sure pancit cuz most probably im taking bus. hmm...have to try not to bring so many things back la.

balik kampung must go makan. PUAS PUAS!

oh my friends already reached Klang. and they must be enjoying themselves tonight before leaving for Melaka tomorrow. raining la,bring umbrella n sweater.

Last paper today was ok. i like it cuz i think i can do. just that not enough time la. i got so much to write ma. =p

my friend, Hizwan is gona married. eh akad nikah macam best je. feel like trying la. haha.

just some sudden thoughts. why some Malays LOVE 2 call the Chinese and Indians as immigrants and ask us to go back China? Why during pre-Independence the non-Malays nvr FIGHT all out for equal rights during the political bargaining process? why huh?? 

and i hate it PANTANG GILA BABI when people say the Malays are lazy!

hmm.. takde kerja lain kot. orang racist patut je disulah dan dipotong! hmpph!

don't be skeptical, generalise, and have misconception of other people la..

nvm nvm u read what i wrote here 

exam is over


finished my last paper.

no more exam.

the end of Year 2 Semester 2. =p


Monday, 27 September 2010

bye friends, bye Melaka

although i am physically unable to be in Klang n Melaka wif my coursemates Lee Pei Suang, Tay Pang Chong, Tan Teck Joo, Cheong Jing Wen, Ng Ee Theng, Hah Haw Yeen, Wong Siew King, Chiew Zhi Wey, Tan Ai Peng, Tan Xiang Lin, Long Deng Wen, Tan Jia Min tomorrow for our biggest class trip, my spirit, soul n love always will be there with u all! enjoy ur trip and be safe! i'll pray for ur safety n happines. you take more nice photos and make me jealous la k. i know for sure i'll envy you guys. 

sorry i couldnt make it. 

i love u people. 

I love Melaka. 

hehehe. =p

last paper of Year 2 Semester 2

Last but not least, the very last and the hardest paper of all, Contemporary Malaysian Politics!

the name also so powerful.

GO GO GO students of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Journalism minor in Political Science.

Do your best and all the best!

lap iu lap kaokao! burn midnite oil till hangus! serang! use all your bullets, if you have lah.

exam at 9am tomorrow. remember to set alarm!

good night!

help US to counter Islamophobia??

Settle your own problem first before you go kaypo wana solve other people's problem. Pandai-pandai hanya akan memakan diri. Jangan jaga tepi kain orang. Gau-gau cho laukau. Pochi! 


*thought of this after knowing that some nice people from Malaysia wana help Obama n US to get rid of Islamophobia. haha! what a joke!

*politicians ah, help your own people first la. don't always make fool of yourself. i malu u tau ka.. 

*aiyah Najib ah, settle ur own problem in your own country first before go kaypo in US la. letme tell u, many Malaysians oso facing Islamophobia u tau ka?? Jangan duk buat pandai-pandai la. tq.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

thoughts on 26/9/10 night (1)

thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. 

aaa i am filled with thoughts tonight. =p

a lot a lot of thoughts!

wait im gona spill one by one tomorrow.

let me finish with Mr. CMP first. he is so annoying!

nvm im finishing im finishing. =p 

people chill chill.

don't easily get angry.

good night.

when the light is off

I was happily studying for my exam Contemporary Malaysian Politics.

then, arrghhh!

shit happened!

6.45pm: rain poured. heard some mini thunder. fine. no problem.

6.47pm: BOMB! blackout! suddenly no electricity! why.. why u do this to me when i was so fully concentrating and into my journals?? then, the rain got heavier. the day was getting darker.

7.03pm: oh yeah! the light is back. but disco light.. blinking blinking twinkle twinkle little stars.

7.05pm: i went to pee. the electricity is so playful. peeing halfway, shit i cant see my KKC! arrghhh! blackout again! so dark! luckily my aiming skill is good. wahahah!

7.25pm: everything is back to normal..

7.35pm: i opened The Star's website! OMG! Datuk Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan in Japan Super Series! wa wa wa! holiao ah! i am so PROUD of u la! finally finally! after a long wait... it's a sweet revenge! happy gila babi la aku. give u a BIG hug Chong Wei!

Back to bergatai with William Case again.. =(

YOU are quoted

"i thot u gatai everywhr mau pegi wan."

~ Adeline Wok Li Anne
~ 2.35pm 26/9/2010 
~ vis MSN

* it's so true! yeh u r quoted! hahahah! =p










PERIBAHASA of the day

Sedikit-sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

Sedeikit-sedikit lama-lama habuk pun takde.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

1 day 1 Ringgit

I am broke. I am getting poor.

What now??


I kicked off a personal project, "RM1 a Day" project on the 21st September 2010 with the main purpose, to generate more money!!

oh now i love money so much!

i am planting a "MONEY TREE" in my room. im gona pour it with lots of love, be hardwoking and discipline to 'water' it with RM1 everyday.

You know, I always simply put my money. SO my money is everywhere: on the table, in the drawer, school beg, plastic beg, in a container, pockets etc etc.

AFter some digging n koreking, i found some money. hehehe.

No money, nothing is talkable! 

one day one Ringgit, many days many-many Ringgits! 



I went hiking last week with classmates and a friend and the sunset is so magnificent.

hehehe pls pls click on the link to view larger and better photo. =p

QUOTE of the day

A bad and dirty government is going to end sooner or later.

