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Monday, 9 April 2012

missing Kampar

*once upon a time in Kampar, Year 3 Sem 1*

Suddenly I am missing Kampar la.

I wonder how’s the lecturers. How about my classmates huh? Are they well and safe?

Are the animals still around? Are they safe? Have they been chase out from their habitats due to rapid development and deforestation?


Oh my lembus, birds, frogs, ducks and  monitor lizards.

They must be missing me taking their photos.

I’ll be back Kampar!!

kriteria untuk kahwin

I posted this on my FB. So i'll just re-post here again, with some additional thoughts. .

kawan-kawan, buat pe nak kahwin awal? kalau tak kahwin pun takpela. desperate sangat buat pe? Kalau nak anak, buat je ambil anak kahwin. Banyak sangat anak terbiar kat luar tu. Kalau nak menurunkan zuriat atau mewarisi amalan kahwin-kahwin ni,  sorry la, i don't buy that. Ini dah zaman moden la. Kahwin tu is between you and me, not you and the world. Kahwin sekadar nak show off je for me. Nak invite satu dunia mai dinner mai kenduri. Lepas tu poket siapa koyak? You jugak nanti yang terkoyak! Ada yang dah kahwin lepas tu nak cerai. malu je, buang duit buang masa pulak tu. kalau nak juga kahwin, bagi i la, bagi i la ya, cari suami yang tak pemarah, lepas tu cari isteri yang boleh masak. itu kriteria utama bagi i. kriteria lain sendiri pi pikia la!

tak nak cakap dah la.


It's so bullshit to say that love is jz abt bein understanding, loving, caring, communicating etc etc. halooo the fact is ppl oso need to hold hand, to hug, to kiss n to hv some intimate moments. Isn't it true?