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Friday, 11 June 2010

wet for pizza

i am back! lalalalala lalaa la la li la tam pom!

wa tak mau makan apom!

it has been so long since i really blog. my blog has been so dull for this whole week.

since today is Friday n i dun have class tomorrow n i dun have any meeting tonight, so let's BLOG!

Furthermore, Nixon said boring cuz so long i never update my blog already.
i was so busy ma. i am still very busy.

it is wow cuz this is just the second week but me n my friends are so busy already since week 1.

Pei Suang is busy with Buddhist Society, Amirah is busy with Asian Cultural Society, Tiffany is busy with church activites n im busy with E_ _ c _ _ _ n.
anyway i had Pizza with Vivien, Tiff, Mira n Rachel.

WE so semangat nak makan Pizza Hut.

went to teh shop with Tiff. suddenly hujan. we wrapped the food n our belongings with plastic beg and we ride under the rain.

haha syiok man. berbasah sebab kempunan makan Pizza Hut. Pizza Desperado.
haha we are teh crazy bongeek bunch of people!

oh ya first match of World Cup is tonight right? good la. go watch. but don't bet. don't corrupt the sports. let the true spirit of sports to alive.

im going to have assignment discussion later at 10pm and TIDUR!!

im so damn tired. i must get all the rest i needed. must reguvenate myself. if not, belum mau fight sudah KO.


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