Qi Zi 棋子

nice song. nice song. i like it.

This is the original version by Faye Wong.

and this is my favorite modified version by Abin.

Jing Si Aphorisms

The hardest thing for people to see is themselves.

~ Master Cheng Yen (Tzu Zhi)

RELEASE Cartoonist Zunar NOW!

I was so shocked when i read the news just a while ago.

Cartoonist Zunar is arrested under Sedition Act and his latest book Cartoon-o-phobia got seized by the police at 4pm just now.

The blue shirt men got nothing better to do??

this is what i have to say, in a SERIOUS TONE!

yeh! this is my country, i love my Malaysia. people speak, you arrest. people gather peacefully, u arrest. people wana draw also you arrest ah?? 

fuyooo! tax payers money being used so productively and effectively. 


1Malaysia? hahahah.. yea yea.. whatever la.. you can silent a man, but you can't silent its people. you can banned a book, but you can never stop the growing and dissemination of ideas and voices from the grassroots. 

i guess you will never listen right? up to u la, suka hati hang ye.. as if you'll listen. masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.  

kalau tak buat salah, apasai nk takut orang mengata? jgnla kita gajah depan mata tak nmpak, nyamuk seberang laut pula nmpak..  

i had enough.

Friday, 24 September 2010

status update

1) back from RONDA again. JR 012009 exploration territory is getting larger. 

2) all wet. outside wet, inside also WET-WET. 

3) twice went to Sungai Salu Waterfall, twice i lost my specs. no more trademark APEK specs. =( 

4) from my observation, the best way to KNOW a friend is by travel. 


i have to say that i am really happy, enjoyed, glad and LOVE you lah LEE PEI SUANG, TAN TECK JOO, HAH HAW YEEN, NG AI LOON, NG EE THENG AND TAY PANG CHONG!  



arrghhh! bored to death aaaaaaaaa! 

eh cannot tomorrow got exam la. vandalism is a good therapy. heheheh...

Thursday, 23 September 2010


raining non-stop heavily again. 

someone said im slimmer. different people have said the same thing.

of course la! 

yes i am. 

know im getting 'slimmer'. 

i realised that i lose weight since August.

my muscles pun kechut.

what to do la... 

eat so much but duno all fats and flesh go whr. aih.. 

i spend a lot on food ok..

i oso wana be BIG ok..

maybe it's because of my stomach.


the funny thing is im already skinny like lidi how can i be slimmer.


Sometimes i am SAD ok when people say im skinny!

wat the heck!

u so fat ass got use meh??


what you people want??

why complaint so much?? why talk so much??! why judge this and that?!

So what if im skinny?!!

cannot ah?? u sakit mana? or mana gatai?? need me to garu anot???

pungkok hang!

if u so fat give me some fat la. if u jeles, go jump Penang Bridge la. if u oso skinny, shut up la. if u wana be like me, call me BOS la.

i can't wait to be home to eat my mum's cooking.

Ok back to Journalism II subject.

The Amazing Race Asia 4 Showtime











last 2 shots

Last 2 shots. Last 2 bullets. That's all you have. You use it wisely or that's the end of your journey. Work hard and good luck.

It's just an advice.

*have been eating NON-STOP the whole night!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

we break up la

Inspired! I'm so awake. Oh i am awake now. I feel like.. I feel like a nice slap on my head. I mean, a nice one. Yea positive one. It's all just because of a message by someone you respect and inspire.

"...ei, u ar, study hard la...," KKY.
~ 10.18pm 22/9/2010

so now im gona say bye to Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot until 1am later and continue studying. yes! 

hmmpphh! we BREAK UP la tonight! u go break ur leg la. or break the glass la! BYE!! off! 

-the end-

it's not about luck

Hahah! Lucky?? Nothing is about good luck. Life is not about luck. Success is not about luck. If you work hard, then you'll be lucky. You deserved what you have been working for. Luck won’t be at your side if you just sit there and do nothing. Do more good deeds and you'll be sparkling bright as the lucky stars. Luck is just a bonus. Everything else, it's about your ACTION!

Anyway, good luck!

Believe in Karma..



Do you know that it is so painful and suffering when you are so fulled but your mouth damn itchy and you must keep on eating? Arrghh! I couldn't resist the lure and temptation of food. Food is so seductive!

oh i tak tahan la...


don't care la!


Eating is a good stress therapy.


Adalah ini dengan bangga dan sukacitanya diumumkan bahawa, hujan yang gila lebat taik cirit telah dengan selamat dan jayanya berhenti di Kampar, Perak. Rakyat jelata dijemput beramai-ramai ke pasar malam dan lepak bersama tanglung dengan gayanya di bawah sinaran bulan penuh yang masih belum kelihatan. Ingin diingatkan bahawa play at your own risk, hujan akan turun lagi. Kalau basah, bagusla. wahahahaha! =p


Halo halo! Last call last call! Me n my friends made a amateur video for a competition. It's not that GREAT la but please support by clicking on this link to watch. The number of viewership will determine the winner. Tolong tolong help to spread around too. Deadline is tomorrow. TQ!

You people very nice and kind-hearted one right?? =p

QUOTE of the day

If you keep giving yourself excuses, you are not going anywhere, nothing is achievable.

中秋节快乐 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

According to Chinese Lunar Calender, today is the 15th of the 8th month.

