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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

i miss my sister


i miss my sister so much.

so so much!

i don't why she didn't online at all this week.

i wana talk to her.

i feel so uneasy when she didn't disturb me.

she'll always say hi to me everytime she online then she goes quiet.

and when she's going to sleep, she'll say bye.

i still remember when she was way back younger, i always said 'see you tomorrow, good night, bye bye.'

That's our last sentence before we go to bed.

i miss her a lot...

My handphone ran out of credit la. how to call her.

i'll hug her when i go back to Penang.
and i need to talk to my mum as well.


I LOVE HER, my sister and my mum too.

my India trip

I supposed to be in Trivandrum, Kerala, India right now.

As in NOW!

I supposed to take my flight at 6.30am this morning.


But here i am, in Kampar, going to take my shower then sleep.

OKOK i'll tell you what happened some other time.

I'll go to Trivandrum, Kerala, India in my dream lah.

YOU are quoted

"The eyes of a person will always be the window to the soul."

~ Mr. Joseph Lim

I find this phrase very meaningful. I think we can see and tell a lot of things through someone’s eyes. I’m still trying to analyze and figure out its meanings. What’s your version?



Anyone USING the photos I took without TELLING me, without ACKNOWLEDGING me, without CREDITING me, sure SUEH/SIAL in his or her life starting from this moment.


I’m not saying that I’m a good photographer. I’m not saying that I take good pictures. But what im stressing here is about manner. And for your information, all the so-called nice photos I took came with HARDWORK.

I’m totally Pissed off. If I snap the photos for you willingly, or u ask me to help you snap the photos, it’s ok you can use that pics. it is another different story.

But now I snapped the photos on my own and for my own use, you have no right at to use it in anyway.





What the hell is this?!!

What is it so hard to inform me? or at least put my name or say that the photos are taken by me?!! Can die ah if you do so??





Jangan nak buat malu la.. kalau nak buat kerja taik cirit macam ni, boleh BLAHHH jauh-jauh sebelum aku MAKI hang and jangan bagitau orang u kenal aku!!

I swear. Dun mess with OCE. This will be the last time. The next time I found out anyone STEAL my photos, I promise I’ll SCREW you face-to-face and I’ll embarress you in social networking website.

Thank You. Good night. God bless you..for not stealing photos that are not taken by you.

when the 3 guys are together in the middle of the night...

31/3/2010 2.11am

"Berita terkini hiburan sangat seksi."

This is when the cicak is going to mandi, the sleepy boy going to sleep and the busyman trying to look serious while taking picha.

Anyway I AM SEXY!! Yeahhhhh…

Wat the tut! Now still doing assignment. Yea rite we r doing asgmnt. What a hardworking students doing slides till late night.

Poovan just finished talking to someone, must be a girl. Siang Yong just finished playing online games. And I just finished.. er.. on9? FB? Blogging?

Yennadeiii.. okla I wana go pangsai den pompom. Have to take KOPI O' KAO-KAO again tonite.

"abo later you got pimples"

My friend said "abo later you got pimples."


No need to wait..

I have more pimples now.

A LOT! Acnes pimples and whatsoever terms la!

Shit! Seriously.

U should have a look at my face and you’ll see how teruk it is.

The skin is like peeling off. It dries up. more pimples and acnes. Face is getting red!

I know before this also I have pimples but not as this TERUK la…

Suddenly all pop pop pop up and it’s super ugly la.

It has been like this since last Wednesday or Thursday…

Must be becoz of too stresful, angry, frustration, worried and not enough sleep.

Oh im still awake n so ‘free’ to blog because im doing slides for BEC presentation tomorrow with Poovan in my room. But he has been talking to someone in the phone since around 12am!!


some funny converstations..


ok i didn't hear these conversations personally but i know these 2 people in the conversation.

it's ok you just read their conversations and you'll know why i laugh.

anyway, i copied these texts from my friend's blog

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

""Once during rehearsal, we were commenting on her undying love for the Titanic theme song and Stippie, as usual, started criticizing her choice.

She went on to claim that the theme song was very 'sayu' and asked if he knew what was 'Belaian Jiwa'?

His response: Belaian Jiwa, Belaian Jiwa, saya pukul kamu hingga sakit jiwa baru tau.


There was the once when during rehearsal also, we were fooling around in the empty lecture hall, taking turns to belt tunes into the mic. Another girl did not know what to sing so we gave her some suggestions. The Titanic girl then asked her to sing the classic nursery rhyme 'Baa, baa black sheep'.

His response: Baa baa black sheep, I hit you until you really become black sheep.'


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

when you met your lecturers outside the university..

hav u guys ever sit at the same table with your lecturers to makan??

you know.. i feel it's kinda scary when the lecturers suddenly ask u to join them to makan.

anyway i had dinner with my friends.

whiel we are in da way to go back, my lecturers and a friend who are sitting at one of the tables, called me!!

yeah they called me n not my friends!

sacry la!!

they are still my lecturers anyhow although they are not giving lecture at that time.

and before that i 'umped' to their table to say hie out of no one. and of the lecturers just stared at me!!

SCARY la!!

i gila-gila but she showed me lion face.


so anyway their frens talk to me. asked me alot of funny questions about me and my camera and about photography.

fuh... i tell you it's scary ok to talk to you lecturers besides than studies.

their friend is curious why i bring my camera everywhere i go. she asked do i sleep with my camera, what kind of photographs i take and what i get from taking so many photographs.

fuh.. my heart was like jumping out from my body. i need to answer them properly. you know.. my answer will show my personality. i have to use correct language as well. and i have to talk to them like how i talk to the lecturers and not as friends.

the whole conversation was kind of tense for me but it's funny la..

n i found out that the new batch for Journalism will have to take Photojournalism subject.

WAT THE H*LL rite??

how i wish UTAR offers that subject in my syllibus. aih... other universities like Lim Kok Wing, MMU and Han Chiang College offer that subject but it's either too expensive or i don't liek the course structure.

before we bye-bye, i told them about the photo contest, KL Photo Awards. hehe.. and they are willing to sponsor me the entries.

kamsiah Miss Tan JJ and Miss Esaline.

oh ya anyway their friend is a lecturer as well!!

manyak bagui

hmmm... mau tau apa bagui as a university student??

mau tau apa pelajar yang bagui buat??

mau jadi pelajar Grade A1??

mau tau tak??

mau tau tak???

hahaha answernya ialah....

esok ada presentation..

but sekalang balu mau tengok itu question.

sekalang balu mau start discussion.

sekalang baru mau start buat slides!!


deiii yennadei!!

deii yennada!!

dei tambi dei gundechi dei macha dei ombodok dei tangechik!!


apa facebook-facebook, pps-pps and main game??

ish ish ish...

nvm la uinila pelajar yang manyak bagui!

wheeeee.... =p

YOU are quoted

"It's not about your ability to write... It's about having the stamina to get the news no matter what the condition might be."

