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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

week four

It’s Week four now. everythingg seems so smooth for the past 3 weeks in this semester. Well, I guess it’s a good thing. Everyday filled with activities and lectures. I’ll sleep everyday after I reached home from uni. It’s just so tiring to have class from early morning till late afternoon. The good thing is I didn’t skip any classes yet. Wheee!! That is a big achievement!

Anyway, im starting to get busy with studies this week. Seriously. im doing my slides for my first presentation tomorrow. I stil remember I said not to be last minute. Haha. I’ll try not to. Nvm, my friends will always scold me n remind me to do my assignments. =p

Im also doing notes. Slowly la. Ppl cannot change in a blink of an eye ma. This week also a bit sueh, bad luck. No internet, no electricity n no water. N me n my coursemates went to fight for the high student bill that imposed on us. Geram nia.

Today was a lazy day la. Attent classes but cannot focus. feel so sleepy. For the first time in uni, i went out to makan during lecture. haha. it's all the influence by Tiff n Rach. wahaha.

We’ll meet the Dean this Thursday to solve this problem. Till then, gnite. Tata.

no internet no electric no water

It’s just few days away before the students of UTAR going back to their hometown to celebrate CNY. But shit things is happening.

Internet has been lagging and sometimes no connection at all since last Friday. Last night, the whole Kampar was black out and Westlake, the place where most of UTAR students are staying, in darkness for more than an hour. And this morning, no water!!

Wat the tut man!! How to survive in this condition??!!

TNB n water people in Kampar pls do smtg.

I cannot bath you know?!! Luckily I was so clever, I fill water in a pile last night. I used that water to wash my face n brush teeth. And the jamban still got water to fluch away my shit!! From now onwards no more peeing n shitting in 1194. My roomate went to my friend’s house to bath.

Shit la!!