We can see full moon on every 15th of the month.

But today is not about the moon.

Today the Chinese all over the world is celebrating a festival.

15th of the 8th month is about something else. 

Here i wish everyone a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Selamat Hari Kuih Bulan @ Pesta Tanglung, Tong Chiu Jie Khuai Lok and 中秋节快乐. 

Don't burn down ur house with lanterns. 

Eat more mooncake and u'll become beautiful like the moon. 

Don't forget and always remember to do charity no matter where you are, what you do, 

Share your happiness with the unfortunate ones.

Life will be more meaningful.


I present you with this song on this very special day.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

YOU are quoted

‎"Boleh tak pi potong rambut you yang macam hutan? Your hair look like a jungle."

~ Amirah Ismail
~ Tuesday 21/9/2010

Pantun for me =p

People read this read this!

hahah lawakla! 

Buai laju laju
Sampai pokok sena
Chin Eng, jangan bawak motor laju-laju
Nanti U tercampak kat hospital sana

~ miss anonymous

~ Monday 20/9/2010 6.32pm

please click

hello people.

eh eh i need some help here la..

i know my blog is not that great u noe.. yea yea i know..

but ok la still got some people drop by.

thank you for that.

so so..

for those people who drop by, do me a favor can ah??


ayoooo... so pity me u noe. kesian...

ever since i registered with Nuffnang like more than a year ago, my payment remains at RM3.75!

=( so sad la..

i wonder how this Nuffnang thingy works la.

eh if u don't mind, u click on it la.

then see what will happen. hehe.

thank you har.

i need to go pangsai d la.

so long i never say i wana go shit shit.


I AM WHO I AM (我還是我) by Namewee (黃明志)

seriously i feel this is a nice song. he's good in what he's doing: music. 

i totally disagree with her vulgarity but i am so impressed with his creativity. 

if u go against or critisize the authority, you face to face the harsh reality.

at least he's true to herself, not like some ppl, after speak, hide behind someone else or gone missing.

It's good if he can use proper language but i think it will be hard. i have my reasons why i say so. 


1) the whether in Kampar is so nice to sleep tonight. you feel like being on top of the hill. Cameron Highlands has come to Kampar.

2) i love to know and i love to be with not normal human. It makes me feel so normal.

3) semangat membara membakar membuak-buak menyala meletup, energetic and highly spirited to STUDY! hahah! this is AMAZINGLY SURPRISINGLY UNBELIEVABLE. =p 

4) I must seriously plant a huge MONEY TREE in my room, be hardwoking to water it everyday, pour a lot of love, let in enough sun light and the most important thing to do is SAVE RM1 A DAY!

*some i copy from my FB status la. what..

Monday, 20 September 2010

my photo in Thumbnails, The Star

This photo was taken at Malim Nawar on 6/9/2010 4.06pm

You people click this link la ye. I cannot printscreen it in this computer lah.

Jing Si Aphorisms

To live in peace, we must have inner peace. To have inner peace, we must have a clear conscience. When our conscience is clear and our mind at peace, we bring peace and bliss to those around us. 

~ Master Cheng Yen (Tzu ZHi)

Virus in The Sound?!!

Virus in my blog??


how in the world my blog contains malware or virus.

how can such a ahem.. nice and cute and innocent blog like this contains virus.

A friend of mine from Penang printscreen this notification and show me. Its says my blog contains elements from Dr. Mahathir's blog which appears to host malware.

So i should delete his blog's link from my blog la huh???

ok i'll delete NOW!

people better don't go to that virus page la ye.. later u also kena virus.

ANyway, thanks Michelle Ooi. =p

i feel so GATAI


GATAI ooooo... gatai means itchy la. ITCHY ooooo...

i tell u har... Hiking in Kampar will either make you bleed or itchy.

i love hiking so much and i don't mind and i love it if i fall or if i got bruises back home.

but hiking in Kampar is different case.

the LEECH will suck ur blood.

the MOSQUITO will suck ur blood too!

i went hiking last Saturday and today is Monday. 3days already but i still damn gatai damn itchy!

i have to garu here garu there ALL THE TIME!

the mosquitoes in the jungle damn fat. they are like ants, attack ur skin ur flesh. u'll freak out when you really experience it. a whole group of mosquitoes just gather and enjoying meal on your skin.


memamng cilaka gatai!

see now i have to garu again...

Sunday, 19 September 2010


SHIT! I step onto SHIT again. This is so SHITTY!!

i tell u! 2days in a row already! 2 hari berturut-turut. taik bukan sebarang taik. tapi taik lembu!! hitam manis warna coklat berkilat-kilat. saiz macam bulan! rasanya sejuk menggigil. melekit-lekit sticky like glue. bau mcm hmmpph! bau taik lemboo la! berat mcm kepala hotak!

yesterday's shit was soft. today's hard!

memang taik cirit betul ah. entah dah berapa hari lembu tak berak. u see their shit akak cow dung so huge so big. i wonder how long they never shit. can't they like eat lesser ah? one shot eat so much, of course shit so much la. ayooo! they should control their appetite la. care for the nature ma. cannot simply shit la. polluting the air and harming the environment only. 

it's dangerous too u noe. motorist can get into accident cuz wana escape the shit. people walking on the road will accidentally step on it. then have to buy new shoe. ayoooo.

