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Sunday, 29 August 2010

"Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran."

Pengajarannya adalah kalau dah plan something tu, stick to your plan Jangan tiba-tiba ada benda lain datang, you ketepikan plan asal dan akhir sekali apa pun tak dapat.

Kalau dah plan something, must do it. Don't forget about your original plan just because you get something else in the process.

Kalau dah ada habuan atau rezeki depan mata, jangan difikirkan lagi rezeki yang belum tentu ada. bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.

Contoh: dulu i dah beli tiket pi India, tapi tiba-tiba i disenaraipndekkan untuk dapat award photography. So i wasted more than rm300 tak p India and pi the award ceremony. But tak dapat entah apa habuk award pun. ini tak dapat, itu pun tak dapat...

You faham apa i cakap ke?? Tak faham kalau check dictionary la.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

nice to be home..

im home.


wohoooo! ahhhh.. it feels so damn nice to be home.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

laptop is ill


laptop is spoiled!

it's so hard to on it. after like about 10times trying, ok it's on. but it lasted only for about 10minutes then it will shut down by itself.


i haven't back up all my stuffs yet la...


hmmm... im trying to save my datas in my external harddisk now.

luckily im going back to hometown tomorrow.

need to bring it to see Doctor Dell.

yes i miss my home so badly!!


im coming home my love.

i can rest puas puas. tidur mati!

and i'll be missing u all my coursemates. c u next week or the week after.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

worn out

just came back from a meeting.

i didn't sleep since last night.

whole day awake from 8am for class, then hiking and luckily i managed to have a 2hrs nap.

Majlis Berbuka Puasa by SRC was ok. more than half of our target participants came.

thank you guys.

now have to settle some stuffs.

class at 8am later. then another long day of Wednesday from 8am-7.30pm classes. then prepare for a competition at night.

so so damn tired and sleepy. ish.

but i feel good as well. when you are busy, means you are not wasting your time, means your brain is working, means you are doing good for yourself and others. i also won't have to the time think of personal stuffs. =p

i really need to tidur mati. i miss the feeling of tidur mati.

someone please wake me up when August ends.

good night. tata.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Photo taken from Cameron Highlands. ok sorry la har i don't know what flower is this. hahaha.

too early or too late?

too late or too early??

i duno..

i just know that me n some of my friends from my course didn't sleep for whole night. hahaha. yeah crazy! we were doing newspaper assignment la. most of us finished it by 6am. some sleeping right now.

But here i am still awake, preparing for 8am class.

Finally i can on my laptop. but it will shut down by itself soon. aih..

Tiffany, Rachael and Siang Yong are enjoing their late supper aka breakfast at Ipoh McD. haha. I didn't go la cuz i sacred can't make it to the last tutorial class at 8am. then later 10am going to cycle to explore a place with coursemates.

susah la kan nanti tidur atas basikal atas jalan..

a long day ahead. body is so heaty. head is so heavy.

8am class
10am cycle and explore a warsite in the jungle
1pm go office settle SRC stuff
7pm Majlis Berbuka Puasa
9pm meeting

anyway too late or too early huh?

those people who are still awake at 6am, they will say 'wah so late already ah?'

but for those who just wake up, they will say 'wah so early ah?'

so today you belong to which group huh??

what am i toking about huh?? blur gila babik. but stil energetic and bersemangat =p

laptop is dying

oh im really in deep shit! my laptop's fan is not working. it has been shutting off by itself for more then 10 times tonight! i on it and less than 5 mins bye bye again.

there's burning smell and the engine's sound so loud. scary!

im really freaking out right now. im damn worried ok..

this is one of the things i fear the most in my life: if i lost all my documents and photos from the digital devices.
oh oh pls pls i beg u dun die yet. pls...

i still need you to do a lot of things: assignments, exam, research, competition, blog, official events.

i haven't back up all my documents yet.

i have 215GB of documents in this laptop.

please i beg u la..

pls stay alive till next sem.

you know i love you right??

yes i love you!

i really do. muax muax muax.

ok bye my laptop is gona saotong anytime. =(

oh no..

oh no.. oh no... no no no..

2things happened tonight. yea just two. 2 crazy and unexpected one.

1) crazy ooo! i accidentally sent a sms to my ex-gf. so shit la. how in the world i can sent it to her!! shit la. damn it lo.. I didn't talk to her like since March. hmmm...

