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Monday, 30 January 2012

home.. =)

Hi my sexy Penang and hot Malaysia i'm seeing you again. it's so nice to be home.. This is where i belong! =)

I just landed in Penang at 5pm just now and reached home at 8 something. Damn tired. After cleaning up, I’ll go to amma’s house to prepare the Pai Thni Kong celebration.

I feel like I’ve been away for so long although it’s like just half a month. But half a month is really long for me. I missed a lot of things in Penang. But everything happens for a reason la.

You can have the both worlds you know. In life, you need to choose. When you choose, you need to let go something else.  So while you are having something now, you have to sacrifice other things that come along the way. Unless your life is so dull that you don’t have to make any choice.

My journey started from Sunday 15/1/2012. I went to Hong Kong with my dad. Then to Taiwan on Sunday 22/1/2012. My mum, sister, aunty and amma flew there to meet us. Then on 25th my brother flew there alone to meet us. Funny I know. Everyone like went separately to a same destination. What to do, my mum and brother is working while my sister is schooling.

It’s ok la. as long as we celebrated CNY together overseas. So I consider it as a family trip .

I’m done with travelling this year. I am super broke. It’s time to work, work harder, save and save more money before I fly again next year. I make it to a point that I must travel and get my passport chopped at least once a year from different countries.

Now time to clean up, unpack and pray. House is loaded with things and messy again. Wohooo!

*yes I practice Penang-centrism. =)*