hey you Mr. Lembooo son of Cow, please pay 20cents, go to the public toilet and make ur business. Don't give trouble to the cleaner to clean up yoour shit.



yummy Indian food for lunch

Lunch makan India mia nasi 
Nasi kasi banjir manyak oo kari 
Amma pedas rasa cili padi
Sedap sampai menjilat kaki

I went for lunch today with my roomate at Old Town Food Court. He seldom go that far because it's quite far to cycle there with bike. We was lucky because the Indian rice stall open on Sunday. That's my favourite Indian rice stall in the whole Kampar. I tell you it is really hard to find a genuine Indian rice here in Kampar. The Indian population is not that high. And the Indian people who sell Indian rice not much. Not more than 5 stalls or restaurants as far as i know. IF you are talking about Capati, Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and so on, the business is conquered by the Indian Muslim. That's the reason why i brought my roomate there: to enjoy food. Ahhhh yummy la. You guys better go before 1pm if not you only get to eat the bones or lick the curry on the pots. =p

Cheap and nice: RM4 only! Extra rice, 2 types of vegetable, fried chicken, egg and papadom.Maximum satisfaction!

Historic drink: Owh it's historical for me because it's more than a year since i drank Limau Ais. I used to order it a lot when me n my ex when out to hunt for good roadside food. Anyway, the drink is so refreshing. RM1 only. =p

 I met Orson (in Orange shirt), Edmund and Cynthia (she's not in the pic).

 Yes so that's me eating with hand.I miss eating with hand, you know not with fork and spoon. I sure use hand if i eat Indian or Malay food and i use hand at home too. oh next to me is my roomate.

Old and Cool: Aren't you feel happy looking at this kind of smile from old people? As usual, these people always my favourite subject in photography. I met this uncle at the stall. He had his lunch there too. I guess he's not English educated and Tamil is his lingua franca because his Bahasa Malaysia is a bit thick and he was reading a Tamil daily.

Pantun Hujan

Hujan lebat baru berhenti
Guruh kuat wa kecut hati
Tapi cuaca memang syiok sekali
Buat aku mau tidur mati

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Loving Saturday

Saturday is filled with love, feel, fun, adventure, coolness, knowledge, humor n satisfaction, but with some bad luck, misadventure, tiredness, geramness, bad body odour, and an attack by big fat mosquitoes. Bittersweet masam masin n spicy. But it's a damn GOOD day with unforgettable memories and experiences! 

Had great food, great people, great scenery, great photos, great places, great outing, great day!


Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Thanks n LOVE YOU lah Adeline Wok, Kay Chua Chang Wei, Lee Pei Suang,  Tan Teck Joo, Ng Ee Theng, Tay Pang Chong.

God bless you.

Acceptance is the Key to Unity

To stay harmony and united under one roof in a diverse, plural and multicultural society like Malaysia, we need not only to be understanding, tolerance, respect or sensitive. The master key of unity is ACCEPTANCE. When you can open up your heart to accept differences, you'll eventually open up to the high possibilities for a sense of togetherness. Acceptance will gives us a better understanding, tolerance, and respect towards others. Let's celebrate our differences. That's what make us unique. We are different but we are all same-same. =p

那英 (Na Ying) - 出賣 (Chu Mai)

wahahah! tomorrow no exam! the next paper is a week after. so happy. the important thing is i can sleep soundly today without worries and stres.

tomorrow can go ronda, cari makan, snap pics, explore and travel. whee!

but hmmmm tired la. slept in the early morning this whole week cuz of exam. if too tired, i'll just chill at home la, do some house works, laundry and pack my stuffs.

anyway listen to this song n sleep. good one! Na Ying, one of my favourite lady singer. i love her voice. =p

i wana be good boy and sleep early. good night. tata.

Friday, 17 September 2010

rain is coming

click the link for larger photo.

my Twitter

i have Twitter too. 

aku pun ada Twitter la. 

wa ma si uu Twitter ma.


hahaha sorry la huh. i got bored, too much of studying. i need to do something stupid. hehehe. =p


Paternal Grandparents

I feel so content and touched looking at this photo. Old already but still holding hands ah?? Ahhh.. im gona show my kid (if i have one) when im old.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

preserved mangosteen

There is something funny i would like to share.

Suddenly, out of no where, i thought of it.

3 years ago, someone important, ok you can call it as special, gave me a mangosteen aka manggis.

I tak sampai hati eat it because it's from her.

I still keep it and i'm keeping it until today.

It has now become an artifact.

It's now a piece of history that i can preserved.

It is still in good shape though.


Yea maybe i'm weird.

There are few times where good friends gaive me something consumable. Again i tak sampai hati, i want to keep it as a gift. At the end, the food spoiled. When it stinks, i have to throw it away.

It's not that don't appreciate what people give me. The fact is, for me, their gifts are so valuable that i appreciate it so much and i don't have the heart to eat it.

You see, i enjoy food to the max. I hunt for food. I live for food. I have big appetite. I am indeed a big eater. But the thing is the food is no more there after you consume it. 

The value of the gift is not on the gift itself but who is the person who give it to you.

I'm a guy who's sensitive, sentimental, collective and perhaps romantic.

I love history and old stuffs.

