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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sushi King Potong Stim

Sushi King Potong Stim.

oooooh it's so rhyme.

hahaha. people don't get me wrong.

Sushi King ing is good. nothing is wrong with the restaurant.

sushi king don't 'potong' people.

so you don't have to be worried.

and you don't have to 'potong' to go to Sushi King.

the problem now is us.

potong stim ooo!!

yesterday me Tiff n Rach planned to go to peirce our ears today then eat Sushi King.

so okla class ended early at 1.30pm. we asked our classmates 1 2 go or not.

discus punya discus. at the end only 3 of us going.


they have class. and some of them wana go library.

so fine lo all of us will go again next time.

Tesco is like 15mins-20mins away from our uni by walking.

it was so damn hot n i forgot to bring my jacket. zzz..

30metres away from the uard house, Tiff complained about the hot weather.

we almost patah balik ok!!

fine. we continued our journey since we gatai wana eat Sushi!

just after few steps we passed the guard house, my friend called. she's sick and needs to go to the hospital.

so our Sushi King's plan koyak lo.

Fren is more importatnt than our gatai mouth n stomach ma.


pakai chantek-chantek already.

we all so bersemangat, ada feel wana go today.

so long never eat sushi d ma. need to pamper ourselves.

ish ish ish friday only go la.

now i wana send Mira to the clinic.

Tiffany Oon n Rachael Soh, Sushi King?? Potong Stim lah!!

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