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Friday, 28 May 2010

lecture from my sister

Back in Penang, it’s still that hot but cooler than Penang. I have air-conds at home but I used it once only. Im lazy. Im not the air-cond type of people.

But few seconds ago I asked me sister to on the air-cond because It’s so hot n im tired. I just came back from a photo shoot.

Me: Poh Sim, on the air-cond la. so hot la.

Sister: air-cond, air-cond! The Earth is dying already. You still want air-cond, air cond.

Me: huh?!!

Wat the!! My sister give lecture! God tolong! She’s just Standard 4 but matured d. she’s knowledgable and socially conscious. I know I should be happy and proud. But.. this is too fast n shocking.

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