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Monday, 30 April 2012

true photographer

A true photographer always goes all out to get the best shot, even if the only camera he has spoiled. And most of the time, the images are more important than his own life. Even if he’s facing bullets, tear gas, water cannon, wild animals, fire, or ocean.

Hats off to these photographers.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

countless people at Bersih 3.0

Ok i lost count. 

Maybe the mainstream media are good in counting, and you can trust their figures?

This is just the crowd at the street from Pudu to Dataran Merdeka, not including other places around Dataran Merdeka yet.

How about the other cities in Malaysia and around the world?

As usual la, whatever the media reported are always different and sometimes contradict with what we saw, heard and experienced live from the scene. 

In this case, Bersih 2.0 and 3.0. 

But I believe there are so many other news alternatives. People are not stupid, don’t they? =p

Friday, 27 April 2012

tips for peaceful assemblies' participants


So I heard some people are going to Bersih 3.0 is it? Ooo very dangerous one you know? You never been there before? First time participate?

I pun dengar cakap ada 6 tempat berkumpul esok 1. P Seni, 2. Masjid Negara, 3. Masjid India, 4. Jalan Sultan, 5. KLCC, 6. Brickfields.7. Petaling Street. 8. Sogo.

Oh I see.. It’s ok, let me share share some tips with you.

Firstly before you so anything, pray sincerely and ask for blessing, if your intention is true.

You must eat first so that you have the energy to walk, run, shout and sit.

Always inform a people that you trust that you are going to the peaceful assembly.

MAKE SURE your hp got credit and battery so that you can make and receive calls.

Save the important numbers of lawyers or human rights NGOs in case you are caught! haha!

Never wear expensive watch, accessories or jewelleries.

Wear light and not loose undergarments. Shameful malu ooo if suddenly it fell off.

Chit chat and be friends with strangers.

Gel up your hair so that girls will look at you.

Girls please don’t put up thick make up, you’ll be sweating and you don’t want to look like….

Please put on perfume because your bau ketiak yang busuk can make people faint.

Bring some chewing gums or sweets along in case you are hungry.

Don’t you ever dirty the place. Carry your sampah home or throw it only into the dustbin!

Don’t walk alone, be in a group.

Please don’t curse or maki hamun people.

Study the map carefully so that you won’t be trapped in case FRU shoot teargas and water cannon.

NEVER EVER forget to bring salt.

Read the do’s and don’ts from the organizer.

Get the latest updates on the event.

Lastly, bring as little unuseful and unnecessarily things as you can la because it’s hard to run around with heavy beg.

Anyway I say only la. I’m not asking you to join ya. Anything, you don’t come and find me.

apa salah, apa takut?

DiBiKL Apalah salahnya beribu rakyat berbilang bangsa agama jantina umur destinasi dan taraf hidup ingin duduk di Dataran Merdeka yang agung ini dengan aman dan damai tanpa senjata sehingga kau melayan mereka bagaikan pengganas dengan menggari seluruh padang dan jalan-jalan yang berkaitan? Apakah yang anda takutkan?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

quote of the day

Just do what you have to do and do your very best.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I am a bananaman.


Because I'm a Chinese but I can't read Chinese.

I feel really ashame of myself.

Malu besar, kemaluan tak besar sangat lah..


Language or mother tongue is the pride of your people and your root.

What is it to be a Chinese but you can't read Chinese?

Ok i am not that bad la, at least i can speak and understand Chinese language and I know about the history of Chinese, our cultures, beliefs, practices, taboos and so on.

Some even worse, they duno anything about themselves and they proudly speaking like the British.

Okla nothing is wrong but i feel as a Chinese, Malay, Indian, Iban or Penan, you MUST know your own mother tongue.

I learnt the language before in primary school during kelas tambahan, but the 1 hour lesson few days a week is just not enough.

Now i forgot everything i learnt.

Thanks to my sister, girlpren and thanks to UTAR, i can speak mandarin fluently.

But of course i don't understand the Chinese canggih words.

Now i want to learn to write and read. I'm 24 this year, not so old if we have the will to do it.

Google Translate can be handy at times but it sucks man!

SOmetimes u just duno what the heck it says.

Like now, i want to translate 'i want to learn Chinese language/mandarin' also so problematic.

I have to translate word by word and then verify it with certain websites.

aduih.. bodoh betul aku.

Language is so beautiful when it's able to connect people around the globe.

By the way my name is  胡进荣

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

saja je share..

This is just a humble REMINDER!

ok, humble.. and sincere reminder. sorry if you can't take it.

