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Saturday, 31 December 2011

bye 2011 hi 2012

Say bye to 2011 and say hie to 2012. I would like to take this chance to say zillions of thank you to everyone who came across my life and lend me their hands whenever I needed it. I’m sorry for all my cilakakness. Let’s learn from our mistakes and try to be a better person next year. Besides shouting like some mad fella at 12am later, maybe we can take 10 seconds to pray for world peace. I hope next year will be no war, no disaster and everyone will not be starving. Make 2012 more umpph than 2011. 2011 is awesome. 2012 will be lagi teramat awesome! USH!

oh, Penang state government..

OIK Penang government and municipal council!! U want to develop Penang but keep on demolishing old buildings. Tell me how many heritage buildings have you demolished? Don't talk about buffer zone or whatsoever zone. Whatever old but still functional and preservable buildings shud be protected and not to be sold to developers.

Development is not about more buildings or more highways, but the wellness of its people. It's useless if u have Grade A1 facilities or buildings but Grade F9 citizen and income!! i am so farking pissed off that some buildings are demolished again this week. And in few days time, some trees will be chopped off to widen the roads. Widen the roads can never ease traffic congestion la oik..
My Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, I hope u heard me. I think you do.

You often talk about transparency but you are not transparent enough! Sorry, but i dare the authority to make it public the buildings that they plan to demolish so that the public and NGOs are aware of it. Isn't this part of democracy where the people are consulted and their views taken into account? More citizen participation please.

i hate it and couldn't stand the fact that heritage buildings, nature, people, cultural and the source of income of people being sacrificed in the name of development. Penang pls don't do whatever you like.

TOlong la.. My beloved chief minister, don't forget to listen to the voice of your people.

Development is not destruction or devastation..