2) my beloved crazy and funky Dean of my faculty sent me a message. Yes a Dean sent me a message. But that's not the point. He is so cool that he used FB to sent the msg. i was like. walaueh. my Dean so keng. ahahha. i don't mind actually cuz it's not official stuff u noe.. i prefer it that what than write letter etc cuz it'll make the staffs and students closer lo.


i duno how to response to them. hahaha..

Monday, 23 August 2010

YOU are quoted, YB Hishammuddin

"In every country, there r those who make extreme statements. They r a minority and we must not allow them to set the national conversation."

~ Dato' Seri Hishammuddin bin Tun Hussein
~ Minister of Home Affairs, Malaysia; Member of Parliament for Sembrong, Johor; and UMNO Vice-President.
~ via Twitter

*Ok impressed by this statement. Walk the talk YB.

QUOTE of the day

"To strengthen the country you must first strengthen the people."

~ Martial Arts Master, Fork Yuen Karp / Huo Yuan Jia

ayooo PiDiaReM

Walaueh! Sipek kanasai betul. Last time I seldom see you on the street. But now puasa and Raya season, suddenly so many of you on the street, stop the cars, check this and that. Yennadei.. stop being hypocrite can or not? Come on. Do your work properly lah. So fake lu cai bo. Some more hor, Kampar is such a quiet and peace town. Now I really wonder some of you people are maintaining national security or your own pocket. Eh I didn’t accuse huh, im just asking. Anyway, this is what our PiDiaReM always do lo.. haih perangai tak ubah-ubah.

3 meow meow

3.56pm 18/8/2010 Westlakes

These 3 innocent and cute little kittens were abandoned outside my house. They were hiding and getting protection in between 2 bicycles. Oh I don’t know where are they now. =p

YOU are quoted

"People will not care when there is not a need present."

~ Vivien Chang Wei Lin
~ 3.40pm 21/8/2010
~ via MSN

truth and facts

See I'm still awake. OT ma. Just thought of many things. A lot of things are playing in my mind. Recalled a lot of past experiences. Got new inspirations. So let's share it around.
1) A new life begins when only you can totally let go of the past.

2) Sometimes people don’t know that they hurt us and most of the time we don’t tell them because we don’t want them to feel hurt.

3) A lot of people regret, blame themselves and start to appreciate and think of the good things from their loved ones when only they are no longer around but it’ll be too late.

4) I always believe that if our heart is clean, intention is good and conscience is clear, evils can never get near us.

5) When you have a task in front of you, settle it immediately, don’t wait because after that moment, you’ll never finish it.

6) I know I am not the best because I am not the best and I can’t be the best because the fact is no one can be the best of the best.

See isn’t it true? It’s a fact of life. It’s the truth. You can run but you can never hide.

I tak..

I tak lansi.
I tak berkira.
I tak ganas.
I tak handsome.
I tak muscular.
I tak punctual.
I tak show off.
I tak pandai in IT.
I tak simpan dendam.
I tak boleh tak makan nasi.
I tak suka orang buang barang i.
I tak pandai English and Chinese.
I tak kisah if I have non-Chinese gf.
I tak boleh if people keep rushing and bugging me.

i tak tau apa lagi nak cakap.


2010: Great Year

I still remember at the beginning of the year, i said this is gona be a good year.

Then i consistantly stick to that motto or belief. And i really make it a good year. I always pray that it will be a good year.

Then again and again i repeat the motto.

Till this moment, 2010 will still be a GREAT year. hehehe.

i achieved some feats already. i mean some good achivements and i wana keep a good track on it.

There were good and bad times.

I had a few good years that i still remember: 2003, 2005, 2007.

2010 is gona be a GREAT YEAR!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

YOU are quoted

"One thing that for sure will not change is the fact we need to change."

~ Agyyness Khoo
~ via FB

Pantun Syiok Makan

Bazar Ramadan banyak orang sekali

P sana sini beli itu dan ini

Makan banyak tak henti-henti

Kenyang perut suka hati

Yum yum ahh so sexy

Vey happy syiok sekali



The sky is so dark, just like my heart.


It’s gona rain, just like my heart.


It’s so quiet, just like my heart.

random thoughs

hahahaha this is so funny la. crazy day man. i love it. ok so what is so random huh.


2) i miss Penang so much la.. i must meet up as many people as i can when i go back to Penang.

3) Hari Raya is coming. my ex-gf's cousin asked me am i going to her hourse for Raya. huh?? should i go?? i don't know.. pros and cons.

4) im a tanggecik! ahahahaha!


6) i wana go meet the aborigines in Thailand and Cambodia. i duno how but i wana do it!

7) i wana ride my bike to Cameron Highlands la. hehehe.