Kawan-kawan, jgn gatai sgt ingat  glamor sangat duk add n approve semua orang. U kenal sgt ke dia org tu? Ada org rambut hitam tapi hati lagi busuk dan kotor dari sampah. Jaga-jaga syaitan depan mata susah nak tgk. Nanti kena makan pun u masih bodoh-bodoh taktau.

Monday, 23 April 2012

happy birthday Ah Kong

Photo of Ah Kong and I during his birthday on Sunday April 22, 2012/

Sunday, 22 April 2012

quote of the day

Life after studying is about acting. Don't reveal urself too much. Only the toughest and smartest will survive.

Sedangkan rambut orang kita pun bukan lagi hitam, apatah lagi hati sanubari. =p

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


 "Oh Chin Eng is cheerful." 

How you know? You must say Oh Chin Eng is smiling happily, burst into laughters, jumping for joy etc. You are not that person, you don’t know how that person feeling inside. 

REMEMBER: specific, networks, dare to ask, sharp mind, more details, accuracy, timeliness.

my holiao camera

Well, what i can say is, don’t you look down on my capalang manual-focus DSLR with satay stick as the button together with a plaster on it.

Don’t play play, holiao till khisiao. Only the pro knows how to handle such a complicated machine ok.

It may be not as expensive as yours or not like the grand brand you are talking about. Who cares! I still take marvelous shots that touch the hearts. Can you?

My camera masuk hutan, masuk gua, masuk laut, masuk kubur, masuk segala tempat yang boleh masuk, tangkap segala benda yang boleh ditangkap and it’s still standing!

It's the best camera ever! wahaha!

Monday, 16 April 2012

joy as easy as 1 2 3

Hohoho I am happy and I wana tell the world!

Today I’m off, not working. I didn’t go anywhere. Just stay at home, do houseworks until I felt so dull. I need an escapade or timeout. Beh tahan.. so I went out at about 6pm.

Where I went? Where else!! ‘Pasar Pencuri’ or the ‘Thieves Market’ as they call it la. That’s my shopping centre located at Armenian Street.

That’s where I get my happiness besides than seeing old people smiling.

I like observing different people going by.

Then something caught my attention. I saw a babychair. Yes babychair may seem nothing to you but I tell you, this babychair is made of steel. It’s an old babychair. Tell me where have you seen a steel babychair before? All we know it’s made of plastic.

This is rare!!

But you how much is it? RM40! Damn! This guy knows the value of it. Arrghhh! Where to korek RM40. I have the money but I was so reluctant to buy it at such a high price. My eyes were wild looking for the presence of a tattoo man. He’s rich. He collects antiques and his old shophouse has nothing but antiques and only antiques. I couldn’t let this chair slip into his hands.

I went to check out other stuffs there. After a while, the chair was still there. Well, I had to do what I had to do.


I asked for RM20. No. At the end, I brought out my cash. I had a total of RM29. I forced him to accept RM20. I said that’s all I have. Cilakak he said I should bring more money if I want to shop. Zzz.. Well, I pushed for RM20 again. At the end, cincaila I gave him another RM4 and I said let me keep the balance for petrol.

DEAL! Now the steel babychair is mine. I bought it for RM24! =p

I felt like I’m the happiest person on earth that I got a junk for a cheaper price. Most importantly I managed to get it before the rich tattoo man.

The secret is you have to show that you are poor and you really want it. But don’t go overboard la. they still need to make a living. If you think your price is reasonable, dare to spill it. If the seller says no, you walk away, they will call you back. If still cannot, okla you have to be nice and sweet. This way works when you deal with ladies. Hehehehe.

I must tell Pei Suang that I got a good deal again!

Yes I collect antiques and collectible items. Come give your junks, rubbish n sampah to me if you wana throw it away.

On the way home, it started to rain.

Guess what, I saw DOUBLE rainbow! Double!  As It rain heavily, I had to rush home, but I managed to snap a few shots.

I’m easily touched, easily get excited, easily be happy. I am satisfied with small little things.

Nyeh nyeh nyeh, at the end of the day, di sebalik hujan lebat, kilat sabung-menyabung, guruh berdentum, rebut petir, ada pelangi warna warni, there’s blessing, there’s a pot of colourful candies for you. =p

There’s a blessing in disguise.