~ Yeng Ai Chun
~ a reporter from The Star in KL
~ 30/3/2010

*this quote is specially for the young journalists or anyone who wish to be part of the journalism world

(ter)ponteng again

you know.. i didn't want to skip 11am class this morning.

but i woke up at 11.40am! wth rite!!

ahahah.. im still very sleepy la..

the 11am class is very important bcoz the tutor will discus about our midterm paper. but if i go now, i'll reached around 12pm n the class finished at 12.30pm. super late d la..

this morning also i purposely ponteng one class at 9.30am. that class is super boring, so i decided not to go lo. but i woke up at 9.20am. haha. then i slept again.

hmm.. forget about it la. let me sleep for a while n wait for the next class at 2pm. hmmmm... eh cannot cannot. there's an event at the hall, i wana go!!

ish ish.. wake up people!!!

Monday, 29 March 2010

dinner with the ELs

Me with the EL family. They are such a crazy bunch of people. Not to forget, they are friendly and caring as well. Thanks for the dinner people although i'm the one who's eating while you guys are talking. i was late la. we are supposed to meet at 7pm but i reached at 8.10pm due to some unavoidable incident. And so nice of them, they left some dishes for me. haha.This is the first i had dinner with so many people, with the ELs and with my ex-classmate from Form 6, Sooi Pheng. Im touched and i feel very gay tonight. Thanks again.

im so popular today

The whole world is looking for me. hahha. Why I said so?

Cz I’m so ‘busy’ and notti today for not picking my phone. So many people called me. so many times.

Yeh. It feels so nice when you are totally away from your handphone.

But sorila Rajina and Sara for not picking up the phone. Heheh.

Im so sleepy right now. boring ler..

But but but… I’ll only sleep after I submit the news article by 11pm. yes 11pm. I mustn’t break my promise anymore.

And I need to korek some pictures for a international photography contest la. if u wana take part, tell me la.

God bless everyone la yer.

Monitor Missing, Roadblock at UTAR Guardhouse

*updates at

It's Hard When...

I went to see Sara to passed he her pendrive and someone’s helmet.

It’s hard when you try to hold back your tears.

It’s hard when you try to hide something from your close friends.

It’s hard when you try to be strong and ego when your heart melts by your friend’s care and love.

It’s hard when you try not to be angry when you recall something that hurt you.

It’s hard when to want to talk to someone but words just hard to come out from your damn mouth.

It’s hard when you accidentally offended your friends who care for you.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. As im writing this, my tears start to flow down.. I’m so heartbroken. It’ so hard to swallow what has just happened. The more I talk about it, the more angry I am.

total silence

i've been so much quiet today. yes i am.

i didn't talk much like how i always do.

and that is a good thing.

i know i have been so annoying, naughty, cilaka babi and what-so-ever-bad-adjectives-that-you-have-in-your-mind.

im so out of contact with the world today.

and i feel good.

hundred of calls from different people coming in but i didn't even answer any of them.

and i didn't reply any messages that i received

i don't want to talk to anyone especially HER!!

i didn't chat in MSN. i didn't play with FB.

im happy that i have you Blogspot. At least you are here to always listen.

sometimes i feel non-human is better in listening than someone with life.

around 3pm someone came and knocked on my door.

i stayed quiet. i fold my clothes. i didn't even bother. i don't care.

i didn't open my door. after about 10minutes, he/she/they left.

what you people want??

i've done my part.

just leave me alone la!

im not gona let a single tear drops from my eyes...

because of what you said to me.


it's so not worth it!

im hurt by you but im not gona hurt myself.

i just feel like being alone.

and i am still my room.

im such a good boy today for not being angry, for not scolding anyone.

i stay in my room kuai-kuai read online news and listen to the radio.

let me stay quiet for at least a day.

trust me, you'll never like it when i explode.

You people don't go out la today, the sky is so dark. it was drizzling just now. Later sure hujan lebat-lebat. The sky must be sad as well.

*FYI, i woke up at 6.30am this morning. asked for the right document from my friend. delayed. rushed here and there. took a 30minutes nap. awake until now because of the damn caffeine. and i am hungry... yeala.. i didn't take anything for lunch or even breakfast yet. oh ya!! ICE-CREAM AIS-KRIM KEK LENG!!

kata itu killer

Pembunuh utama jiwa seorang manusia bukan kerana tajamnya mata pisau, bukan kerana kejamnya mata pena tetapi kerana pedasnya kata-kata. Tersilap tulis boleh dipadam. Tersilap kata, takkan boleh ditarik balik. Kerana mulut, badan binasa.

here's my reply to an ATTACK from fb

someone posted something on her FB status last night. And interestingly the person is someone who's close to me. Look at the font. Look at the content. Feel the emotion.

It's more than an insult. It's more than an harrassment. It's more than mere accusation. It's a total deep slash into the heart, forcing the tears to flood the whole Kampar. It's a wild statement for the public that don't know a single thing what's going on.


And below is my reply.. No i didn't reply on her FB because there's NOTHING between us anymore. I don't even bother! Yes i am serious. Im not gona angry with this kind of people! why should i waste my energy. I had enough. Enough of tolerance, patience, trust, dissappointment and love. I don't mind if you call me sensitive.

I feel, a friend won't do such thing to a friend.

"yeala kan. babi setannya dia! mayb teamwork is when kawan tlg buat part dia masa dia kat train kot. YOU KNOW WHAT?!! NEXT TIME NEVER EVER SAME GROUP DENGAN ORANG NI! dia je yg tak buat kerja n orang lain siap on Friday kan?? yea yea bagus."

*INGAT! Nilailah diri sebelum menilai orang lain.

