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Thursday, 11 March 2010

hungry sleepy and angry


im so tired!! im so sleepy! but i am damn hungry!!

i haven't taken my dinner yet!! i didn't even have my lunch. i had nasi lemak and nasi lemak during tea time only.

again, aku lapar gila babi!! im too hungry until i feel like puking!

n im getting angry ni!! grrrhhh! cz im hungry n sleepy n benci.

me n my frens planned to sleep after class finished at 6.30pm just now and eat at 11pm. but now 1 by 1 doesnt feel like eating.


this makes me even more HOT!

i didn't eat anything yet cz i tot we r going out to eat and hang out chit chat ma... and i haven't taken my shower la. and i supposed to buy my bus ticket but i didn't bcoz i scared if i sleep late, i can't wake up on time. another friend also waited to eat with us but also cannot d lo.

okla i know they are tired n sleepy too..

hmmm... i just don't feel ok when they say NO so last minute. i don't wana argue with my good friends ok. NEVER.

sometimes i just wonder, when i say no, i'll hurt my friends but why can't people think of how i feel. i always try my very best to make people happy and not to hurt them because they are my friends. It's not easy to found friends who love you, understand you and care for you. Certain things is better not talk to about it. I prefer to forgive and forget, let our laughters to cleanse away all the unhappiness and mess.

friends in uni always see me in my childish happy face or sad down moody face. it's so rare to see the other side of me when im hungry. oh yea that was once. haha. its gona be a disaster if i get mad. really.. tak tipu. i think before i scold people, they are already freak out with my expression. =p

i often tell myself to just do whatever i want, don't have to ask people to follow you or to help you or things like that because they might say no. It's hurtful when the answer is no because we always hope our friends will say yes. who wana ask for help if one can settle it by themself? but i just can't do it because i respect my friends, i wana share with them and i love them.

I'm happier if people around me is happy too.

i don't like people tolerate with me just because im angry. i feel it is kind of not sincere.

im fine to eat alone actually but im just a little bit disappointed because im really looking forward to eat with them and celebrate the success of our messy presentation today.

seriously im confused. i don't know what im feeling right now. i know small matter only right? i shouldn't be kecil hati n so sensitif right? yea yea yea..

ok i need to keep quite now. if not people will gona get offended. i know my emotion is unstable, so i need to SHUT UP!

UTAR Kampar

9/3/2010 10.25am

i am not OK

not ok not ok not ok.

why why why?

1. my presentation is 1 hour from now and it involves a lot of reading and explanation. im so sleepy now. im gona blurkan eh whole class.

2. i got rejected last night. no, i didn't proposed any girls la. i asked for a favor but she said no. it's not her fault la.

3. my mum is in the hospital due to motor accident. dad is outstation. im here in Kampar.

YOU are quoted

"Others may hate me but those who hate me will not win unless I hate them."

~ Joaquin Vishnu