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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

a call from a worried mum

well, i jz got a call frm my mum. She lied 2my dad abt my 31/3/2010 plan. She has to. no choice. I didn't tell my dad yet. i planned to tell him but i just duno how.

And my mum thought i'll never tell him. so she helps me.

Mum alwaz support me no matter what i do although sometimes i do crazy things, dangerous and life threatening.

She knows im enjoying it and it's my passion.

But now she's so worried n ask me not 2go.

I feel so bad when i have to lie to my parents. i feel more miserable when i made them worried.
I know they love me.

They never and they don't have to say 'i love you'.

i know and i can feel it.

i love them too.

so what should i do now?

I should review my decision now and it's not easy. It's tough.
It's hard when you have to choose between ur parents' wish n ur dream. =(

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I think life isn't easy when in pursuit of our dreams. Bcoz dreamers like us loose touch of reality. When we see what life really is, we can't accept it.. n we finally get depressed n fall out of place. -__-

    I know it's hard to make decision but, U might want to consider these three types of decisions below from Alisa Bowman. U can choose between the following probable outcomes:
    1.bad vs good.
    2.bad vs. equally bad.
    3.good vs.equally good.
    Obviously there r different shades in between, but U get d idea. It’s usually d good vs. good decisions dat cause people to stand still. What to do? Just choose one or d other n go with it. Is it d right decision? Is it d wrong decision? No one can predict d future. U just need to make a choice. That’s what life is all about: d journey.

    So, stay strong n stay handsome ^__^ U jia you n I'll also jia you in pursuing our dreams hehe ^___^ - miss A