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Sunday, 26 September 2010

when the light is off

I was happily studying for my exam Contemporary Malaysian Politics.

then, arrghhh!

shit happened!

6.45pm: rain poured. heard some mini thunder. fine. no problem.

6.47pm: BOMB! blackout! suddenly no electricity! why.. why u do this to me when i was so fully concentrating and into my journals?? then, the rain got heavier. the day was getting darker.

7.03pm: oh yeah! the light is back. but disco light.. blinking blinking twinkle twinkle little stars.

7.05pm: i went to pee. the electricity is so playful. peeing halfway, shit i cant see my KKC! arrghhh! blackout again! so dark! luckily my aiming skill is good. wahahah!

7.25pm: everything is back to normal..

7.35pm: i opened The Star's website! OMG! Datuk Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan in Japan Super Series! wa wa wa! holiao ah! i am so PROUD of u la! finally finally! after a long wait... it's a sweet revenge! happy gila babi la aku. give u a BIG hug Chong Wei!

Back to bergatai with William Case again.. =(


  1. hahah i dont like lightning and thunder, they scare me =P
    yeah LCW won! though it would have been a double celebration had KooKienKeat-TanBoonHeong won as well. but they did good. Bangga sama mereka! Malaysia BOLEH!! XD

  2. hahah chicken!! =p bangga giler la. they did their best. n i hope Ching Wei can be consistent la ye.. jgn lepas ni kalah pulak. hahahah! MALAYSIA BOLEH!