KATA-KATA hikmat

Kalau kita betul-betul nakkan sesuatu, kita kena betul-betul berusaha, baru Tuhan akan betul-betul tolong, dan kita akan betul-betul menikmati hasilnya.

ice-cream : the healer

Im craving for ice-cream right now.

tak tahan sangat nak makan ais krim. mengidam gila-gila.

I need it so badly to cure my broken heart.

I think my emotion is not ok now.

I memang tak nak blog.

but sorryla cannot tahan.

I don't want to talk to anyone.

i don't trust anyone rite now.

so i blog la. i need to let it out.

at least no one will object whatever i say.

just tiba-tiba i rasa kawan jadi lawan.

susahla nak cakap.

malasla nak cakap.

i think many of us kena before bila good friends maki and kutuk and cucuk kita kan.

yeala itu yang i rasa.

Seriously i tak nak kisah dah apa nak jadi n apa yang nak dibuat oleh orang yang aku gelar kawan itu.

takpela takpe..

siapa la u kan.


good night la people.

i pun nak tido dah.

assignment pun dh complete kot.

boleh hantar later at 7am.

then maybe boleh p makan ais krim.

makan sampai cirit.

sampai demam.

sampai running nose become flu.

then sakit.

then i'll sleep.

and don't have to wake up.

waaaaaaa bestnya!


Sunday, 28 March 2010


I'm not sure whether you people realised or not, but i actually have another blog.

It's new. Brand new!

Ok i opened that blog few months ago. but it's still new la.

Go click click la ok.

I feel like blogging more in my new blog.

This blog is a personal blog.

Anything that has nothing to do with my life, I'm gona crap there.

I have enough with my the story of my life. What's so interesting about it? Some people will think that im showing off but I'm not. I mean okla i blog to document my life but i wana venture into serious writing la.

SERIOUS punya!

I am a Journalism student anyway. I should write something that has newsvalue and benefit the people.

So i'll try my best to be serious, write something serious. yesh! =p

yea, that's what im gona do. SInce for so long i didn't really write a news or commentary. I miss the feeling lah. I need more practice. And it'll help when i contribute for my university's student news portal, j-on.

I feel through writing, one can show his maturity, knowledge, emotion and personality.
So people go and see see la yea. if you don't like me also go see see la. If you still don't like me, maybe you'll 'C' (in Hokkien) ke???

I just tested. To find my new blog, you can key in "oce carepochi".

wahahah. tak malu betul budak ni simply promote blog dia.

anyway my new blog's address is as below.

Missions Possible!!

Im super skinny. So I wana gain weight and muscles by the end of April. I MUST!

I wana get higher CGPA this semester. I wana get 3.5 la. I WANT!

I’ll try not to blog so much on my personal life but focus more and improve on serious and heavy writing about social and national issues.  I WILL!

I want to get closer to God. I CAN!

I want to be more serious in life, in character, in studies, in everything i do. I BOLEH!

DEADLINE: Year 2 Semester 1.

2 sides of a coin

good morning.

i know it's super late already. but if it's possible i wana sleep till tonight.

haha. but cannot. i have 2assignments to pass up next week.

i haven't washed my face yet, still blur blur but i have something to say before i forget.

Feli always said that there's no right or wrong decision.

she's right. whatever decision we made, there are pros and cons.

we'll be happy for getting what we want and we'll be sad for not getting what we wan.

there's a price to pay.

there's always 2 sides of a coin.

one musn't look at something from just one perspective. try to think from another perspective, analyze from every aspects and take people's advice into consideration.

it's just a choice we have to made in our life.

it's either A or B. or sometimes C. it's still a choice if you don't choose A, B, or C. not making a decison is a decision.

once you made up your mind, be consistent, go on and work hard on it till you achive it. don't be hesitate and be doubtful of it. don't be fear to make a decision. don't be fear of the results.

so why i talk about this in the early morning? i mean afternoon. =p

i made a decision to stay in Kampar yesterday.

because of the decision:
1. I didn't follow Navin to KL for a field trip.

2. I didn't go for a visit to the Orang Asli Village.

3. I missed my paternal grandpa's birthday celebration.

4. I missed my beloved former secondary school, SMK Hutchings Silver Jubilee Celebration. It's a 25 years annversary celebration la.

5. I didn't organised anything, i didn't join the Earth Hour campaign in Westlake n i forgot to switch off my toilet light.

Then what happened?
1. I went to uni to support my Sooi Pheng, Sharmilla, Cheery and Hui Xin's Moral Campaign presentation.

2. Suddenly i became part of the campaign. I helped them to snap-snap photos. And im gona have dinner with Sooi Pheng n frens on Monday.

3. I had a good afternoon nap alone in my room.

4. My house owner came at night and i had a talk with her. She cleaned the whole house and fixed the lights with her husband. I respect her la!

5. Rachael called me telling me there's a religious procession in Old Town.

6. Thanks to her, I rushed to Old Town, took a lot of pics and know more about the religious celebration in Kampar and i know more about my own religion.

7. I had Comm Theories discussion at 9.30pm. We tried to finish it as soon as possible la.

8. I was late for the discussion because of teh procession. So I belanja Cynthia, Edmund n Tze Huey makan (to bribe them). hahahaha.

9. Then so randomly we went to Old Town middle of the night to have Susu Lembu. Sedap!

10. we took photos in front of a spooky house, in the middle of the road and at Jalan Mati. the girls were so scared.

11. But if it's not because of them asking me to bring them to Jalan Mati, I won't be able to enjoy the gift of God and the beauty of nature when the moon is so bright and you can see a lot of stars on top of you.

12. I save RM45 travelling cost back to Penang and RM30 for not going to the Silver Jubilee Celebration.

SO, everything happens for a reason. Setiap perkara yang berlu ada hikmahnya. never blame anyone because that's the decision you made. so you should bear the consequences and be responsible.

Don't blame God. if we win, we thanks Him. if we lose, we must also thanks Him. Be thankful of what we have.

trust me, every decision comes with an experience and lesson. you might not like the decision you made but you'll definitely learn something from it.

Whatever decision you made, there's nothing to be regret. Because you lose A, you'll get B. Or C. or D. Or E. Or F. Or nothing. But nothing means something.

now i've decided to finish 1 assignment, upload pictures in FB, send a letter to the editor, and choose some photos for a photography competition by today.

That's my decision, my choice. And im gona do it!

*this is just my 2 cents opinion. if you like it, tq. if you don't, thank you too.

