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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri

I humbly and happily wish everyone especially my Muslim friends throughout the whole world a very happy Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri / عيد الفطر / Eid ul-Fitr.

Semoga raya ini membawa berkat dan rezeki melimpah-limpah.

Maaf zahir batin dari kepala hotak ke kuku kaki.

Kepada semua orang tak kisah la u ni Muslim ke non-Muslim ke, sama-samalah kita beringat kepada Tuhan dan orang-orang di luar sana yang tak dapat meraikan hari kebesaran bersama orang tersayang. Yang ada banyak duit tu, buat la charity. Yang takda duit tu, doa la kat mereka. Yang kuat dan sihat tu, tolanglah dia orang. Let’s pray that these unfortunate people will be strong. forgive and forget lah.

Oh ya! Don’t forget to invite me to your open house. If you don’t i’ll ambush you. Wahahah!

I miss eating rendang and the cookies. I miss going to my friends house. I miss salam with her mom. sadly to say, i have a strong feeling that i won't be invited to her house. yeala.. things are different now.

I already got my first Baju Melayu in my life. yeh! It’s orange goldish. Nice la. The funny thing is I don’t know how to wear the sampin. Shit la.

Every year, at night, during this time, I’ll sit in front of my TV. Why? Because that’s the time when the video of Takbir Raya being played. Takbir Raya is to recite the phrase Allāhu Akbar. Allahu Akbir means God is the greatest. Muslims in Malaysia will go to the mosque, berjemaah and perform Takbir Raya.

U may think that it’s strange for a non-Muslim to listen to that. For your info, I can even sing the verse. =p

My favourite Takbir Raya recite is from the leader of Rabbani. Unfortunately he has passed away. Don’t worry. His voice will always be remembered.

This is one of the very few raya songs that I like the most. And these favourite songs give me some kind of keinsafan dan kesyukuran and kasih sayang.

Lastly, Selamat Hari Raya AIldilfitri again to everyone.

BB im heading to mosque for some photo shoot now. =p

*below is the video clip of Takbir Raya

sleeping in the car

Live reporting from inside the car, Penang.
Yes im blogging from my dad’s car in Penang. I cannot go home tonight. My car mati after I drove through a heavy flood. Penang was raining heavily the whole night and I was stranded. No where to go.
Now im here.. somewhere in Penang. In front of her house actually. We are sleeping at the same area. She in her house. N I in my car. Cool huh!
My parents didn’t noe abt dis yet. They are going to chop my head off late rin the morning.
Aih.. I duno how to lie. I didn’t cal them because im scared n my hp out of credit la. =(
Anyway I had a great night!
Omg! Damn hot la. I wonder how ppl sleep in their car.. zzzz..
Gnite la ppl. My batt gona die off soon. Tata.