8) we must stop racism, sexism, cronyism, chuvinism, discrimination and corruption before they stop us.

9) aiyamaaaa.. Ayutthaya or Angkor Wat?? 1 stone kills 2 birds in 1 week possible ah??

10) 2 people from 2 different worlds hard to be together meh?

QUOTE of the day

" Part of the challenge of the marathon is pushing past what you think is physically possible. You can do more than you think you can. "

~ Christine Hinton, a Maryland running coach


A sip of Kopi O' Kao Kao at Medan Kidd before a long journey to Cameron Highlands.

Photo taken by Tay Pang Chong, 10.53am 14/8/2010.

blackout time in Kampar

COUNTDOWN! it's time! it's already 12am! r u ready people to be in total darkness at?? Yes the whole Kampar will be blackout and we'll stay under the moonlight. What's ur plan huh? My camera gears r ready!

why the electricity haven't cut off?

for more go to

Saturday, 21 August 2010

i am independent

I REALISED ONE THING. Not to boast but it’s a fact that I know the best of myself.

Wherever I go, I can survive. I won’t die. I can adapt to the situation easily. I can make myself at home. I know where and how to find things that I like, I always do and I need to be myself, like how I always been.

This is one that I’m proud of myself. I can be independent. I am. But im not saying that I can live alone. No way a person can live alone.

Eat Big = Makan Besar

Eat Big = Big Eat

Makan Besar = Besar Makan

maximum satisfaction!

Im pampering myself with a lot of food!

gaining back mood through food.

what a down day, so unproductive. missed a lot of events today. aih..

sometimes i believe an opportunity only comes once in your life time

but sometimes i also believe that there'll be second chance.

whatever it is, it depends on how you view your life.

if it's possible, don't wait, act fast, grab the chance, make use of it.

that's all i can say.

anyway i bought kuih, sushi, KFR cheezy wedges, KFC coleslaw, KFC whipped potato, fried sotong, fried chicken's neck, fried spicy Taiwan sausage.

yum yum!

syiok habis!

Photos Rescue Operation

All this while we often heard of search and rescue operation by the bomba. They either look for casulties, dead bodies or animals.

but today let me introduce you to a new term: Photos Rescue Operation.

yes we are going to rescue photographs. We r going to look for the missing and deleted photographs from the camera.

before that we must thank and congratulate Lee Pei Suang and Tay Pang Chong for successfully deleted some of their pictures from my camera when we were at Cameron Highlands.


im gona kick ur ass ah. walueh.. this morning only i realised my photos went missing.. ooo... u guys curi-curi delete it when i was sleeping right. manyak pandai!

ayooo they are so so cunning! ish ish ish..

the search and rescue operation is still going on since this morning. i'll korek sampai dapat. nyeh nyeh nyeh.

arrrghhh! so damn hungry, din eat anything the whole day. alrite going out to cari makan now. c u. tata.


Sunflower from Cameron Highlands

speechless clueless

"Can't you be simple a little bit?"

This is a question by a friend. I'm still thinking of the answer.

I'm clueless. Speechless.

Friday, 20 August 2010

i would love to..

I would love to be on stage again.

I would love to sparring again.

I would love to be a monk again.

I would love to paint again.

i would love to write poems again.

whole day on bed!!


Shit shit shit!

I just woke up! I slept whole day! whole man! This is so crazy! Arrghhh!

I couldn’t wake up. I skipped all my classes.


What the heck.

This is so UNPRODUCTIVE!!!

I had so many weird dreams.

I got stuck on my bed!

I feel so damn bad now..

I don't feel good at all..

Oh what should I do. It’s already dinner time!! It's nigh time already and i wasted one whole day doing nothing!

W A K E   U P   O C E!


escaped to Malim Nawar

Just reached home..

Feeling so much better and relieved.

Was so down early tonight. Tried to figure out the root cause but I failed. Is it because of I can’t make it for the dinner with PM Najib? Or is it because there’s some problems with my group’s presentation. Or because of something else?


So I escaped myself from this place. Im not running away from the problem but im just finding a way to comfort myself.

I went for dinner alone before 2 meetings. 1st meeting, duno where's the venue, i got lost. zzz.. 2nd meeting cancelled. What a boring night. I have academic stuffs to do but no time.

So jeng jeng jeng!

I went to Malim Nawar with my scooter at 10.30pm. Let’s call it Motorbike Ronda Malam. Woohooo! Malim Nawar is such a small town. Maybe I didn’t explore all yet. Malim Nawar is the nearest town to Kampar. Wanted to go somewhere else but too late and dangerous. 3 other friends were following me, a couple on a bike n I fetched another friend. If im alone, I dun mind go far far.

