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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Oh Bulan Oh

*yawning.. ahhh…

I just woke up lah..

Freaking hungry n sleepy. I woke up at 9.30am then I slept again.

Anyway, I already posted up the pics of the moon on Facebook last night. Do u remembered my blog post titled (what a ‘morning’ call) on 9/4/09? I took pics of the moon. So u people out there go SENDIRI TAG YOURSELF la. hehe!

Then can show ur mather, ur farther, ur sista, ur brata, ur amma, ur appa, ur gf, ur sayang, ur honey, ur baby, ur darling, ur sweetheart, ur BFF, ur bestie, ur fren, ur peng iu, ur kawan, ur gundechik and anyone la throughout the world.

Since my friend, Lok Damien already posted up the pics on his blog, I also wana post la. anyhow, it’s me who took the pics what. Hehe. I oso wana show off ler..

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