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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

1st time i argued n shouted at ppl in UTAR

for the 1st time in UTAR, i argued wif ppl.

reali kenot tahan d dis time. i shouted at her. i scolded her. i just MELETUP!!

arrghh! %^&*()*&^#$%^&


Sorry but I couldn’t take it anymore! damn! Again someone in this hse steal my water. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME! Fuck la! I’ve been very patience all this while but tonite I realli meletup! I went to the sink. Guess wat I saw? My thermos is widely open. The cap is on the sink. Im so fucking geram.

Again someone took my thermos wic contains hot water, open it n let it cool down. Damn! Fuck la! the thermos is to keep HOT WATER! AIR PANAS!

ALL the guys staying on the same floor as me, DON’T BOIL WATER n KEEP IT COOL for DRINKING! They DON’T have drinking water. So what they do when they 1 2 drink water?? Dey take my thermos la! FUCK LA! I’m always the one who boil water, cool it down n pour it into big bottles for them. Oni once in the blue moon dey boil it n let it cools down.

Don’t dey understand thermos is to keep hot water. U noe u use it wen u wana hav coffee or milo. If u want cold water, boil, let it cold n pour it into the big 1.5L bottles la. BOTTLES everywhere in this hse n they NEVER USE!! Want drinking water, boil it YOURSELF la!

Let me make it clean and clear. I don’t mind u ppl 1 2 use my hot water. Use. But after that BOIL n fill it FULL again. And PLEASE close the tab after use it. And PUT it BACK to the place whr u took it! And use it as HOT WATER.

I just scold my roommate. He’s not really the one who always did that. But I really kenot tahan. I need to let it out! Sorry SIANG YONG! This is the first time I fuck fuck fuck in front of someone. Grrrhh!

I jz boiled water again. n dis time I keep my thermos in my room. I’ll nvr put it in the public area again.

Good night. =p