I am not that boring la huh?? =p

Happy Malaysia Day, Selamat Hari Malaysia

it’s a big day today. It’s Malaysia Day. Happy Malaysia Day to all my brothers and sisters from Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak. I wish to see that we’ll develop as one nation and not two or three. Be proud and appreciate the uniqueness that we have.

Pantun Hari Ini 16/9/2010

Makan banyak suka hati, 

Lepas itu ronda sana sini,

Masa untuk baca tak henti-henti, 

Cuaca cantik tapi panas sekali

lectures and reflections

ooo halo..

im awake the whole night. 

just look up the sky, it's a whole carpet of stars, look at how they shine your life. 

it's a night with lectures and reflections. 

not to mention advices and motivations. 

u only get it from the people who meant a lot to u. 

Thanks to LPS, KKY and YTH.

It's an eye-opening.

It's a sincere and honest expose.

It is hurt but it's the truth.

It is tough and hard to slow.


i feel really calm and satisfied. i feel fresh too.

i can feel it's gona be a good day.

it's gona be a good week.

it's gona be a good year.

and im gona be good too.

what a wonderful night!

oh good morning.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

QUOTE of the day

Don’t be jealous with people’s achievement. Don’t just look at it. Let them inspire you. Aim at it and achieve it! You can do better than them!!

today in history

It's not like a big grand history la.


propaganda u noe.. hiperbola gitu-gitu la.

so what is the history la???!


for the first time ever, i went to Jing Wen's house at night, and then i studied there, with her. she fell asleep! hahah! i brought my pillow, water, bread, biscuit, notes.

it feels so nice when you are studying. ahhh.. im loving it!!

hari ini memang bersejarah! mungkin Kementerian Pelajaran boleh pertimbangkan untuk memuatkan kisah bersejarah ini dalam buku teks Sejarah buat tatapan generasi akan datang.

ok before i talk more crap, i better go n sleep. good night world. tata.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

floating in the air

This video was taken last year with a bunch of classmates. Glad that i found it from my own Youtube account. haha! You guys should watch to believe it. nothing to do with black magic or religion or politics ok.

try do it with a big-sized friends and tell me whether it's workable or not. follow the steps closely.

back to study. tata.

Raya with giftssS...

from Fazleen: macam-macam kuih Raya

 from Kim: my favourite sling bag from Sarawak and cookies

from Liyana: duit Raya, nasi himpit and cookies

from Kah Hoe: keychain all the way from South Korea

This is the Raya where i get the most stuffs back home. hahah! after eat can bungkus tapao take away. hahah!

it's a blessed Raya with fantastic people.

Meeting you guys is the best gift that money can't buy from this Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya and Thank You.

QUOTE of the day

"It is only by allowing dissent, by allowing debate, by allowing people to disagree that our society will grow."

~ Datuk Dr. Toh Kin Woon

As a Malaysian..



This long write-up is to actually reply a reply from a friend in my post 'what malay rights??!' 

I was having a hard time with the title so i just simply come up with the title. This is a very long post. I talk a lot. Thanks if you agree or even if you don't. it's just my 2 cents. Don't be angry.

Thanks for ur view my friend, Danial. Actually I never want to or feel like questioning what the bumiputera deserved to get compared to the non-Bumiputera. Constitution says hak Bumiputera, its fine for me. In my opinion, if you work hard, then you should deserve a well treatment tak kira bangsa dan agama. Entahla dah more than 50 years kita merdeka, tak cukup lagikah Melayu dibantu? Saya tak kata mereka tak patut dibantu tapi bantuan itu sudah mencukupi. Orang Melayu dah maju, dah berdiri sama tinggi duduk sama rendah dengan kaum lain.

Cuba tengok kat merata ada doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant orang Melayu. So?? It's time that affirmative action be implemented based on needs and merits and not merely based on ethnic. I rasa affirmative action tu perlu dikurangkan untuk mengurangkan kebergantungan orang Melayu kepada kerajaan. Semakin banyak kita memberi, semakin banyak orang akan meminta.  It’s a human nature to be lazy and not to work hard when they always get help and support by the others.

Adakah bantuan kerajaan yang berterusan ini satu strategi untuk membeli undi orang Melayu kepada BN? Is it a strategy to secure the Malay votes by keep on helping them? Yeala kalau orang bagi you bantuan, you akan rasa terhutang budi kan. Im just asking.

Jika kerajaan kata non-Malays lebih maju, tak betul kerana ada banyak non-Malays yang poor and not educated. Let say you nak kata CIna tu kaya, then fikirlah macam mana mereka boleh kaya sedangkan mereka susah mendapat bantuan kerajaan? Ini kerana orang yang tak dibantu lazimnya akan berusaha lebih kerasa untuk memajukan hidup mereka. Bukan kah begitu??

It’s the government who makes its people not competitive enough by keep saying its people especially the Malays are far more behind than the rest, therefore they need help. It’s about psychology and perception. When people keep calling you stupid, you’ll eventually become stupid although you are not. I feel the Malays should be given moral support and praise them if they are good instead of keep on calling them poor and not developed. This culture has to be changed. It’s hard to be ahead of others when we are fear of ourselves. I strongly believe that the Malays and the Bumiputras never want to be labeled and called as a weak race or bangsa yang lemah anymore.