Don’t feel like talk about what happened throughout the journey. It’ll be too lengthy lah.

Anyway, Thanks Tze Huey, Edmund and Cynthia for the night. Thanks to Feli, Adeline, Miss Joethi and other friends as well for helping me in finding me a place to sleepover in KL.

God please bless these people..

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Countdown for Sem Break

oh i can't wait for this semester break.

i am so determined to travel.

i don't care.

no money also must go travel.


im so excited right now. im planning where to go, what to do etc etc.

most probably i'll go alone la.

and yea i'll go out from Malaysia. hehehe..

so anyone wana go kaikai with crazy fella, me??


no dinner with Prime Minister

At this moment, the Prime Minister already break his fast and having a nice dinner with student leaders from all over Malaysia.

Sadly to say i couldn't attend. I supposed to go. But im here in Kampar and not Putrajaya.

I decided not to go.

The reason is not because i don't want but i can't. Will explain further.

so yea guys in Putrajaya, enjoy your time with our Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak.


“Oit, what’s ur email add huh? Mai I add u now.. “ (19/8/2010 1.25am)

I received this sms from a good friend last night.

Hahaha lawak betul. U damn farnee lo. Suddenly tengah-tengah malam ask for my e-mail address. I know la you are leaving soon.

But hmmppph!

Know u so long now but now only you ask for my e-mail address ah. Ayooo.. hahaha. Save it la ye Adeline Wok. =p

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

deleting a piece of history

I was cleaning the stuffs in my laptop. A lot of old stuffs. Very old stuffs. Some are so memorable and meaningful, full of nostalgia. But it’s the past.

I found few sound clips that I made when I was with her. Wanted to send to her at that time but I didn’t. it’s just a history nia..

I don’t think this history worth to be preserved. No meaning. No meaning for her. no meaning for me.

So yea I create a history tonight. I delete something which used to meant a lot to me. if you know me, you know im the type of person who collect stuff, I wont throw away my things moreover this is so special for me. this is about me and her..

Hidup kena ke depan kan??

Benda-benda yang menyebabkan air mata bergelinangan biarkan sajalah mengalir pergi seperti air di sungai.

Sedang aku mengemaskini, terjumpa pula lagu ini. Mata pula bekaca. Air mata mula menitis. Tak sempat ku sambut, ia terjatuh ke Bumi.

if im a Superman

People who is your superhero? Have you ever dream to be like them?

Hmmm.. I like Superman. How nice if I am a Superman.

I can fly high and freely like him. I can go anywhere anytime I want. I don’t have to dig out money for travelling. There will be no air pollution and road accidents. I will not have problem with splitting my time between two events because I can fly very fast. I can save a lot of people with my super power. I don’t have to have dilemma whether to go for an event or not because it’s too far, no time and too costly. I can be more punctual.

I can do a lot of things la that normal people cannot do. But im not a Superman! Ish!

Just let me be a Superman for a day can or not? I don’t mind to wear underwear outside lo..

Room for 9

An escapade from hot Kampar to cool Cameron Highlands

A room with 4 Queen Beds
A room with 10 pillows
A room for 9 people

oh it's in NST

ok how should I start? I wrote an article/opinion piece and I sent it to press’ ‘letters to the editor’ last friday. Then almost everyday I go Google my name. but until today I don’t see my name appeared in that section. And I don’t receive any news from anyone as well. So fine la I know what I wrote is not good enough to be published.

But then just now around 12.30pm, a man (photo) who claimed himself as the Special Assistant to Deputy Higher Education Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah  (yes he’s a original one) sent me a message in FB. He said YB read my letter in NST on Monday 16/8/2010 and he like my views. So this Special Assistant would like to arrange a meeting with me and YB.

I was like er..ok.. betul ke ni? First of all I didn’t know the letter came out. Secondly a Special Assistant to a Deputy Minister sent me a FB message? Thirdly im meeting the YB? Am I dreaming?

So I quickly went to dig NST’s archive and guess what, I saw my letter but my name was spelled wrongly to ‘Oh Ching Eng’. No wonder la I google tak dapat.

Then I gave my contact number to that handsome Mr. Special Assistant la. Takkan I nak reject kan? tak manis kan. But I still can’t imagine that YB agrees on my views and this Special Assistant to a Deputy Minister managed to find me in FB and sent me a message. Woah!! This is my first time lo…

Lastly, my name is Oh Chin Eng la, not Oh Ching Eng.

oh ya this is the link:

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Healthy Brunch

Healthy meal right?? But not that healthy actually because it's a bruch at 3pm..

