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Saturday, 12 November 2011

111111 full moon

111111 was actually normal for me except for the fact that the number is unique.

But thinking of uniqueness, isn't everyday also unique and special? We can't repeat or rewind the time.

I was so blur that i went to my class at 10am when the class is actually at 11am. zzz...

And there was supposed a briefing at 10pm and i was late for it.

i was so damn bored the whole day. Felt so lost and meaningless. Didn't know what to do..

Sometimes, this is what happened in life.

You need to get back to the track and be focus.

Sien nak mampui! Panas pulak tu! Macam babi panggang! Babi panggang pun lagi sedap. Eh betul la.

i slept early tonight at about 8pm and i woke up at 11pm.


The moon was so bright and round like the yolk. The entire sky was lighten up by the moon light.

I stood by the window enjoying the beauty of full moon. It was so bright that the light shines into the room. This might be the 2nd last or even the last full month for many of us who'll graduate from UTAR Kampar this year. 

Whatever it is, always enjoy the beauty while it last because beauty never last long.

So as usual, i went out with my camera to document the beauty of the night. I might not see it again tomorrow.

111111 ended with something nice, at last. =p

To see the photo, please click

You will see nothing if you go and stand by the window now because the clouds are blocking it. It seems like it's gona rain.

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