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Saturday, 31 July 2010

QUOTE of the day

No health, no wealth.

KL im here

heheh. yes i must admit that KL is fun, a city of exitement and civilization.

im glad im out of Kampar, at least for 2 days.

i don't hate Kampar. im just tired and stress la. Kampar is a small quiet and laid-back town but the students there especially me is go crazy!

life changed after the election.

hahah.. different tak sama dah.

anyway im here in KL for the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit at Nikko Hotel on Saturday and Sunday.

im now in my Aunt's house already at Bandar Tun Razak.

damn sleepy n tired la. 2 begs. heavy ok.

had a nice and exciting trip with Adeline Wok. we took the same bus.

will tell you what happened la huh. haha.

but i tell you something now and u don't tell anyone k. it's a secret. i tell you hor itu Adeline Wok said Petaling Street Night Market closed at night. yea CLOSED at night. wahahha!

okla good night.

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