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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

oh it's in NST

ok how should I start? I wrote an article/opinion piece and I sent it to press’ ‘letters to the editor’ last friday. Then almost everyday I go Google my name. but until today I don’t see my name appeared in that section. And I don’t receive any news from anyone as well. So fine la I know what I wrote is not good enough to be published.

But then just now around 12.30pm, a man (photo) who claimed himself as the Special Assistant to Deputy Higher Education Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah  (yes he’s a original one) sent me a message in FB. He said YB read my letter in NST on Monday 16/8/2010 and he like my views. So this Special Assistant would like to arrange a meeting with me and YB.

I was like er..ok.. betul ke ni? First of all I didn’t know the letter came out. Secondly a Special Assistant to a Deputy Minister sent me a FB message? Thirdly im meeting the YB? Am I dreaming?

So I quickly went to dig NST’s archive and guess what, I saw my letter but my name was spelled wrongly to ‘Oh Ching Eng’. No wonder la I google tak dapat.

Then I gave my contact number to that handsome Mr. Special Assistant la. Takkan I nak reject kan? tak manis kan. But I still can’t imagine that YB agrees on my views and this Special Assistant to a Deputy Minister managed to find me in FB and sent me a message. Woah!! This is my first time lo…

Lastly, my name is Oh Chin Eng la, not Oh Ching Eng.

oh ya this is the link:

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