QUOTE of the day

God is fair. When he takes away something from you, he’ll give you another thing in return. When you lose or missed something in life, that’s not the end of everything. You’ll get something new. Life is not about a thing only, human don’t live for only a cause because life is too colourful.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

another happening night (and day)

wahaahahaa wakakakaa lalalal alululululu!

last night was great.

this night, i mean tonigh is GREaT too!!


today is the Earth Hour celebration! and proudly to say i didn't switch off my lightss!! woohooo! yesh! yesh!! this is the first time i didn't take part since 2008. i didn't even bother to switch off my lights la. im so against this movement this year! grrrhh. why?? nanti akau kasi tau.

hahaha.. i didn't even stay at home. i went out.

Thanks to my classmate, Rachel Soh. She sms me telling me that there's a procession going on at Old Town. I rushed like tornado with my kapcai to Old Town. Thx Rachael! next time paste my phone number everywhere in Kampar la ye. so next time people can call me if there's accident ke, people jatuh longkang ke or u dun have money to pay ke. =p

It was the Tai Soong Loo Kwan's procession. His birthday is on the 16th of February according to Chinese lunar calender. wow. luckily i didn't go back to Penang or Kuala Kangsar or KL this weekend. If not, i'll be missing the unique procession. It's my first time to see such procession in Kampar ma. nvm la my photos will tell the story..only if you can understand.

n now when i came into my house, the gate was closed. wow. and the parking area is so clean! damn it! i entered my house and oh gosh! it is F*rking clean! sorry for the vulgar word. im just exaggerating. anyway WOW!! my landlord aka house owner aka Miss Candy just cleaned the whole house with her husband!

walaueh. seriously i feel bad la. everyone in this house never clean the house. Everyone thought it's so great to be a mahasiswa mahasiswa undergraduates and don't have to clean the house. everyone is asking for a cleaner. aih.. MALU la! hmmm maybe they never help their parents to clean the house kua.

i just feel it's our duty to clean it since we are part of this house. We should be independent ma. dah besar.. buat la kerja sikit. tunjuk teladan. jangan tau makan je. iim the one who always clean the third floor.

thanks to to house owner. she's really nice la. anything rosak she'll repair although not immediately. hhaahah. and she just made my floor and teh ground floor brighter. so damn bright!! she repaired the lights. now you guys can come to third floor for discussion. =p

on the other hand, i have discussion at 9.30pm but im here at home. WOHOOOO!! Chin ENg you crazy! Edmund, Cynthia and Tze Huey are gona kick ur arse! hahaha. okok i'll go now k. i bought a lot of food just now. im gona bribe them. =p

oh ya! congrats to the EL students. you guys rawk to the max la. i went to see their presentation this morning. they did a splendid Moral campaign on humanitarian issue, social issues and isu-isu yang sama waktu dengannya la. kamsiah for the great show!! Kamsiah to Sooi Pheng, Sharmilla, Hui Xin n Cherry for inviting. Thanks a lot for giving me teh chance to be part of it. wow! im proud of u guys la!! we should do stuffs like that again! and WHEN are you guys going to makan dinner with me huh!

muax muax muax.

*shhhh... i tell u guys 1 top secret! EL girls are good in dancing! HOT PANAS! fuh.. and their be-ro-ken BM is SUPER farneee!

Earth Hour 2010

In about 30minutes from now, some people will witch off their lights.

Are you going to do so?

Im not sure whether im going to do so.

But i'll switch of my my lights if im not using it.

Im sure the students here hard to off their laptops cuz everyone is so BUSY!


no earth hour this year.


YOU are quoted

"Wah akhirnya u cari budak Cina juga eh. I ingatkan you akan potong. Takpela you punya tak boleh dipotong."

~ Amirah
~ 26/3/2010


my funny Ammi

I call my mum Ammi.

What about you?

Video of Interview with UTAR Kampar SRC Chairman

To watch the full video of interview, CLICK la!! =p

Exclusive Interview with UTAR Kampar SRC Chairman

This is a very exclusive interview that be must watched by every Kampar UTARians.

It's a must read article and a muct watch video.

A first time ever live and honest views from the UTAR Kampar SRC Chairman, Mr. Edward Chin.

Friday, 26 March 2010

2days in KL

I went down to Kl on the 13 & 14 Mac 2010 to check out TARA 4 Audition with Feli. Then i met up with Kwan Yee and Mei Shan, went to makan, took a lot of photos, interviwed a nun and i took teh train home for the first time in my life.

It's Alan Wu, the host for TARA, Feli, my TARA partner and me.

Photo taken in Wongkok Restaurant.

From Left to Right:
Kow Kwan Yee: a penyabar senior who taught me a lot about Journalism, Oh Chin Eng: you-put-the-description-yourself, Mei Shan: the girl who tumpang us in her house and bring us around KL.

Well, it was a worthy, enjoyable and exciting trip to KL although it's just 2days. At least i got to know my friends better and released tension.

YOU are quoted

"Aiyah inilah dunia journalism.. Semua mau cepat."

~ Nigel Aw
~ 25/3/2010 10.23am

Thursday, 25 March 2010

when senior is angry..

im scared of angry people.. Seriously.

n im scared that i let people down. dissappointed. sad.

Especially when you know that person personally, or when you love that person, or when you respect that person, or when you owed that person, or when the person is older than you or when that person is really nice.


i think my senior is angry lo..

i can feel it lo..

tak tipu lo.

hmm.. can't blame my senior la. not my senior's fault pun.

where to start the story? i duno..

i just wana say that in this semester, the role of my seniors are more significant. They are doing a lot of things especially to upbring and maintain a good image on my course and our professionalism.

people always say seniors buli juniors. but in my course, we don't really feel that. in fact, i don't see any incidents where the seniors buli us. they have been very nice and helpful in studies, in spiritual guidance and in personal problems. so i totally disagree with this statement. im not trying to bodek anyone but im just stating the facts.

okla me and my friend are late to submit an article to our senior. and that article is important la. it's like you are in a media organization and you are late to submit your story, your chief editor will sure screw you kao-kao!

aih.. kalau i pun i akan marah la... marah lagi teruk n ganas kot!!

so always listen to your senior when it's an instruction or an advice. if you agreed to do somthing that your senior asked you to do, better do it and finish it on time. if not we juga yang rugi.

if you want people to trust you, we must gain the trust lo.

we should be matured la. yea i shouldn't be playful... im a second year student d right..

people don't simply get angry cuz human got brain.

this is not only applied in university's life but in general la ye.

i hope everyone can sit down and talk properly la. don't gaduh-gaduh. ada salah faham ke.. manala tau. aih....

work is work. nothing is personal ok.

i salah. im sorry.

i rest my case.

