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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

090909 SO WHAT?!

So what’s up today?? Nothing is up la. Auspicious day?? Hmmm… I duno.. I dun see anyting special that happened to the world except some belief that this 090909 number is a lucky number. Haha! I duno.. it’s just my point of view.

As a chinese, we are superstitious. We believed in numbers. TOTO number, date to get married, Number 1 in competition, when to pray etc la.. that’s why la today so many Chinese tied the knot because 9 in Chinese means long lasting, ever lasting, longevity and anything that can be long lah. Some feel it’s not a good time because this month is Hungry Ghosts Month. Hungry.. they will eat u UP!

Haha! but it’s a cool thing la let say u met ur lover on this day or u were born on this day or u got married on this day or someone u noe passed away on this day or Malaysia got attacked by terrorists on this day or I won a car on this day or she says ‘I LOVE YOU’ again! Haha!.

anyway.. im addicted to be-log-ging. Can’t stop myself from blogging othou exam is on next Monday.

I’m so happy because I got my pay finally for the wedding photoshoot that I did 3 months ago. RM700! You can view the wedding photos in my FB. Haha! my friend, Chiew Zhi Wey, who is the cousin of the groom, gave the cash money to me last night. Me and the groom had some probs la. we didn’t set the price before the wedding. Luckily Zhi Wey settled it for me. I feel really bad for her la. she’s the middle person ma. Anyway thanks a lot my friend. As I told you b4, im gona belanja u. so wait ya. Hehe.

I accidentally woke up at 9.30am this morning. Then I slept again until 1.30pm. I went to buy vege food from the chinese aunty but finished d. aih.. so I went out to buy from one of the 3 Indian aunties. It was my first time buying from them. 3 of them sell nasi lemak. Pity them la.. they’ll start their business before lunch and sit there till they finished their food. Usually in the evening la. so hard to earn a cent. As I was stil on vege today, I looked for vege food n I found this aunty.

She's so nice and friendly. She speaks English. Wow! =p anyway my big portion of rice and the many dishes only cost me RM3! What the heck! Damn cheap! Seriously cheap! She just poured everything in my Tupperware. Haha! I like this aunty! She’s more generous then the k*dekut chinese aunty. She always gave me little bit little bit and charge me Rm3.50. eee!

Suddenly the clouds turned grey. Winds started to blow so strongly. So the Indian aunties have to pack and that’s the end of their business of the day. It started to rain at 2.30pm after hot sunny days for few days.

I didn’t study at all today. Too lazy. I noe im gona regret after I walk out from the exam hall. My friends started their revision already. She’s gona scold me for not studying. Aih.. as usual la I read news. I FB. I delete pics. haha!

A news in The Star online caught my attention. Perkasa, a Malay NGO which headed by the Kelantan independent MP, Datuk Ibrahim Ali is calling for JIHAD for the Section 23 cow head protestors. What the heck! Does he as a Muslim knows what is JIHAD? I feel so pissed. He’s stirring and worsen the situation because Selangor governement already found a better place for the Indian temple. This is not Iraq or Iran. Malaysia doesn't need an extremist. Geram aku! I’ll blog about this soon.

By the way, me and my friends are still arguing over my cat’s article.. hmm.. aku dah pasrah. Im tired. Really tired. I duno what else to do. We didn’t tok at all.. looks like im losing 2 good friends in Semester 2. Hmm.. I’ll post smtg about the conflict later.

Today is my last day of vege. Hehe! I guess this is the first time im on vegetarian diet for a cause besides then religious purposes during chinese Nine Emporer God festival. I feel good abt it though. Im proud of myself for accomplished a task that I started without giving up halfway.

I tell u a secret. I bought snacks last night. And u noe what? I forgot that it’s prawn flavour snacks and I ate it. Arrghh! I was like eh y it taste different. Then only I realised it’s prawn n im on vege. I got freaked out. I quickly say sori and drink water. Hehe.

I missed buka puasa dinner with my friends because I was sleeping. Aih.. So I went out for dinner alone at 10smtg. I feel good and ok going out alone. I prefer to be alone sometimes. Im not saying that I don’t like to mixed with my friends. If they call me out, I go lah. It feels so good to have your fav food when u r starving and when you are forbidden to eat it for few days. The food becomes tastier! AKU MAKAN SEDAP! I had Nasi Goreng Kampung and fried chicken and limau ais. Limau ais is her fav too. =p

My friend said smtg to me just a while ago. I was shocked with what he said but I find it quite amusing and agreeable. He said in our life we must appreciate our ‘first time’ in whatever what we do. I was like ok.. then I said u already lose your first time what. He said yealo. He lose his first time to a girl who did it for more then once. He feels bad now. Haha! u noe what I mean right?? First time experience is the most memorable and important on our life. So don’t lose your ANY ‘first time’.


If you noticed in this blog post, I mentioned about my friends. I talked about them but I didn’t put their names except for Zhi Wey. I’ve learnt my lesson. I dun 1 2 argue with anyone anymore. sometimes ppl don’t like us to mention their name especially if it’s a bad thing. I also must learn how to respect people and their privacy. I acknowledge them that’s why I mention their names. But nvm la..

Erm.. I miss her you know.. I haven’t tok about her for quite some time. Is it because I start to let her go? I don’t have the answer because I still don’t want to let her go. how ah? How ah? How how?? I can’t wait to beraya with heR? I can’t wait to go back to Penang and break fast with her. I can’t wait for exam, to do my best and to get good results so that I can show her. I can’t wait to show her my very long hair. I can’t wait for her to come to Kampar again to take pictures for her assignment. I want to fetch her with my bicycle again.. awww.. LO-MAN-TIK oo.. I miss her so much. How good if she knows.. =p

I’ll call her later lah.

Oh SHIT! Holy shit! I haven’t take my bath yet for today. Lazeeee. Hehe. Tak BUSUK ok. Still standing. I just feel a bit hot. Ok im going off now. c u ppl tmr. Gnite. Tata.

Oh Bulan Oh

*yawning.. ahhh…

I just woke up lah..

Freaking hungry n sleepy. I woke up at 9.30am then I slept again.

Anyway, I already posted up the pics of the moon on Facebook last night. Do u remembered my blog post titled (what a ‘morning’ call) on 9/4/09? I took pics of the moon. So u people out there go SENDIRI TAG YOURSELF la. hehe!

Then can show ur mather, ur farther, ur sista, ur brata, ur amma, ur appa, ur gf, ur sayang, ur honey, ur baby, ur darling, ur sweetheart, ur BFF, ur bestie, ur fren, ur peng iu, ur kawan, ur gundechik and anyone la throughout the world.

Since my friend, Lok Damien already posted up the pics on his blog, I also wana post la. anyhow, it’s me who took the pics what. Hehe. I oso wana show off ler..

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