QUOTE of the day

“If you don’t carry a smile while serving the people, you will not be able to serve them well.”

~ His Holy Highness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
~ Penang International Sports Arena (PISA)
~ 14/8/2010

BULLSHIT Patriotic?

So you tell me what is the meaning of being patriotic.

What's your definition.

If you say by waving Malaysia's flag is patriotic.

Then i'll say right to your face, stop BULLSHIT!

This is what you call Bullshit Patriotic.

If everyone is so-called patriotic by waving Malaysia’s flag, then no need sing Negaraku, no need climb Everest, no need play sports for the country, no need to do anything good for the nation lah.

Patriotism is from the heart then action, not by force then action.

No one can enforce others to be patrioctic. It's like you can't ask someone to say 'i love you' when he or she does not has the feeling.

Patriotism now is just merely a name than a practiced and appreciated value.


Malaysia is going nowhere with people like you!

Talam dua muka!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Nightly Thoughts

1) Every single day is a day for us to give and not to take, to learn and to share, to forgive and forget, to love and to be loved. Do it with dedication, respect, sincerity, love and maturity.

2) How to be happy and satisfied with life? It’s as simple as ABC 123. Just do the best in everything you do lah. Dedication and hardwork lead to satisfaction. Satisfaction leads to happiness. It’s as simple as that.

3) In life, no matter what you do, people will always critisize. In life, no matter how good you are, people will still critize. It's ok. Just be clear with what you do, be clear of your objection, have good intention and do your best.

good night.

First Time or Last Time

In life there is always a first time and a last time experience. Either one will left us with a great impact and some unforgettable memories. For me I prefer first time memories because it stays longer and more memorable. First time experience also makes me me anxious waiting for it, nervous when facing it and thought hard of it after experiencing it.

And today I had my first face-to-face conversation aka official meeting with the UTAR’s President. =p

I'll remember this day..

QUOTE of the day

"Whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can't ride your back unless it is bent."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr
~ 3 April 1968

sleep tight tight

Ok now I really wana go sleep tight tight.

Class at 2pm tomorrow but will wake up around 10am to do laundry, unpack, prepare meeting document and go to the library.

Can’t really sleep la cuz transferring and at the mean time, im addicted to this song. Sad song la.. =(

Just taken stomachache medicine. Ish! Came back to Kampar only stomachache again. I was so ok in Cameron Highlands.

It must be the food from Maha Maju. I ate Roti Cheese Telur. The name so canggih right.

Aiyak! Tirednya my ass.. time to put it into rest mode. Not because of pangsai la ok. it’s because I walked too much + the bad condition of the bus + lying on the floor to take pics.

tomorrow will be a GREAT day.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

'Invitation' from the Guards

Ok this is what happened.

Around 7.15pm I went to the tallest building in New Town, Kampar which is the majestic Grand Kampar Hotel.

Oklo.. I went in la. I went there cuz I wana snap pictures la. people working there looking at me u noe.. I pretended talking to someone in the phone then I quickly got into the lift la.

I was like shit la. will the guard come and catch me and charge me for trespassing? I didn’t care much la. I went to the highest floor that can reach by the lift. Then I use staircase to the rooftop which is definitely a forbidden or kawasan larangan la.

Nice view weih! Superb man!

Then in less than 1 minute, 3 guards came. THREE ok!!

I was like oh no..

Then they ‘invited’ me to go down.

Fulamak! I ni YB ke. Kena 3 guards mai ajak I turun. Hahaha.

He asked me what am I doing there. I said taking pictures la. then I said 5 minutes only, 5 minutes only.

But I finished shooting in 3 minutes. Then I cabut la.

I gatai I noe..

Im so addicted to panorama shot recently. Can’t help it.

I went there to take pictures before but nothing happened. And that Derek Bong went there for an hour also nothing happen.

Why ah??

Hmmm.. maybe because I look too pro already la. hahaa.

I went there with short pants n sandal some more with a bulky tripod, look so pro with a huge camera. So obvious wana take picture. Of course they are suspicious la..


Hahaa I got the photos that I want. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Hahaha have you had that experience before??

I tell you it’s nice man!

You should try it but don’t try this at home. =p

Lesson to be learned. If u wana do something in a hotel, make sure u stay in that hotel. =p

Wah damn sleepy la.. but still early lah. But raining time is the best time to sleep you noe. But I haven’t unpack my begs, clean my room, do laundry and do assignment.

Who cares!!