The Star Thumbnails 25/3/2010

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's a kite. it's not a superman! it's Ben 10!! =p

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tonight is a OT night!

Everyone let's OT (overtime) tonight. Chief Editor Kow Kwan Yee is chasing. Lecturer Mr. Afi Roshezry is scolding. more assignments are coming. time is running. the world is melting. people are dying. conflicts will be on-going. politicians stop bullshitting. the stars isn't blinking. tomorrow will be raining. the weather is still burning.

too many things to do n to think is damn annoying!

lagi behsyiok when you are in the state of undeciding.

wa mau gila-ing and crazy-ing.













QUOTE of the day

Try your best to and give the best you have and be the best although the results might not be the best results that you are hoping for.


Damn I supposed to sent my friend to the clinic at 2pm ++ just now but I woke up at 4pm!

Damn me! shit la!!

Arrrghhh im so angry at myself.


My stomach was aching so badly just now and it’s stil very painful now. I went to the toilet after I reached home. Then I duno why I fell asleep.

And I forgot to on my handphone’s ringtone. It was in silent mode cz I were having class just now.

I was so shocked to see 12miscalls, 2 sms and nudges in MSN when I woke up at 4pm.

I just made a very big mistake.

Mira and Tiff hav been calling me. I called Mira but they are on the way to hospital d. I know they must be angry.

Damn la! I didn’t do it purposely ok. I feel really really bad. When I was sick, Mira was the one who followed me to the hospital. But now I can’t even bring her to see doctor. Luckily Mira’s condition is not critical and life-threatening, if not im gona regret for the rest of my life.

I shouldn’t have fell asleep la! Tidur mati pulak tu!! and the stupid n funny thing is I was half naked. I was partially wearing my shirt. The shirt just covers till my arms. Yeah, I fell asleep when I was wearing my shirt!


I am so sorry Mira and Tiffany. =(

Sushi King Potong Stim

Sushi King Potong Stim.

oooooh it's so rhyme.

hahaha. people don't get me wrong.

Sushi King ing is good. nothing is wrong with the restaurant.

sushi king don't 'potong' people.

so you don't have to be worried.

and you don't have to 'potong' to go to Sushi King.

the problem now is us.

potong stim ooo!!

yesterday me Tiff n Rach planned to go to peirce our ears today then eat Sushi King.

so okla class ended early at 1.30pm. we asked our classmates 1 2 go or not.

discus punya discus. at the end only 3 of us going.


they have class. and some of them wana go library.

so fine lo all of us will go again next time.

Tesco is like 15mins-20mins away from our uni by walking.

it was so damn hot n i forgot to bring my jacket. zzz..

30metres away from the uard house, Tiff complained about the hot weather.

we almost patah balik ok!!

fine. we continued our journey since we gatai wana eat Sushi!

just after few steps we passed the guard house, my friend called. she's sick and needs to go to the hospital.

so our Sushi King's plan koyak lo.

Fren is more importatnt than our gatai mouth n stomach ma.


pakai chantek-chantek already.

we all so bersemangat, ada feel wana go today.

so long never eat sushi d ma. need to pamper ourselves.

ish ish ish friday only go la.

now i wana send Mira to the clinic.

Tiffany Oon n Rachael Soh, Sushi King?? Potong Stim lah!!

lie or hide? (part 1)

i was so confused over these two words last night.

my early hypothesis is these two words are differenent.

what is your opinion on these words?

i think we need to see it from a wider perspective.

what's the meaning of lie? and what's the meaning of hide?

is it the same? any similarities?

or is it different? any differences?

when do people lie? and when do people hide?

why do people lie? why do people hide something?

which is good and which is bad?

do we always tell lies or do we always hide something?

do we lie to hide?

or do we hide to lie?

im still doing my analysis and figuring out the meanings, the differencenses and the similarities between these two words.

what do you think?

i'm sure all of us lied and hid something from someone before.

so if you don't mind, share with me your version of LIE and HIDE.

thank you.

a call from a worried mum

well, i jz got a call frm my mum. She lied 2my dad abt my 31/3/2010 plan. She has to. no choice. I didn't tell my dad yet. i planned to tell him but i just duno how.

And my mum thought i'll never tell him. so she helps me.

Mum alwaz support me no matter what i do although sometimes i do crazy things, dangerous and life threatening.

She knows im enjoying it and it's my passion.

But now she's so worried n ask me not 2go.

I feel so bad when i have to lie to my parents. i feel more miserable when i made them worried.
I know they love me.

They never and they don't have to say 'i love you'.

i know and i can feel it.

i love them too.

so what should i do now?

I should review my decision now and it's not easy. It's tough.
It's hard when you have to choose between ur parents' wish n ur dream. =(

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

countdown to 31/3/2010

31/3/2010 is gona be a significant date in my life.

i can't wait for that day.

it's gona be one of the grand things i've ever done.

n i noe im gona be proud of it despite all the obstacles that i went through.

well, it's less than a week from 31/3/2010.

i have a short resolutions to achive in these few days before 31/3/2010.

1. i wana stay as fit as possible.
2. take supplement and cereal and milk everyday.
3. pray everytime i wake up n when im going to sleep.
4. be nice.
5. control my anger.
6. send pictures to those people that i owed.
7. workout at the gym at least twice.
8. finish at least 70% of my assignments.

awesome QUOTES from Facing The Giants

1. You actions will always follow your beliefs.

2. Don't quit till you got nothing left.

3. Stay humble but confident.

4. Do not fear.

5. Do the best, you can leave the results to God.

6. With God, all things are possible.

7. If we win we praise Him and if we lose we praise him. (thx Adeline for reminding)

* it's a must watch movie for those who are down, looking for light and lazy!

uh yeh no time

one week only got 5 days, 5 official working days.

that's what my senior told me la.

yea yea yea...

so this means that we don't have much time actually.

a lot of things to be done.

uh yeah..

im enjoooooying the feeling of being busy n stress n rushy rushy.


stop being HORNY!!



im trying to say is time flies so fast la.

tiday is Tuesday already. n tomorrow is Wednesday.

i have less than 1 week for 31/3/2010.

time is seriously running out.

i have midterm tomorrow.

i have to come up with subtitle for a video tonight and submit tomorrow.

i have to write an article with Tiff n submit tomorrow.

what if there's no tomorrow??


