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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

countdown to 31/3/2010

31/3/2010 is gona be a significant date in my life.

i can't wait for that day.

it's gona be one of the grand things i've ever done.

n i noe im gona be proud of it despite all the obstacles that i went through.

well, it's less than a week from 31/3/2010.

i have a short resolutions to achive in these few days before 31/3/2010.

1. i wana stay as fit as possible.
2. take supplement and cereal and milk everyday.
3. pray everytime i wake up n when im going to sleep.
4. be nice.
5. control my anger.
6. send pictures to those people that i owed.
7. workout at the gym at least twice.
8. finish at least 70% of my assignments.

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