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Friday, 8 October 2010

Mee Pata/Mee Sotong

Mee Pata from Esplanade/Padang Kota Lama, Penang.

proud of my sister

this is a story about my sister.

i brought her to a Nine Emporer Gods temple just now.

While walking to my bike to go home, she went back to the temple.

She said she wana make a donation.

She took out two RM1 note from her pocket.

I asked how much she would like to donate.

You know what she said?

Guess la..

"Our family got 5 people, i donate RM5 la."

I was so shocked. At the same time, i'm so touched that this statement came out from my sister's mouth. I'm thankful that she is kind-hearted and she's willing to do charity. But i am more deeply moved when she care for the family.

I asked her to only make donation for herself.

At the end she put RM3 into the box.

Right now, i asked her how much and why RM3??

she said sincerity lo, because they might use the money to repair the furniture and the building.


tears of happiness are about to flow.

i am so proud of her.

YOU are quoted

"Mount ur flash with condom mari."

~ Nixon Lai Chia Huey
~ 8/10/2010
~ via sms

*wahahahah! boo Nixon. he's actually refering condom to the flash cap.

Nine Emporer Gods Festival

alright it's officially the Taoist Nine Emporer Gods Festival today. It will last for 9 days until 16/10/2010. Today is also the first day of the ninth month of Chinese Lunar Calender.

It's one of my favorite religious celebrations.

Why? cuz it's so happening with its rituals, street procession, piercing, lots of nice food etc.

You'll see me here and there to snap, click and capture the moments.

ok gtg n sleep.

i posted something here

Happy Nine Emporer Gods Festival.

good nite.