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Friday, 5 March 2010

acting can become charcoal

this will be a short post. i'll try. ahhaha.

anyway, yes acting can actually become charcoal. if you are the crew, you'll be even darker.

im becoming darker now. im actually back in Penang last night to act in a local Chinese tv drama today and tomorrow.

fuh! it was really tiring. the whether was so terrible. we were acting under the hot sun from 10am until 8pm ok. tak larat betul.

but it's a great experience n exposure la. my most prominent character is a triad member. heheeh. i destroyed a food stall because the hawker didn't pay protection money. kakakaka.

im happy with my acting although i know im not that good yet la..

i got rm50. wheee... rm5 per hour.

my mum n sis came to kaypo n see what im doing. hahha.

okla wana oink oink d. im worn out. i have to wake up early tomorrow to attend an event at Hutton Lane then act again in the afternoon and go for concert at night.

im not acting on Sunday. i'll go back to Kampar on Sunday cz i have replacement class n midterm on Monday. i need time to study and to rest ma..

i'll blog more bout the acting some other time la ya if im not lazy. =p

good night. tata