Let’s call it a day la then. Sakit perut pulak tu!

Semua orang pi tido! Good nite!


Kampar vs Cameron Highlands.

WAH!! What a BIG difference.

Anyway, GREAT escapade with classmates. sampat ka boi si. l

et's travel again! =p

Saturday, 14 August 2010

hi Cameron


good morning people!

wake up wake up!

it's Saturday morning!

it's a travelling day!

get ur ass off the bed!

I am going to Cameron Highlands with my classmates!


EXCITED gila babi!

it's a dream come true.

finally im going to Cameron and it's such a rare chance to go travel in a group with classmates.

so are you ready people?


Friday, 13 August 2010

I AM "......................."

I AM...

so chikek, adventurous, crazy, holiao, spontaneous, random n sampat!

hohoho! bellysiok oi siok syiok syiot! =p


im feeling so gay, so high, so hyper, so drunk, so syiok, so sexy, so happy, so excited right now.

wana noe why??

nyeh nyeh nyeh...

Mahasiswa and Politics, Yes and No?

just wana share something thatt i wrote.


I know my biggest FAILURE in my life: not being PUNCTUAL!!!

How good is your work also no use if you are late!

How good looking you are also no use if you are late!

How good is your personality also no use if you are late!


Khachui! Kanasai! Shit! Taik cirit ah! Sai looo…

DAMN you stomach!

Grrhhh! Why everytime im in a rush and emergency, you cari pasai huh??

I cirit the whole morning and I feel asleep eventhough I woke up early to submit my Special Reporting assignment. I have to submit my assignment by 12pm. and guess what time I woke up. 1pm man! 1pm.

This is so oh my God la. grrhhhh! I was so blur and nervous. I rushed to printing shop to print. And it was raining.

So yea I was late to submit my assignment. Hmmm.. Miss Tan wana deduct 20%. Oklo.. I didn’t say no cuz it’s my fault. I should bear the responsibility and no one to be blame. She’s just being fair to everyone.

Lesson: don’t fall asleep after u wake up.

QUOTE of the day

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

~ Unknown

got ghost ah??

yes i believe in the existence of ghosts.

i also believe that ghosts can be more powerful than our faith, our religion.

there's a simple Chinese saying, "you don't disturb them, they don't disturb u la."

friends, don't freak urself out n this hungry ghost month la. dun go n tink about it la. u tot the ghosts so free got nothing else to do wana come n kacau u meh?? just do ur work. clean ur mind n heart. pray. everything will b fine..

The journey of life won't be always smooth. There are ups and downs. It's ur karma. It's ur destiny. It's how you respond to your surrounding.

Unlucky incidents are not because of the unseen brothers.

Have faith.

Just a reminder la. if you believe in this festival, then behave yourself. Don't talk big, don't simply shout, don't simply pee, don't go to dark places, don't step on praying items etc etc la.

be smart la people.

don't think too much k. =p

*argghh! stomachache again! kenot tahan la. gnite ppl. tata.

Happy Birthday Nixon Lai Chia Huey

Me, Dexter and Nixon: the 3 Gays from the club. =p

Today is my good friend’s bday n her name is Nixon Lai. Yes it’s she. From this moment onwards he is a she. She is a she. So I would like to wish her Pondan Nixon Lai Chia Huey hapy no-birdday. Tunggu abang balik den kita p POTONG ye. All the best in ur life. =p

Halo amacam?? A post specially for u leh? Berapa u mau bayar huh?? Hahahah.

Selamat berhappy birthday. Selamat hari lahir. Selamat hungry ghost. Selamat ber-Ramadhan.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

water from the sky

you know what i see now?

water from the sky..

what do you call it huh??

RAIN la!


Bahasa Malaysia kalau HUJAN!

Hokkien Lang kong 'loh hor'.

but then.


pondan betul!

it was raining 15 minutes ago n now stopped d!

u see!

my prediction is so accurate.

when it started to rain just now, i post a status in my FB wall. i said "ok i see rain drops!! yes it's water from the up the sky! i bet u wont last till tonight 1 la.. rain oso so HOT!"

Damn cun la.

Panas macam apa je.. SO heaty panas membara terbakat terguling chaoda.

Itu Meteorological Department said there will be no rain until Hari Raya. means teh whole Ramadhan month will be hot.

hmmm.. im hungry now la. bila boleh buka puasa ni. cepatla. lapar. hehe. i puasa half day je cuz din sahur this morning.

feeling gay

When a good friend who hasn’t talk to you for quite some time give you support and encouragement, you really feel spirited again.