YOU are quoted

"A baseless assumption will bring misjudgement to the decision that oneself make."

~ Edmund Lee
~ 23/3/2010
~ via FB

禮物 (Present) - 劉力揚 (Liu Li Yang)

Finally i have this song after like.. less than one week?

haha. thanks a lot to Tze Huey for sending me this song.

tq so much. i didn't expect you to remember that i love this song.

i am so joyful tonite.

i watched a good movie just now n im listening to good song now.

life is so wonderful isn't it.

be thankful for what we have and enjoy every moment in life.

this song is gona be played all nite long till i sleep.

i'm addicted to it already,

good night people.

sleep tight sweet dreams,

tomorrow will be a better day.

cuci kaki before tido.

say your prayer.

good night.


aku flying kat cloud 9

well, it's nice to be back in Kampar.

especially when i managed to made it for a movie with friends.

that's the reason why i took 2pm bus.

first, i must thanks Adeline for the date. haha.

second, it's so nice to meet up with Vanitha again. wheee!

we went out for dinner together for the first time ever.

then we went to a chuch for a movie screening. it's also a place for the students to have a proper place to hang out and to study. seriously it's a nice place.

we watched a movie Facing The Giants.

well, the movie is superb.

it touches on the teacing of Christianity.

the movie uses sports as the subject of the movie.

i was screaming as if im watching a live rugby tournament.

i learn new things.

what matters is the message behind the movie.

it is priceless. a lot of lessons to be leant.

the movie is just amazing, fantastic, inspiring!

i feel so UMMPHH, energetic, spirited, highly motivated, inspired, boosted, nostalgic n grateful tonight after watching the movie.

i feel more relax n calm tonite. i feel so light. so fragile. haha.

im in great mood.

im happy.

im flying.

im on cloud nine.

thanks again to Adeline Wok for asking me to join her for the movie screening.

it's always nice to talk to her. she is a sweet girl. =p

the feeling is just like meeting up with your long lost friend from primary school n u just talk everything about your life and your dreams n ur thoughts.

but actually we met randomly. n then we just get a long lo. n i dun have to pretend to be someone else.

thanks for the great nite.

hidup Adeline, hidup Pandan Girl!


Monday, 22 March 2010

QUOTE of the day

You can do it. Therefore you must do it. And you can do it greatly.

Kampar my second home

I've reached Kampar, my second home.

iHonestly, it feels nice to be home.

I am happy to be home.

I wana make Kampar like Penang.

Let's make some noise n chaos. ahahha.

Yea Kampar is kind of boring.

Im not talking about entertainment but their lifestyle and events.

that's one of the reaons y im always emo.

but at this moment im so happy to be back here again.

I had a great weekend last week.

A superb one.

All my stress gone. Im more calm now i guess.

i'll list down the reasons later.

i have this crazy urge in me.

i wana get busy.

i duno why.

it seems like i enjoy being busy.

haha. oh presentations midterms n assignments.

COME COME. come to mama..

i try to setlle as much as possible before 31/3/2010.

cz April will be another important chapter in 2010.

let's shopping

bus at 2pm.

must be at jetty by 1.15pm.

means i still have less than 3 hours to go.

no problem!!

im going out now to:

1. Kuan Im Teng to pray.

2. get my speedlite from camera shop.

3. buy a huge backpack.

4. Air Asia's office to enquire something.

5. buy a international socket.

6. help UTAR friend buy Tau Sar Pneah.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

TARA 4 audition video: behind the scene

Have you ever wonder who's the person behind the video camera?

This is the production team of the video for TARA 4 Audition.

From left to right:

Oh Chin Eng: the Macho Man, Felicita Fedelis: the Bossy Lady, Rohene: the talented Director

yeah ROCKZZZ!!

right QUOTE at the right TIME

"Lu selalu no time lar."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 10.03pm 21/3/2010
~ via MSN

Haha. u r so right Dexter.

 u noe me so well.

i guess i work too hard in life.

i want to try almost everything in life.

i want this and i wnat that.

im not looking for wealth or status or fame.

im just looking for satisfaction.

to make my life more meaningful.

to make worth of every second i have in life.

to touch more people's heart.

to do something good to others.

to make people happy.

to make my family proud.

this is me, Oh Chin Eng.

 i think i need to slow down..

im tired..

but i still want more.

there's still more that i haven't achieved.

and im not gona stop here.

that's not gona happen.

unless my heart stops beating.

back to work


maximum satisfaction despite a hectic day.

i just reached home.

stil wearing my socks.

but im now in front of my laptoop.

now i can feel the responsibility that i have in me.

and i can also feel what my life gona be in the future.

my seniors are asking for photos for the news articles.

im sending it to them now.

2 news actually.

is my career gona be something like this?

haha.. we'll see.

TARA 4 Audition

miracles happened.

im goin for The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 audition now.

Thank God,we managed to shoot the video, complete the application form n now 2da audition!

we are gona rockz kao-kao FELI.

all the best!! =p

it is RED

it is red.

bloody red.

im sure it is red.

how could it be red?

it supposed to be either white or yellow.

but it turned out to be red.

i was ok last night.

everything was normal...

but now..


i was so shocked to look at the red color water in the toilet.

i thought something is wrong with my eyes.

but no.. it is red.

what shoud i do now?

i never felt this way before.

i never encountered this situation before.

yea im a bit freak out.

i feel like as if my blood is coming out from my body.

i drank a lot of water already.

but it is still red.

aarrgggh shit!!

should i tell my mum?

i didn't tell anyone.

nah, it's ok.

i don't want them to be worried.

i'll be ok..

if worse come to worse, i'll go to see doctor lo..

or maybe i should see doctor.


God, please give me good health for me to finish this semester.

horoscope says that Dragon will get bad luck in Tiger year.

but i believe that 2010 is gona be a great year.

baby don't cry

Saturday, 20 March 2010

thank you

thank you..

1) Saravani - thx for letting me your notes for the CRM midterm this morning.

