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Thursday, 12 January 2012

CNY 2012 - Nasi lauk you never taste before!

Simple and yet meaningful Chinese New Year video.

my midnight time

It's boring to blog nowadays.

so what do you do at this hour? Sleeping? Or still awake?

What type of person are you? Morning type of person or night type of person?

I'm a night person.

I works better at night.

I remember i used to study at night for my PMR, SPM and STPM and it worked well. I even studied till the next morning.

I don't know but i remember things more at night, to be specific, midnight.

So midnight is my working hours. =p

I feel less stress.

I don't have to response to people at this hour and they will be sleeping, no one will bother what i do at this hour.

It's nice to do things at your preferable time.

Inspirations come visit me at night.

I can be alone. I can do what i want. I can have all the time by myself. I hear no noise. I hear no people except my loyal radio.

Night time is peaceful. It's calm. It's relaxing.

*by the way, i am happy with my friends who are already working and got a job.*