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Monday, 29 March 2010

dinner with the ELs

Me with the EL family. They are such a crazy bunch of people. Not to forget, they are friendly and caring as well. Thanks for the dinner people although i'm the one who's eating while you guys are talking. i was late la. we are supposed to meet at 7pm but i reached at 8.10pm due to some unavoidable incident. And so nice of them, they left some dishes for me. haha.This is the first i had dinner with so many people, with the ELs and with my ex-classmate from Form 6, Sooi Pheng. Im touched and i feel very gay tonight. Thanks again.

im so popular today

The whole world is looking for me. hahha. Why I said so?

Cz I’m so ‘busy’ and notti today for not picking my phone. So many people called me. so many times.

Yeh. It feels so nice when you are totally away from your handphone.

But sorila Rajina and Sara for not picking up the phone. Heheh.

Im so sleepy right now. boring ler..

But but but… I’ll only sleep after I submit the news article by 11pm. yes 11pm. I mustn’t break my promise anymore.

And I need to korek some pictures for a international photography contest la. if u wana take part, tell me la.

God bless everyone la yer.

Monitor Missing, Roadblock at UTAR Guardhouse

*updates at

It's Hard When...

I went to see Sara to passed he her pendrive and someone’s helmet.

It’s hard when you try to hold back your tears.

It’s hard when you try to hide something from your close friends.

It’s hard when you try to be strong and ego when your heart melts by your friend’s care and love.

It’s hard when you try not to be angry when you recall something that hurt you.

It’s hard when to want to talk to someone but words just hard to come out from your damn mouth.

It’s hard when you accidentally offended your friends who care for you.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. As im writing this, my tears start to flow down.. I’m so heartbroken. It’ so hard to swallow what has just happened. The more I talk about it, the more angry I am.

total silence

i've been so much quiet today. yes i am.

i didn't talk much like how i always do.

and that is a good thing.

i know i have been so annoying, naughty, cilaka babi and what-so-ever-bad-adjectives-that-you-have-in-your-mind.

im so out of contact with the world today.

and i feel good.

hundred of calls from different people coming in but i didn't even answer any of them.

and i didn't reply any messages that i received

i don't want to talk to anyone especially HER!!

i didn't chat in MSN. i didn't play with FB.

im happy that i have you Blogspot. At least you are here to always listen.

sometimes i feel non-human is better in listening than someone with life.

around 3pm someone came and knocked on my door.

i stayed quiet. i fold my clothes. i didn't even bother. i don't care.

i didn't open my door. after about 10minutes, he/she/they left.

what you people want??

i've done my part.

just leave me alone la!

im not gona let a single tear drops from my eyes...

because of what you said to me.


it's so not worth it!

im hurt by you but im not gona hurt myself.

i just feel like being alone.

and i am still my room.

im such a good boy today for not being angry, for not scolding anyone.

i stay in my room kuai-kuai read online news and listen to the radio.

let me stay quiet for at least a day.

trust me, you'll never like it when i explode.

You people don't go out la today, the sky is so dark. it was drizzling just now. Later sure hujan lebat-lebat. The sky must be sad as well.

*FYI, i woke up at 6.30am this morning. asked for the right document from my friend. delayed. rushed here and there. took a 30minutes nap. awake until now because of the damn caffeine. and i am hungry... yeala.. i didn't take anything for lunch or even breakfast yet. oh ya!! ICE-CREAM AIS-KRIM KEK LENG!!

kata itu killer

Pembunuh utama jiwa seorang manusia bukan kerana tajamnya mata pisau, bukan kerana kejamnya mata pena tetapi kerana pedasnya kata-kata. Tersilap tulis boleh dipadam. Tersilap kata, takkan boleh ditarik balik. Kerana mulut, badan binasa.

here's my reply to an ATTACK from fb

someone posted something on her FB status last night. And interestingly the person is someone who's close to me. Look at the font. Look at the content. Feel the emotion.

It's more than an insult. It's more than an harrassment. It's more than mere accusation. It's a total deep slash into the heart, forcing the tears to flood the whole Kampar. It's a wild statement for the public that don't know a single thing what's going on.


And below is my reply.. No i didn't reply on her FB because there's NOTHING between us anymore. I don't even bother! Yes i am serious. Im not gona angry with this kind of people! why should i waste my energy. I had enough. Enough of tolerance, patience, trust, dissappointment and love. I don't mind if you call me sensitive.

I feel, a friend won't do such thing to a friend.

"yeala kan. babi setannya dia! mayb teamwork is when kawan tlg buat part dia masa dia kat train kot. YOU KNOW WHAT?!! NEXT TIME NEVER EVER SAME GROUP DENGAN ORANG NI! dia je yg tak buat kerja n orang lain siap on Friday kan?? yea yea bagus."

*INGAT! Nilailah diri sebelum menilai orang lain.

KATA-KATA hikmat

Kalau kita betul-betul nakkan sesuatu, kita kena betul-betul berusaha, baru Tuhan akan betul-betul tolong, dan kita akan betul-betul menikmati hasilnya.

ice-cream : the healer

Im craving for ice-cream right now.

tak tahan sangat nak makan ais krim. mengidam gila-gila.

I need it so badly to cure my broken heart.

I think my emotion is not ok now.

I memang tak nak blog.

but sorryla cannot tahan.

I don't want to talk to anyone.

i don't trust anyone rite now.

so i blog la. i need to let it out.

at least no one will object whatever i say.

just tiba-tiba i rasa kawan jadi lawan.

susahla nak cakap.

malasla nak cakap.

i think many of us kena before bila good friends maki and kutuk and cucuk kita kan.

yeala itu yang i rasa.

Seriously i tak nak kisah dah apa nak jadi n apa yang nak dibuat oleh orang yang aku gelar kawan itu.

takpela takpe..

siapa la u kan.


good night la people.

i pun nak tido dah.

assignment pun dh complete kot.

boleh hantar later at 7am.

then maybe boleh p makan ais krim.

makan sampai cirit.

sampai demam.

sampai running nose become flu.

then sakit.

then i'll sleep.

and don't have to wake up.

waaaaaaa bestnya!