2) Amirah - thx for your CRM text book, your helmet. without your helmet, i won't be able to sent Tiffany and Tze Huey to bus stop.

3) Kwan Yee - thx for puji-ing me because i was punctual, for letting me to park my bike in your house, for recognizing the photos i taken, n for letting me be the temporary tour guide aka KICAP.

4) C.Wei - thx for fetching me n my friend to Kampar bus stop.

5) Siang Yong - thx for dealing with the wireman that fix the lights in our room.

6) Rohene - thx for being so ego and professional in shooting video, your patience, n ur time in helping me n Feli in realizing our TARA 4 dream.

7) Feli - thanks for everything. too much for me to list down each and everyone here. i hate you because u r always there no matter what. im really touched that u tried so hard for TARA 4. tq. i never blame you u know?? thx for the video shoot. im really touched. im speechles. i duno what else to say. i enjoy the process of us competing for TARA 4.
8) Feli's friends - thx for helping Feli regarding TARA 4. we r not gona make it without u ppl.

9) Brother - thx to my brother for fetching me from the Jetty. yea he becomes so popular. friends taht same bus with me from Kampar say that he's more handsome, bigger and fatter. la la la.

10) UTAR Buddhist Club members that took the same bus with me to Penang - thx for the laughters in the bus, the friendship that we just built, the joy in Penang.

11) babies and old people that i met today - txh a lot to u guys too because ur smile just made my day brighter.

because of you people, life has become more wonderful.

ini rumah saya

ini rumah saya.

rumah saya best.

kenapa saya tak suka rumah saya?

saya suka rumah saya.

im from penang..

hehe! i've reached home..finally!

seriously it feels so nice to be home. i miss Penang.

anyway this is the first time i balik Penang with so many people that i know from UTAR. i mean with so many friends from Kampar back to Penang.

11 of us in total!

thanks a lot to them. their laughters really swept away the dark clouds in my heart.

plus, i did quite well in my midterm this morning..i think.

hehe. so im syiok today.

we were so noisy n kecoh in the bus.

especially when there are 2DSLRs and cute babies in the bus.

belly so syiok.

my senior and people from Buddhist Club came here to watch the musical drama.

i brought them around jalan-jalan then i cabut. i got some other things to do. but i'll meet them up again tonight. =p

woah! tired exhausted. i think i should go to 'I'. im a traveller la!! wait wait let me think think again.

alrite got to go.

there's another chance for my team for TARA. something good just happened.

so we'll still shoot the video today.


saya suka rumah saya.

i love my home.

3rd midterm of the sem

less than i hour from now will be the 3rd midterm of this semester.

the subject is Communicative Research Method.

i just 'released' again in the toilet n it feels much better now.

can do exam better. =p

i wish everyone all the best ya.

yang balik kampung tu naik bas baik-baik, yang bawa kereta tu jangan sms sambil memandu, yang jalan kaki tu mata buka besar-besar.

Journey to TARA 4 Ends Here

My journey to compete in The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 ends here tonight.

i just received a very bad news from my teamate. And that makes my group can't even go for the audition.

i booked the ticket back to Penang already tomorrow at 11am.

im going back again to Penang this week to shoot video for TARA 4 and to attend the audition this Sunday.

but now for sure it's not gona happen.

So should i still go back tomorrow?

I think i will because i haven't visit my mum after she got into accident last week. And i think i need a break in the place where i belong. I want to meet up with my Penang friends. i want to watch a musical theatre with my sister.

This week is super sucky n yucky!


tell me WHY!!

at first it's about my plan to 'I' on 31st March. And now its TARA 4.


and all of the plans, the two plans got to do with international level!!

I have been looking forward for it since last year!

it's more than missing a chance.

What should i feel?

seriously i duno.

im confused.

i just feel like crying. i wana cry out loud. i wana cry non-stop la!! i wana floodkan the whole Kampar.

i just wana cry because its so hurtful la!! im not angry ok..

i neeed a hug. anyone? i don't want a shoulder or a lap.

it's ok la because u guys just won't understand how i feel. u guys are not Oh Chin Eng anyway.
it's so disappointing!

after all the plans, determinations, semangat and will, we can't even join.

i am not ok.. i got to go again.

just few minutes ago i was like quite ok, going to study for my midterm tomorrow at 9am but suddenly i received this heart-breaking news.

this is CRAZY man!! i know i must put this aside n study for my midterm tomorrow.

im not strong in handling emotional problems.

i want to go.. far far! out of Malaysia.

i need time to be away from everyone that i know..

Friday, 19 March 2010

me n Mr. Black

It's Mr. Wong Chin Huat la. He is a great speaker and i'm impressed by his talk. He came to UTAR Kampar today for the sharing session organised by the Journalism Department of FAS, UTAR.

QUOTE of the day

"You can change things. You don't need great people to change things."

~ Mr. Wong Chin Huat
~ 19/3/2010
~ Sharing Session with UTAR Kampar students

Block B Under Bluish Sky

19/3/2010 3.32pm

Picture of Block B UTAR Kampar taken from Block G.

skip and sleep

good morning people. =p


hehee i have a class actually from 8am to 11am. but im here, at home!!

hahahaa... never mind la i didn't really ponteng yet. I'm really tired la, i need a long sleep. if possible, i want to sleep till tomorrow.

yesterday was so packed with activities and mixed emotions.

and i have to submit an assignment by 12pm today.

so i decided to skip the class, rest more and then do the assignment.

okla i know i shoudn't skip classes but what to do, the class is at 8am n i cannot tahan la.

it's time for a long break i guess. everyone is so worn out this few weeks.

i need a vacation to pamper and to rejuvenate and recharge myself.


Mr. Wong Chin Huat is coming!

WOhoooOO! one of my favourite political activists is coming to my university, UTAR Kampar.

If u are studying here, do join me.

for more information please click here.

thank you.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

a day of ups n downs

It is a tiring day with ups and downs, with laughters and tears, with joys and sorrows.

At one point u were so hyper than suddenly u were pull aback by unexpected things.

Sometime when u have a perfect plan, doesn’t mean it’s gona work perfectly.

There are uncertainty in life and uncontrollable factors.

But at the end of the day, it’s ok. everything is gona be ok and fine.

We grow by learning from every single thing that happened in life.

I would say today is a good day despite all the negative things.

At least I can smile happily now.

I prefer to be sad at the beginning of the day and be happy at the end of the day rather than the other way round.

