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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Run OCE Run


I am so kuailan to dig my own grave.

I didn't exercise for so long but tomorrow i'm going for a 7KM Trekathon at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam. It’s organized by my uni. Since this is my last semester already, I just go and have fun la. 

It's my first time to run in KL.

Next week I’ll go for 21km Penang Bridge Run.

I am crazy I know. Seriously I feel like smack my head for registering 21KM Penang Bridge Marathon. I never run for such a long distance before. The most is 10KM.

I was in dilemma whether to run 10KM or 21KM. At the end I chose 21KM. I want to challenge myself. I have never done it before and I want to do it. I want to achieve something that i know it’s hard to achieve. I know that the decisions I make always come with a heavy price, but I still want to do it. The hardest it is, the happier I am. If I don’t do it now, I might not able to do next year. I believe that as we grow older, we will be less adventurous. We will be less brave.

That’s why I am always that crazy, do the things that majority of the people don’t do.  Haha.

Baguslah! Tolong sediakan paramedic for the run. I might need it. Tq.

I remember when I was small during primary school time, I always want to join marathon. When I reached the qualifying age at bout 12, I started to run until I was 17. In one year, I joined about 5 runs and i love to collect the participation certificate. But as I grown up, I slow down. And after my high school, I seldom join any run anymore. Lazy..

Tapi saya masih suka aktiviti lasak. I’m born for adventurous and challenging activity. I kecik-kecik tapi kuat jugak tau.

Running is actually a very miraculous thing when you can sweat out all your tense and stress.

I love running but my stamina is not that strong.

Strength does not come from your feet but your mind.

Kalau hati dan minda kuat, kaki pun akan kuat.

Kekuatan kita bukan terletak pada anggota badan tapi hati.

It’s ok I will complete the run tomorrow and I will never finish last!

I will wake up earlier to warm up.. last minute warm up.


OCE bokiasi!

I run when i have to run and i want to run like Forrest Gump.

Run OCE run!

"lu mai knua wa san-san cit ki kut. wa holiao lu knua beh chut!"

Quote from Miss Lydia Yeow: gaya masa berlari. mutu nampak dar kasut pelari. keunggulan gua rasa boleh nampak masa masuk ambulance

Manny Pacquiao the destroyer!

My jaw drops watching Manny Pacquiao in action.

He’s one of the very best boxer I’ve ever seen.

His punch is too powerful. He moves like wind. He’s just too fast to be defended.

He’s good in what he’s doing. He worked hard to achieve what he has today.

Wow! I’m inspired!

Tian Shen Sect in Penang

For more, read it at

111111 full moon

111111 was actually normal for me except for the fact that the number is unique.

But thinking of uniqueness, isn't everyday also unique and special? We can't repeat or rewind the time.

I was so blur that i went to my class at 10am when the class is actually at 11am. zzz...

And there was supposed a briefing at 10pm and i was late for it.

i was so damn bored the whole day. Felt so lost and meaningless. Didn't know what to do..

Sometimes, this is what happened in life.

You need to get back to the track and be focus.

Sien nak mampui! Panas pulak tu! Macam babi panggang! Babi panggang pun lagi sedap. Eh betul la.

i slept early tonight at about 8pm and i woke up at 11pm.


The moon was so bright and round like the yolk. The entire sky was lighten up by the moon light.

I stood by the window enjoying the beauty of full moon. It was so bright that the light shines into the room. This might be the 2nd last or even the last full month for many of us who'll graduate from UTAR Kampar this year. 

Whatever it is, always enjoy the beauty while it last because beauty never last long.

So as usual, i went out with my camera to document the beauty of the night. I might not see it again tomorrow.

111111 ended with something nice, at last. =p

To see the photo, please click

You will see nothing if you go and stand by the window now because the clouds are blocking it. It seems like it's gona rain.