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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

week four

It’s Week four now. everythingg seems so smooth for the past 3 weeks in this semester. Well, I guess it’s a good thing. Everyday filled with activities and lectures. I’ll sleep everyday after I reached home from uni. It’s just so tiring to have class from early morning till late afternoon. The good thing is I didn’t skip any classes yet. Wheee!! That is a big achievement!

Anyway, im starting to get busy with studies this week. Seriously. im doing my slides for my first presentation tomorrow. I stil remember I said not to be last minute. Haha. I’ll try not to. Nvm, my friends will always scold me n remind me to do my assignments. =p

Im also doing notes. Slowly la. Ppl cannot change in a blink of an eye ma. This week also a bit sueh, bad luck. No internet, no electricity n no water. N me n my coursemates went to fight for the high student bill that imposed on us. Geram nia.

Today was a lazy day la. Attent classes but cannot focus. feel so sleepy. For the first time in uni, i went out to makan during lecture. haha. it's all the influence by Tiff n Rach. wahaha.

We’ll meet the Dean this Thursday to solve this problem. Till then, gnite. Tata.

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