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Friday, 28 May 2010

a good wesak day

just reached home. stomachache. don't care. i wana blog first.

ok let's recap what happened today.

overall, it was a superb day.

first, my results are out! but.. i haven't check yet. heheh. im scared. i am so freaking nervous. a lot of my friends don't get good results. what if i fail? habis koyak my mood later. hopfully i don't fail la. u see im so gila-gila now. later sure cry. sure KANTOI!

i went for a photoshoot today. im not the model la of course. for the first time ever, i officially take modelling photos. Jessica Neoh is the model. =p i tell u the whole process was damn fun n exciting. Nixon n Dexter were there as well. heheh JEss has to wait for few months for the pics. cuz im lazy to edit. n i'll be very busy for an event in uni this whole month. pics must slowslow edit n post. it's just like when u wana shit. mau berak kena slow n steady. baru best. baru syiok. baru sonng. i'll tell more about the photoshoot in another post.

my brother made spaghetty. fulamak. i tell u har. sedap!! delicious!! seriously it's so nice. better than my version. he's learning culinary art now n having training at Eastin Hotel. he wants to go oversea. good! GO! go wherever u want. get as much money as you want. after u become successful then only you come back!

then at night me n sister went for Wesak Day's procession. everywhere was so jamn. thousand of people from all over Malaysia and the world came. Penang is one of the main hub for all religious festivals in Malaysia i would say. people here just live in harmony. we are brothers and sisters. i was asked to be on duty as a Red Crescent first aider but kenot la. i need to take pic, pray and be with my sister. being there at the procession, i just felt so calm. so relieved. so close to God. i feel safe. i missed the procession last year because i was in Kampar. im glad i didn't go for a camp in KL n i stay in Penang. I love Penang so much. so so much!

after the procession, MAKAN! i had ais kacang with ice-cream, hokkien mee, char keow teow and kopi peng. awesome. wonderful meal before i go back to Kampar.

arrrghhh! skait perut again!! ok bye gtg. tak boleh tahan d. arrghh! i wana go shit shit d. Shit gona bom out soon! den mandi. den check my results. then bang my head to the wall n sumbat my head into the jamban.

lecture from my sister

Back in Penang, it’s still that hot but cooler than Penang. I have air-conds at home but I used it once only. Im lazy. Im not the air-cond type of people.

But few seconds ago I asked me sister to on the air-cond because It’s so hot n im tired. I just came back from a photo shoot.

Me: Poh Sim, on the air-cond la. so hot la.

Sister: air-cond, air-cond! The Earth is dying already. You still want air-cond, air cond.

Me: huh?!!

Wat the!! My sister give lecture! God tolong! She’s just Standard 4 but matured d. she’s knowledgable and socially conscious. I know I should be happy and proud. But.. this is too fast n shocking.

happy wesak day

This year will be the 2554th Wesak.

Im glad im still in Penang.

Me n Wesak always associate with Penang.

I never missed Wesak celebration in my life in Penang except for last year.

God's willing, i hope this year's Wesak will be a good Wesak for me.

i hope it'll be a turning point in my life.

i take this Wesak as a cleansing day for me.

to flush away all my sins and bad things.

and to be a better man.

'Throw away bad things, do good things, get blessings.'

i wish everyone will be well, happy and blessed.

happy wesak day to all.

dad is home

I just reached home from a productive meeting with friends for a big event in my uni.

Anyway, Dad is home this afternoon.

I think Im the happiest son in the world today. My dad is home! I managed to see him before I go back to my university. =p


I’ve not been seeing him for a week.

He’s not at home. He works at Bukit Merah. He’s building a big aquarium there in a former paddy field for my uncle. A lot of people are now turning lands there into an aquarium for expensive fishes.

I helped him before early January before semester 1 started. I tell you, it’s not a job that you wana do. You have to work under t he hot sun for a long hour.

When I reached Penang on Sunday 16/5/2010 dad was at home. I wanted to follow him to the construction site the next day but I forgot to tell him and he left house early morning. =p

Then he came back on Friday 21/5/2010. I was so joyful because I know on Monday I can follow him to work. I wana work for him. I just wana help him la. but manatau the next day he went back to Bukit Merah till today. Aduih..

My dad works everyday. Yes. Sunday as well. As a contractor he needs to finish his job in a short time. This is to safe cost and to satisfy the customers.

I think he’s taking a day off tomorrow because tomorrow is Wesak Day.

Im so Sleepy but I must not sleep. There’s a very important thing to do.