Apa yang I geram di sini ialah apabila orang bukan Melayu dikatakan menumpang, merampas hak mereka, membolos kekayaan mereka dan dipanggil pulang ke kampong halaman. Mana orang CIna orang India nak pergi?? Ini tanah saya. Asal saya Malaysia. Kalau betul betul ikut sejarah, bukannya orang Melayu yang asalnya dari Malaysia. Saya tidak ingin mempersoalkan asal usul nenek moyang tetapi soalnya di sini ialah soal hormat kepada orang lain. Kalau dah jodoh, pelbagai kaum yang melengkapkan Negara Malaysia, terima ia seadanya, biar kita meneruskan legasi daripada nenek moyang kita, tinggal bersama dengan harmoni di bawah satu bumbung.

I ada kawan India, Melayu, Orang Asli, orang Sabah dan Sarawak. Im ok with them they are fine with me. I understand, accept and learn from them. Is it that hard to be together as a family?? We should learn from the kids. Just look at the photo. They don’t even know what is race. It’s better if they are race blind. They just have to know that they are the same, Malaysian.

I totally against racism be it from the Chinese, Indians or Malays. There should not be double standard in punishing the racists. If the government wishes to use existing laws to silent its citizens, be fair for all. Jangan tutup mata bila penyangak itu sebulu dengan anda. Every single citizen should not be racist. Each and every one of us must not support racism.

Again I langsung tak faham apa itu sebenarnya Malay rights. Apa yang hebat sangat tentang Malay rights sehingga macam ada satu kuasa ghaib yang melarang sesiapa untuk berbincang tentangnya. Saya pun hairan siapa, kenapa dan bagaimana orang bukan Melayu ingin merampas Malay rights. MCMC gona arrest me for this statement. There should be a platform of debate and discussion.

Selalunya masalah ditimbulkan orang politikus. Jangan lah jadi macam tikus. Tikus tu simply makan. Politikus tu simply cakap. Tikus tu lari sana dan sembunyi. Politikus pula lepas cakap, blame orang lain, lepas buang batu disorok tanggannya. Tikus dan politikus share the same characteristic: licik and irresponsible.

Kalaulah suatu hari nanti, untuk sehari kita jangan berkata-kata dalam bahasa politik. How nice if everything is not being politicized and relate to religions or ethnicities. I wish one day we talk in one common language, be as one race, Malaysian. Afterall we breath the same air, our blood are red.

Cuba fikir apa akan jadi kalaulah kesemua bukan Melayu pupus di bumi Malaysia. 

For your information, I am a Chinese Malaysian. I born here. I grown up here. I've been here all this while for 22 years. I'm not an immigrant. I'm not from China. I'll end my life here, Malaysia. This is my home..

Anyway congrats Danial, ur hardwork paid off. =p

Year 2 Semester 2 Final Exam

14/9/2010 UAMJ 2013 Feature Writing

Ok it’s about time. The battle is now. All the best to my friends for your final exam. Break your legs. Dun forget to pray la har. Let’s fight hard till the end of the month. Kuan Im Ma, Ti Kong, Buddha popi peng aun.


just a friend


a very quick one.




yea it's true la.

im just a friend.

hehe ok back to studies.


Monday, 13 September 2010

Kopi O, help me!

Feel so damn sleepy right now although I have been sleeping the whole day! 

Just came back from a rush shopping at Tesco. Bought Kopi O, Soya Bean, and bread.  

I need caffeine. Oh I need caffeine. Im so addicted to it. I need Kopi O Kao so badly. I was craving for Coffee desperately. Whole body was like so uncomfortable.  

Not much choice in Tesco la. So I just simply grab the Kopi la. And oh damn it. The Kopi is so thick which is a good thing but without sugar. Zzz.. 

Will stay awake until at least 3am with the help of my Kopi. Exam at 9am. Will wake up the latest at 7.30am la huh. So afraid that I can’t wake up for exam.  

Hohoho. I manage to escaped from FB for few hours. That’s good! 

INSPIRATION! MOTIVATION! mali mali homp! come to me. come to me. lai lai.. I need you..

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes
by Norma Cornett Marek (1989)
If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly, and pray the Lord your soul to keep.
If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss, and call you back for just one more.

If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would tape each word and action, and play them back throughout my days
If I knew it would be the last time, I would spare an extra minute or two,
To stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you know I do.

So just in case tomorrow never comes, and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you, and I hope we never will forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day
That you didn't take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss,
And you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear,
That you love them very much, and you'll always hold them dear.
Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "thank you" or "it's okay".
And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.

*Thanks for the inspiration Feli. I found this poem from your blog. Love you.

hard but possible lah

i know i spent most of my time in the cyber world. i FB-ing, i Tweet, i blog, i read on9 news, i surf net where to travel etc. couldn't help it la..

but today at this moment, im inspired by Tiffany Oon. That crazy fella promised her friend that she's not gona away from blog and FB until the exam ends.

why la!! you make me feel so bad you know..

arrghhh this is hard this is hard! temptation. godaan. addiction.

okok i know i can't stay away totally but i'll reduce time for FB, news and net surfing except if it's necessary. 3 maximum posts in my blog per day if got paper on that day la ok.

before i say byebye,i wana announce something.

My hardwork has paid off. After years, months, days of looking for the missing loved ones, i found them through Facebook. i found all of them in one day! im so glad that i found my ex-teacher who taught me in Form 1-Form 3 i guess Miss Mahthavi and Mr Logarajah. Then friends from a national camp back in 2003 or 2004 Wawa and Razimah. As well as a teacher from a English workshop in 2002 who used to and still calling me Mr Macho, Miss Kamala.

hahah! this is so nostalgic! it's possible because of FB.

okla that's all. bye!