Thank you.

Im feeling gay.


4 + 2

4 + 2 = 6

My maths still can pakai. haha.

4 more assignments.

2 more presentations.

worms in the stomach

People you always have stomach ache like me?

You wana know why??

maybe this is the answer.

WORMS in your stomach! CACING GEMUK dan PANJANG!


and make sure you watch this when you are having your meal!

scared huh??

then bring a big bowl in case you vomit.

it's not that gross la..

Just make sure you don't puke or faint after you watch this la ye..


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

my advisor is KENG

I duno whether you guys have this Advisor-Advisee programme in your university or not but I have it in my university.

And I tell you it’s a good programme if your advisor really concern and treat you like how they treat their friends or family members lah.


And I must really salute my advisor. Not to bodek her. I memang tak suka kerja bodek. When we praise someone, we do it because we acknowledge that person and because that person is really good. Not because we want to get something in return. That is so not sincere.

So anyway, I was so pissed off and sipek tulan before my Feature Writing Tutorial at 6pm.

Then at the end of the class at 7.30pm, all the students cabut already and the lecturer was alone. So I waited for her since it’s late already. We had a light chat.

I didn’t tell her how I feel la. but I feel so much better and calm after hear what she said.

“Time heals. Be patience.”

That’s all. The speech might not be as great as the nation leaders’ speech but at least it works for me.

I felt so relieved after that.

It always feels so nice after talk to her. hehehe.

random thought

there must be a little devil lives in human because it's hard n impossible to be a true purely good human. don't get bullied. self-defense!

YOU are quoted

"When you love someone, you don't set standards. True friends accept the best and the worst in one another. Love is kind, and is not selfish. Just like that."

~ Hor Wei Vern
~ 11/8/2010
~ via FB

Happy Ramadhan

It’s puasa time again. or you can call it fasting.

I started to fast ever since 2006 Raya and if I fast again this year, It will be the fifth year already.

Hmm.. im thinking of a reason to puasa this year. Yeala.. u noe.. now im single. It’s not like im with my ex anymore. but last time I puasa it’s not because of her solely lah. I wanted to try to fast then im addicted to it. And I feel bad If I dun fast.

But this year is kind of different. What is so different. Im not so sure about it. I can fast if I want. I don’t mind. but.. hmm..

We’ll see how la. most probably I’ll fast but I’ll eat whenever I want. Haha. can ah can ah? Nola, I won’t do that la. I fast properly in terms of food, mental, behaviour and whatsoever things la.

And I can’t wait to see Amirah wears tudung! Hahaha! Sure chomel! And that time she cannot go kacau and tease people anymore cuz she’s fasting.

Anyway maaf zahir dan batin ye. In Malaysia, everything is so mixed up and rojak. I know im a Chinese but I also practice and adapt Malays and Indians culture. Aduih.. this is what you call diversity and plurality. Im proud of it.

Bermaaf-maafan la time puasa ni. Stay away from sins and mistakes. Jgn marah, jgn dengki, jgn kutuk, jgn dendam, jgn tipu.. Be a good person at least for a month. Insya-Allah besar berkatnya.

Selamat berpuasa to my Muslim friends. And for those non-Muslims who wish to puasa, selamat berpuasa and bertahan for you too. =p

Semoga tahun ni lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun yang sebelumnya.

me n Facebook (1)

Bukan I sombong. I am not racist. I am not showing off or being exclusive. Wa bo haulian. Wa bo lansi. Not at all.

Wa tarak kenal tarak add tarak approve.

No hypocrite. No compromise. No pura-pura.

This is my policy.

I am just being honest with myself and everyone else.

Sorry. Thank you.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

just for laugh

The ghosts are hungry. I also hungry ma. But they can eat for free anytime anywhere and unlimited. We have to pay. Where is social justice man! Takkan u want me to be like them meh.. Later people cannot see me how??

me in my first suit

I seldom syiok sendiri.
I seldom take pictures of myself.
I seldom pose for photos.
I seldom let people take photos of me alone.
I seldom do all that.

And that is a fact.

But okla exception for this time since i look SMART! ok no, that's not the main reason. The main reason is because this is the first time im wearing a suit which really suits me and it is my first suit.

PROUD lah. =p

YOU are quoted

"Eh not bad huh, u mata kecik also got double eyelid."

