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Friday, 5 February 2010

bye purple gurl

Natasha Khanum, a very good friend of mine back in Penang.

This is the last picture we had and also the last time I met her which is last week, a day after Thaipusam. That’s the first time we hugged for so long and for so many times, as if we never hug before la kan. haha.

At this moment, she’s in the plane, flyling to Perth, to pursue her degree in Murdoch University, leaving behind her beloved family and friends. How I wish I could go abroad to study.

She’ll definitely do well there. she’s a smart ass!! No problem!! Go there and get boyfriends back to Penang!

Nat, be safe ok!! don’t drink too much. =p

I’ll miss u. keep in touch. Update us, Kaki Penang. We’ll see you again next March!!

Love u.