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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

uh yeh no time

one week only got 5 days, 5 official working days.

that's what my senior told me la.

yea yea yea...

so this means that we don't have much time actually.

a lot of things to be done.

uh yeah..

im enjoooooying the feeling of being busy n stress n rushy rushy.


stop being HORNY!!



im trying to say is time flies so fast la.

tiday is Tuesday already. n tomorrow is Wednesday.

i have less than 1 week for 31/3/2010.

time is seriously running out.

i have midterm tomorrow.

i have to come up with subtitle for a video tonight and submit tomorrow.

i have to write an article with Tiff n submit tomorrow.

what if there's no tomorrow??


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