光良 + 品 冠 - 掌心

SONG of the day

光良(Guang Liang) + 品 冠(Ping Guan) - 掌心(Chang Xing)

my all-time favourite song from the duo. i listen to their songs ever since i was young.

it's like a trend, when a group is popular, they will split and go their own way. not all but quite a number of them. why can't they stick together till they are old??

anyway i like both of the singers. go Guang Liang go Ping Guan.

i've moved on

i've moved on.

it has been quite some time.

i admit i can't let go totally yet but at least it's not fully occupying my life and my soul.

im still moving on.

and i'll move on.

i'm happy and enjoying my life right now.

don't stop too long.

there are more things to explore in life.

take your time and enjoy your life.


YOU are quoted

"Some people watch things happen, some people wonder what happened, but some people.. Make it happen!"

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey

*bagusla tu i quote u again. bila nak bayar i duit? but i really really wonder is this originally from u or u ciplak dari mana. hmmm.. =p

PERIBAHASA of the day

Biar lambat, asalkan selamat.

Biar cepat, asalkan tak lambat.

i am sick of Malaysian politics

i am so sick of politics in Malaysia. meluat. menyampah. now i wana ask, im too vocal is it??

you tell me lah.

ini tak boleh cakap, itu tak boleh cakap.

i feel if i critisize the government or any individual for the sake of betterment, should be no problem la.

we should have the freedom of speech to improve things. i critisize because i love the government.

dun restrict what can or cannot be said! Tuhan bagi mulut tu untuk cakap. Dan kita kena guna sebaik-baiknya untuk cakap perkara yang betul dan benar meskipun perkara itu melukakan hati.

now i wonder again. can we afford freedom of speech? freedom when you are giving speech or freedom after your speech? usually when we speak, we'll say whatever we want. but hahah the consequences?? 

i know what i said might make me ended up in jail. sometimes im too straight-forward. sometimes i hurt people. and sometimes i merepek, melatah, talk crap and i scold people including BIG people aka orang besar.

is it relevant and masuk akal i end up in jail just because i scold someone?? hmmm.. i didn't ask you go die also. i didn't say you eat shit. but if i say you eat shit, you can deny it what. let's debate over it la. why wana catch me wor..
now it makes me wonder again.

it's the same thing what. if you call me an immigrant and ask me to go back to China. im gona argue with you. first of all, im not an immigrant. im a legal Malaysian with birth certificate and IC. secondly, im not from China. i have many more reasons to give you. so you people say la whatever you want. if you are stupid enough, you say stupid things. but as a not stupid person, i won't give you stupid answer la. that's all. no need la so dramatic make police report over it. you can catch the body but can't stop the mouth from speaking.

but if you are a politician or someone influential to the society and you cause racial tension, i won't hesitate to take action based on our law lo.

maybe the best way to deal with racist remarks is to debate it constructively and maturedly. what do you think?

just now, for the second time, the Vice-President of my university asked me to becareful with what i say in Facebook. er.. ok.. sorry. scary la. someone is paying attention on me.

i'll be very careful with what i say la. and i'll try not to discuss some 'sensitive' issues as perceived by the public in Facebook.i'll try to stay calm and chill. think thrice before i speak.

afterall, im just OCE. budak kecik kan.. memangpun saiz kecik.

aih.. takpela lain kali i nak cakap dengan mak i ke, bapak i ke, or makwe i, i minta permit dulu ye.. sure no problem nanti.

*anyway Coffee no more. Kopi dah habis. anyone with 3-in-1 coffee? can you pls donate some to me?? urgent! serious la..

Sunday, 12 September 2010

studying style changed

i just wana say time has changed.

people have changed.

i have changed.

studying style also changed.

kalau dulu masa secondary school, i prefer study sorang-sorang dalam bilik bertemankan radio.

tapi kini..

i can't study alone at home la..

i think la..


sometimes i need to be alone. to be with my own thoughts.

sometimes i need to be with people, if not, i'll be lazy to study.

so freak out of exam now. 2days from now..

takpela takpela. bye.

what Malay rights??!

i read this article and i feel so geram at the father and the son. grrrhhh!


i seriously don't see how and why the non-Malays wana take away the Malays rights. this is so ridiculous. can any of my Malay friends tell us what rights that has been raped away from you?? what is the Malay rights? do you realised that as the Bumiputera you got so many privileges under affirmative actions. then?? can all of us stop politicking and attacking each other ah??

EAT SHIT LA U (to those racists)!!

terima kasih!

QUOTE of the day

When you work hard, you get something. When you don't work at all, you get nothing.

weird weird dream

ish ish ish..

how in the world in can be a boxer. you know those like Mohamed Ali and Mike Tyson. yea i used to dream to be in the ring and smack someone's ass. haha.

anyway i woke up at 8am++ but i slept again. lazy to wake up. then jeng jeng jeng. the story begins. it's a long one with so many unrelated parts but i'll just cut it shirt to the most interesting parts la ye.

in my dream, im a boxer. so i joined a boxing competition. ahem.. fine.. while waiting for my turn, i walked to somewhere else la. got a group of Malays woth kompang playing Chinese lion dance beats. wow. fine fine. then suddenly im having a meeting with a first aid organisation i used to join. huh?? in the middle of my tournament??

i walked away from the meeting. i went to the ring. i checked my name. eh y my name is not there!! then the organiser said he has to cancel my name. he's afraid that i might break my bones. zzzzz...