Whatever it is, I thank God for letting me live for another day.

Im looking forward for tomorrow because there’ll be more surprises, excitements and adventures waiting for me.

There’s more to learn and explore.

Life is just so beautiful.

We should slow down and see within our naked eyes the beauty that lies in it.

Trust me, life will be different then.

And im working hard on my assignment now. but it’s ok im happily doing it. =p

E-mail from Memoirs Photography Competition

Dear chineng,

First of all, thank you very much for participating in the MEMOIRS Photography Competition.

We have a good news to you all, your photo as titled below has been shortlisted and you may have the chances to become one of the winners of our MEMOIRS Photography Competition! Winners will be announce in MEMOIRS Photography Exhibition (1st - 3rd April, 2010).

Photo title: "The Forgotten"

Hence, we need your co-operation to reply this email by attach the best resolution and quality image for the photo as stated above before 24 March, 2010 (Wednesday).

Please take note:

Entrants should only enhance their entries with minor raw editing techniques such as touching up with brightness, monochrome from color conversion, exposures, contrasts, raw color balance, color saturation, noise control and sharpen to optimize an entry into the competition.

Adding/removing elements of composition or any infringed post-processed from any of the rules will lead to the entries disqualify without any notice to the entrants.

EXIF data of the digital camera entries MUST be intact with the image.

The photo is not allow to attach any watermark.

If you failed to follow the rules stated or send us the image before the dateline, you will be disqualify without any notice!

Thank you!

break up quote

Letting go of someone dear to you is hard,
but holding on to someone who doesn't even feel the same is much harder.

Giving up doesn't mean you are weak!

It only means that you are strong enough to let go!

*not from me.

uncle NO picha la!!

T*LAN nia!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

the shortlisted photo

The Forgotten

This is the photo that got shortlisted in Memoirs-A Walk Through The Time Photography Competition organised by MMU Cyberjaya.

If you still remember, this picture is one of the photos i posted in my blog, the series of photos 'Old People' in January 2010 and also in the 'Ah Kong Ah Ma' album in Facebook.

I don'n put a high hopein winning this competition. serious.. i'm happy with what i have, by being shortlisted. Winning or Losing i leave it to him. I've done my best.

im one of the finalists!!

uh yes yes!! yes!! uh yeh uh yeh!!






i just got home and i checked my e-mail!

my heart almost popped out! yeah! i duno how but almost tercabut la! ok this is hiperbola.

anyway i joined a photography contest (Memoirs-A Walk Through The Time) last month by MMU Cyberjaya. i submit a photo per category. There are 4 categories.

and today they sent me an e-mail saying that im one of teh finalists and i have to send them a higher resolution picture.

they'll only announc ethe winners on 1st april.

but i'll be away to 'I' for the first week of April. shit! i was so hoping that i'll get the prize but i only i have other commitment.

now it's the headache time. should i go to 'I' or go to the prize giving ceremony? which one is more important? i want both because both also so signifinant and meant a lot to me.

aih... HOIK! don't think of that first. now just pray that i'll get the prize. hehee.

Thank You God.

congrats Mr. Oh.

QUOTE of the day

“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”

~ T. Alan Armstrong


Flirting is a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic or sexual interest towards another. It can consist of conversation, body language, or brief physical contact. It may be one-sided or reciprocated (encouraged) with intentions of getting to know that person on a higher level.

Flirting may involve speaking and acting in a way that suggests greater intimacy than is generally considered appropriate to the relationship (or to the amount of time the two people have known each other), without actually saying or doing anything that breaches any serious social norms. This may be accomplished by communicating a sense of playfulness or irony. Double entendres, with one meaning more formally appropriate and another more suggestive, may be used.

While some of the subconscious signs are universal across cultures, flirting etiquette varies significantly across cultures which can lead to misunderstandings. There are differences in how closely people should stand (proxemics), how long to hold eye contact, and so forth.

Source: Wikipedia

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

cute amma

photo taken in KL 13/3/2010.

amma lu belly the cutie la.

YOU are quoted

"Being happy with what we have achieved is important, accomplishments are as important. But being thankful and grateful is the key to stay happy. Because if we constantly want more, we would never be happy. As in life, we don't win everything. Sometimes we loose, fall, crawl and stand up, complain, learn from the lesson and thank God that we survived the challenge.

It is OK to endure or go through challenges, because those who never go through them don't grow up."

~ Lisa Wong

i love my country, Malaysia

Video of Lee Chong Wei Winning All-England 2010

Pantun (Keamanan)

Susah senang sama dirasa
Pahit manis ditelan bersama
Baik buruk sifat manusia
Bermaaf-maafan aman sentosa

PUKE again

ooo just now cirit.

now?? PUKE!!

manyak bagui la i tell u.

today all my posts will be on bad things because majority bad things happened.

so after cirit what happen? MUNTAH lo.

grrrhhh... it's happening again.

it must because i didn't have enough sleep. and i musn't take kopi O kao-kow early morning. then i didn't eat well. then i rush here and there gasping for air.

see.. that's the reason Rachael. next time i wana tell people i wana go Muntah, not only Berak.

anyway, seriously im feeling so unwell. body temperature getting high. a bit dizzy. if can, i wana take the bamboo in UTAR and jolok into my throat then sekaligus throw out everything.

aih.. i need porridge la.. anyone knows how to cook? i tak larat nak masak la although i know my porridge is really delicious.

CIRIT again

yea i CIRIT again. cirit la. nvmla i wana say im cirit. it's my blog wat.

yea i BERAK already. berak la. nvmla i wana say i berak. it's my blog wat.

anyway... hehe. Rachael said that i always cirit lausai then i'll just say in my blog.

hahaha. true true. nvm la. it's my blog wat.

n im so SAKIT PERUT NOW!! constipated so many times this morning. tak larat la.. i benci ah always stomahache. smtg is wrong with my stomach!

feel like sleeping now but got class at 2pm.

if i don't go, Budak KL n Budak Kuala Kangsar is gona shoot me. haha.

takpe la orang KL n orang Kuala Kangsar kan baik, chomel, sweet (referring to Mira n Sara). =p

QUOTE of the day

"When we imagine that rape is about sex, we forget that sex can be a beautiful, pleasurable, transcendent experience. Rape, on the other hand, can never be anything but a crime."

~ Chloe Angyal

*beautifully said.