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Thursday, 25 March 2010

when senior is angry..

im scared of angry people.. Seriously.

n im scared that i let people down. dissappointed. sad.

Especially when you know that person personally, or when you love that person, or when you respect that person, or when you owed that person, or when the person is older than you or when that person is really nice.


i think my senior is angry lo..

i can feel it lo..

tak tipu lo.

hmm.. can't blame my senior la. not my senior's fault pun.

where to start the story? i duno..

i just wana say that in this semester, the role of my seniors are more significant. They are doing a lot of things especially to upbring and maintain a good image on my course and our professionalism.

people always say seniors buli juniors. but in my course, we don't really feel that. in fact, i don't see any incidents where the seniors buli us. they have been very nice and helpful in studies, in spiritual guidance and in personal problems. so i totally disagree with this statement. im not trying to bodek anyone but im just stating the facts.

okla me and my friend are late to submit an article to our senior. and that article is important la. it's like you are in a media organization and you are late to submit your story, your chief editor will sure screw you kao-kao!

aih.. kalau i pun i akan marah la... marah lagi teruk n ganas kot!!

so always listen to your senior when it's an instruction or an advice. if you agreed to do somthing that your senior asked you to do, better do it and finish it on time. if not we juga yang rugi.

if you want people to trust you, we must gain the trust lo.

we should be matured la. yea i shouldn't be playful... im a second year student d right..

people don't simply get angry cuz human got brain.

this is not only applied in university's life but in general la ye.

i hope everyone can sit down and talk properly la. don't gaduh-gaduh. ada salah faham ke.. manala tau. aih....

work is work. nothing is personal ok.

i salah. im sorry.

i rest my case.

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