~ Mirawani Soyza
~ 10/8/2010
~ during Journalism 2 Tutorial

* ish diskriminasi betul budak ni! mata kecik tak boleh ada eyelid ah huh??!! nanti aku CUCUK mata hang. =p

how nice if..

how nice if..

every night before i sleep, i can massage you, give you a hug, look deep inside into your eyes, and wish you good night..


i merepek je la.

ok good morning. let's go to school! or uni. =p

Happy Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival

Ok the Chinese Hell’s Gate is officially open now. it's the month of Hungry Ghost Festival. say hie to the unseen brothers. =p

Monday, 9 August 2010

QUOTE of the day

"Law doesn't has the feeling. It only sees the evidence."

~ Mr. Santhi
~ UTAR Political Philosophy's lecturer

i wonder..

If an anger or disappointment are much more important than a friendship, then who are friends who are enemies..

MISSION for this semester

NO more down. can only up, up, UP!

ok i duno whether this gona work or not but i'll try to stick to this slogan, get inspired by it till the end of my exam's last paper!

what a rain!!


Oh it’s raining man! OMG! Can u believe it? It’s raining here in Kampar. =p

Its raining its raining!



Everyone must be damn happy right now.

Haha I am so HAPPy la woik!

We are burning for the whole day!! so damn panas heaty humid n hot k.

I mandi like 4 times already. And now going to mandi again.

Oh pls dun stop till tomorrow morning.

I wana have a nice sleep.

Tq ya. Gnite. Tata.


Wat the!!

Halooo y so pondan 1 the rain!!

STOP d??!

Rain in 7 minutes only ah??

Rain some more la!

Come on la..

Give us a break man.. we r sweating like h*ll. Too hot u noe.. now still very the HOT.

Pls rain more la pls. tolong la..

Wa mau tido sampai esok pagi syiok syiok.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

crazy week ahead

Omg omg!!

Koyak koyak!

Sudah koyak now koyak lagi.

Now only I know there are few more assignments to pass up this week.

HABIS aku. Betul betul koyak this time.

Have to finish around 5 assignments in 5 days.


And I feel free tonight. Haha. must be because of the damn hot weather!!

Ok life is not just about assigments. I still have other stuffs to do. My room is kinda messy. A lot of unfolded clothes. Commitments in SRC n events.

Bagusla. Good training kan. multi-tasks.

Seriously I have to do well in assignments n presentations n get good marks in courseworks la. if not, exam lagi koyak.

Well.. my results last semester dropped d. I have to do something right?

YEA!! STUDIES FIRST! YES! another week with Kopi O' Kao Kao + less sleep + more pimples + uncertain makan time + high blood pressure + stress + anger.

Plan ur time baik baik la ye..

wahahah i can foresee another busy, pening, crazy, hectic, stressful, khisiau, hot, nonsense, pengsan, unpleasant, mohsin, moody, controversial, behtahan, tiring, gila babi, sour and bad week ahead.

so yeah people don't ask me do anything else besides than assignments k. n sorry i dun i can upload any pics in my FB. tunggu jap la. don't talk to me la for a week. later gua busy gua stress gua marah.

no problemo! Just work ur ass off! We can do it!! =p

QUOTE of the day

Failure doesn't mean you'll never make it. It just means it may take longer.

~ Billi P.S. Lim

Putrajaya: The Administration City

View From Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), Putrajaya 1.39pm 6/8/2010.

finally after so many years of taking photos, i used a photography software and it is...


yea i noe a bit outdated. but that's me la. i dun like to edit photos unless it is necessary.

so yea this is the first panoramic photo that i merged by myself using that software with the help from my friends.

Not bad right?? =p

to have a larger view, go to..

no perfect human

You know.. Don't criticise, condemn or look down on people just because they are not as good as you or just because you know better than them. Others are much better than you in other aspects. No one is perfect. I admit that I may not as good as you, I may not be the best but at least I did my best. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Trust me, one day, you will need your friends help in other matters.

i need a bike!!

Ayooo I need a bike so badly la!

Biek dah rosak tomorrow morning only the foreman can come.

But now got accident at Old Town la.

Feel so ‘kang khor’ aka kera sumbang cuz cant take pics.

Friends all tidur d. itu Nigel also cant get a transport.

How nice if itu Kow Kwan Yee is here. aiyah KKy. mana u BOS?? we need u so badly la.

habih la tadok cite dah. aih.. kesian me n Nigel.

Arrghhh! Susah betul!

I need a bike la..

See I knew it I sure need my bike. now got BIG emergency.

Hmmm.. by the time I got a transport, itu accident dah habis dah.

Aih.. dah la people. For get about it. No news tonight. Go sleep early. No need to go already la. more than 30mins already since I got the news.

The victims or casulties are all safe. Dun worry la.

Good night. tata.