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Saturday, 19 September 2009

sleeping in the car

Live reporting from inside the car, Penang.
Yes im blogging from my dad’s car in Penang. I cannot go home tonight. My car mati after I drove through a heavy flood. Penang was raining heavily the whole night and I was stranded. No where to go.
Now im here.. somewhere in Penang. In front of her house actually. We are sleeping at the same area. She in her house. N I in my car. Cool huh!
My parents didn’t noe abt dis yet. They are going to chop my head off late rin the morning.
Aih.. I duno how to lie. I didn’t cal them because im scared n my hp out of credit la. =(
Anyway I had a great night!
Omg! Damn hot la. I wonder how ppl sleep in their car.. zzzz..
Gnite la ppl. My batt gona die off soon. Tata.

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