Lesson from the story: dont sleep in the afternoon. if u wake up in the morning, don't sleep again.

kalau tak, mimpi gila-gila jadi nya. merepek.

PERIBAHASA of the day

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya.

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian habuk pun tak dapat.

Saturday, 11 September 2010


yes people u heard me.

loud and clear!

what you can't hear me?? too soft??!!

cis!! nvm! i repeat again!


OK?? boleh??

i noticed that so many ppl on9, FB-ing but exam is just next week. mana boleh ini maciam?? huh??!! hahah! i also always on9. ish ish ish!!


stay away from all your devices and BB no Iphone. silent ur phone. online but don't FB Twitter or blog too much la. STAY AWAY from your bed or sofa as far as you can. if possible go to the library. not much disturbance, got aircon and no FB. im telling this to myself too. =p

ingatlah orang yang tersayang. sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian apa pun tak dapat. biar lambat asalkan selamat, biar cepat asalkan tak lambat.

ok mari kita membakar minyak malam ini aka burn midnight oil. i duno where to get the oil but i'll find one.

time is seriously running out la people. act now la. if not u have nothing less.

yes OCE is just back from Penang and he had an awesome Raya this year. thanks to the friends. Selamat Hari Raya again.

study study. wheee!


Takbir Raya


but hahahaha it's not scary la. goosebumps because the music, the chanting and the sound really got into me.

nvm u wont understand.

this is my favourite so-called song everytime Raya. i love listen to it. hehe.

i feel calm and sometimes i tear listening to it.
i like the melody you know... =p

Friday, 10 September 2010


halo hako halo..

i know im kind of late but it's ok.



maaf zahir dan batin dari kepala hotak sampai hujung kuku jari kaki.

Semoga raya ini penuh dengan keberkatan dah rahmat.

my utmost humility and sincere wish to my friends, lecturers, ex-teachers, neighbours, and all the Muslims people that i know.

Raya is the time to eat Raya food, to get duit raya, to meet up with friends, to bermaaf-maafan, to remember your loved ones etc etc la.

i am so tired right now. went out whole day to friends house. i haven't study leh.

ok good night. =p

i love you all. love peace no war no racism.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

settled and study!



i know im crazy. i went to back to Penang last week without my notes. that's why i came back to Kampar to study. But i miss Penang and Hari Raya so much. i was in dilemma whether to go back or not.

so just a while ago i went to the bus station to check the availability of tickets. and to my surprise they still have tickets. without much hesitation, i don;t care, i don't give a second thought, i bought my tickets to Penang and to back to Kampar.happy! hope that i won't be that jam la ye..

Bus Kampar to Butterworth: 7.15pm (RM23.80)
Bus Butterworth to Kampar: 6.35pm (RM23.80)

im feeling so much relieved now. yea have to spend rm50 but i think it's worth it because how many more Hari Raya you can celebrate.i know i have exam that's why i'll bring soem notes home and i will STUDY!

so win-win situation lo. i'll be back on Saturday night. 2days are really short but at least i can feel Raya and i also can study. =p

ok got to go now. going to library to study. now masuk Gear 2 dah. hahaha. i can feel the heat now. we try la huh not to on9, no FB, no Twitter, no Blogspot. We'll see how la huh.

OK STUDY PEOPLE! STUDY!! im serious ni.. im really gona study n study gila-gila. i dun wana feel bad later.


dilemma: to stay or to go back for Hari Raya?

Fikiran sangat bercelaru berserabut berkecamuk bercelaka kusut masai lintang pukang bengkang bengkok. 

Im very luan now. Feeling so stress and messy. Bercelaru fikiran. Im in dilemma la..

How?? What should I do?? To go back to Penang tomorrow, Thurday 9/9/2010 for Raya or not huh??

Pros and cons..

If I go back:
PROS: I can celebrate raya, I can meet up with my Muslim friends, I can have good food lemamng rending nasi briani ketupat, I miss my family, I can fix my laptop, I can go and get a present for my friend.

CONS: I have to spend money to travel again, I can’t study at home

If I don’t go back:
PROS: I can save money on travelling, I can at least study here in Kampar, I have all my resources here notes textbooks library lecturers and friends, I can have group discussion.

CONS: I can’t celebrate Raya, I can’t meet my friends la..

I wana go back so badly you know but so many things are holding me back here. I haven’t really study yet. And I wana consult my lecturers la..

But I never missed Hari Raya in my life.

I know whatever I say now is useless cuz I need to decide for myself and by myself.. hmm… which is more important.

I know im gona regret of my decision. For sure! If I go back, I’ll feel regret. If I don’t go back also I’ll feel regret.

Some of my friends will sure say follow my heart. Some will say think of priority. Some will say just do it if it’s a right thing. Some will say no right or wrong decision.

Why la the exam is just after Hari Raya. Aih.. so damn troublesome la.. or im the only one who make it into a trouble for myself??

Okla its enough for now. Playing time is up! Let’s get back to work. Happy burning midnight oil.