Joy is being simple. Joy is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

*mum is sure gona nag me if she sees this rubbish!*

Sunday, 15 April 2012

cloudy Sunday

Photo taken at 12.51pm on Sunday 15/4/12 at Cannon Street, Penang.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Robbie Williams - My Way [Royal Albert Hall]

Oh yes you can sing this to me when i die. =p

Friday, 13 April 2012

Lim Jetty panorama

eh eh i got NICE photo to show.

But not here la. hehehe.

Because the photo is too long ma.

Click the link below to see ya. tq. =p

劉德華 Andy Lau《Slip Away》官方 MV

Thursday, 12 April 2012

quote of the day

No matter how little is your salary, donate some to the needy, as there are more people out there who need some empathy more than you thought.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

quote of the day

You can choose not to follow the bad things from your parents, don't blame them for your bad traits. 

Monday, 9 April 2012

missing Kampar

*once upon a time in Kampar, Year 3 Sem 1*

Suddenly I am missing Kampar la.

I wonder how’s the lecturers. How about my classmates huh? Are they well and safe?

Are the animals still around? Are they safe? Have they been chase out from their habitats due to rapid development and deforestation?


Oh my lembus, birds, frogs, ducks and  monitor lizards.

They must be missing me taking their photos.

I’ll be back Kampar!!

kriteria untuk kahwin

I posted this on my FB. So i'll just re-post here again, with some additional thoughts. .

kawan-kawan, buat pe nak kahwin awal? kalau tak kahwin pun takpela. desperate sangat buat pe? Kalau nak anak, buat je ambil anak kahwin. Banyak sangat anak terbiar kat luar tu. Kalau nak menurunkan zuriat atau mewarisi amalan kahwin-kahwin ni,  sorry la, i don't buy that. Ini dah zaman moden la. Kahwin tu is between you and me, not you and the world. Kahwin sekadar nak show off je for me. Nak invite satu dunia mai dinner mai kenduri. Lepas tu poket siapa koyak? You jugak nanti yang terkoyak! Ada yang dah kahwin lepas tu nak cerai. malu je, buang duit buang masa pulak tu. kalau nak juga kahwin, bagi i la, bagi i la ya, cari suami yang tak pemarah, lepas tu cari isteri yang boleh masak. itu kriteria utama bagi i. kriteria lain sendiri pi pikia la!

tak nak cakap dah la.


It's so bullshit to say that love is jz abt bein understanding, loving, caring, communicating etc etc. halooo the fact is ppl oso need to hold hand, to hug, to kiss n to hv some intimate moments. Isn't it true?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

what kids need

Kids maybe so disobedient, annoying n so demanding for this n that. But what they needed the most are attention and love. I am so not gona missed out my sister's performance again tonight!

bagus tak bagus

Yang bagus akan memilih untuk bersama yang bagus. Yang tak berapa bagus terpaksa dipinggirkan bersama yang tak berapa bagus.

Jadi, yang bagus akan tetap bagus. Yang tak bagus tetap tak bagus.

Untuk menjadi yang bagus, yang tak berapa bagus perlu bergandabaguskan dirinya.

Kalau yang bagus boleh menolong yang tak berapa bagus, maka semua sekali akan jadi bagus sama bagus.

Kan bagus begitu?

Bagus tak bagus?

Tapi setiap orang pun mahu jadi yang terbagus.

Tiada siapa mahu menjadi tak bagus.

Yang tak bagus nak buat-buat macam bagus,

Yang bagus nak buat macam tak bagus.

Low profile and humble kan bagus?

Apa bagus apa tak bagus?

Inilah manusia...


Thursday, 5 April 2012

first pay slip

Hohoho I got my first pay slip!

But I look more like doing a toothpaste advertisement. Haha!

quote of the day

Sometimes it's wiser to just keep quiet than being expressive. 

Silence can cause more good than harm.

Take the time to observe and you'll see a lot of things.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

pecah tangki hujan

Tangki hujan dari langit pecah, rintik hujan bertaburan di atas bumi, manusia berkejaran mencari lubang sembunyi

Monday, 2 April 2012

quote of the day

Silence is golden ignorance is a bliss.

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen

Sunday, 1 April 2012

good food good companion

Whatever life gives you, you have to treat yourself good.

After walk, makan makan and jalan jalan la.

Location: Chai Diam Ma

Date: 29/3/2012

life is awesome

I've seen, experienced, felt, snapped, and wrote on a lot of things especially these few years. 

Now I know for sure my passion is on life, crime, politics, heritage, cultural and religion. 

My life is beautifully awesome! 

One of the reasons is because my life is so enriching and fulfilling.

The other reason is because i know what i want and what i like.

Every single good or bad moment is treasured.